LUCASFILM Story Head goes full Damage Control. Canon doesn't matter

Here is your Nu Wars Creative Executive. The absolute state of the franchise..

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>>133670911holy based he doesn't give a shit

>y-you can jus headcanon if my shit is badthe absolute ststae

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>>133670911The entire entertainment industry is fucked.Just let it die

>>133670911eu died for this lmao

>>133670911Textbook loss of integrity. Who cares? Just turn your brain off. It doesn't matter. Is there any wonder why those movies are unwatchable? They never cared about it. I hope consumers stop pretending they enjoy it so the industry and shed the cancerous bloat like this guy and be reborn with new talent and new stories.

>>133670911T H E S T A T EHESTATE H T E T A T S

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>>133670911this is that lil fella married to the tranny with the porg tattoo, right?

>>133670995>the absolute ststaeThe absolute state of that absolute state.

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>>133670911He knows Iger wants to boot him and the others, that's why he's telling everyone not to watch the Sequel Trilogy.

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>>133670995>BBC >the left

>>133671449the left image you fucking retard

>>133671385i think he's the tranny desu

>>133671449Holy shit, fuckers like you are the cause of the current state of the world.

>>133670911Guy looks 25. Who is his daddy that gifted him such a cool position instead of SW Lego set.

>>133670911Those niggers stole Finn X Poe from us. We'll never forget.

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>>133670911>>133672334Is this actually Big Blue's little boyfriend?

>>133671241Yeah,>YOU can choose what is and isn't canon>Except for the old non-movie stuff - buy OURS instead!

>>133670996Its going to get worse as more millennials get management power

>>133671449>>133671805BBC actually is pretty leftist, though.

>>133670911is this the pog boyfriend?

>>133672529Leftist =/= liberal

>>133670911meh, i had already made my mind up about deciding what was canon and what wasnt i didnt need that little faggots permision.>nothing from nu wars was canon, not even that shit mandalorian crap everyone loves to gobble just because its not as shit as the trilogy. pro tip: it is.


>>133672281If Finn and Poe had a romance plot China would not have given Disney any money.

>>133672557Well faggot, why aren't you speaking in ye old English seeing as apparently you think words are immutable objects sent from God himself?Words are defined by what people generally think when you say them. Dictionaries aren't what defines words, they're logs of the definitons of words. When you say leftist 99% of people think of something. That is, by extension, the meaning of the word, as words are a tool used to convey meaning. 1% of pedantic fuckwits say "akshually, that's not REAL leftism...". They're mental midgets who don't understand basic functions of language.I bet you're a leftist lmoa. Bitch and cry all you want, nobody cares about pedantic faggots. You're pretty much the equivalent of those niggers saying "based on what", except you're just being retarded rather than ironic and possibly retarded.

>>133670911Remember when Disney was bragging that they were going to have stronger continuity than Legends?

>>133670911as true as this statement is, it is a bit too real world for a person whose job depending on people caring about fake things to say. kind of based to call out the manchildren who care about star wars, but kind of foolish too to call it out when it is your livelihood.

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>>133670911Matt has no clue what is going on in Star Wars.

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>>133670911there's this guy againhow can white guys be so fucking beta...

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>>133674368Matt Martin is the in real life version of "Big Head" Bighetti from Silicon Valley.

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Very wellThe ST is not canon

>>133674444what the fuck is up with his/its legs? is his/it retaining water? did he get hillarys lower body attached?

>>133674325You're right, imagine how much these dozen useless cunts are getting paid to keep cannon in order and they're just giving up

>>133674689Based. The story group at Lucas film is rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. Who cares what this söyboy manlet says is canon or not? Canon is defined by the original author. Star Wars ended with ROTS.

>>133670911>Creators need to understand the canon in order to keep stories aligned but fans have the luxury of picking and choosing or even having their own headcanon. There are so many great Star Wars stories over 40+ years, no reason to dismiss any due to canon statusWhy don't you read all the tweets?

>>133670911I mean that's what I've always been doing with star wars and comic books.

>>133670995It won eight oscars that year including best screenplay

>>133672503There will be nothing left for them to assume power on.

>>133670911Lol it's absolutely true you retarded nerds. I play KOTOR II and JK3 just about every two years and I still love that shit no matter what anyone says. I have a million old SW novels in my dad's bookshelf and if I ever want some new shit with passionate fans I just go and write collabs on literally fuck what any fag at disney writes, I no longer care, I decide what stars is for me. He's right it's all FUCKING PRETEND you idiots.

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If canon doesn't matter, then how was Constantinople become Istanbul?

>>133670995top kek

>>133670911>It's all fake anyway so you can choose to accept whatever you want as part of the storyHe's 100% right. I only consider the stuff I like to be 'canon", meaning it's the only thing I care about and I don't waste brain power on garbage I don't like, so as far as SW goes, only the OT and Mandalorian(so far, until they fuck it up) is "canon".

>>133674876>There are so many great Star Wars stories over 40+ years, no reason to dismiss any due to canon statusBut Kathleen said there were no books or other stories to draw inspiration from?

He's right in that a viewer shouldn't have to give a fuck about shit movies, comics, or shows. If you watch a good movie then it gets followed up with a shit sequel or there's a distant prequel that's ultimately irrelevant, then why should it matter? The writer however does need to care about maintaining continuity and story for the good of the overall series.

>>133674368>>133670911Isn't this also the guy who said they fucked up with that palpatine making Anakin comic? The intention wasn't to imply that palpatine didn't make Anakin because it was a dark force dream or something. But now a lot of fucking people think palpatine is anakin's father

Star wars could really shine with what-if stories>still no comic with obi wan leaving the order for satine

>>133675115That palpatine did make Anakin*

>>133675115yes, what anakin saw was his own imagination that the emperor created him, is not really what happened, but yea the image goes without context from one place to another and now is considered canon that palpatine was his father

>>133674706He's a manlet

>>133670911He's right, and he's based for saying it.

>>133675115>But now a lot of fucking people think palpatine is anakin's fatherhe litearlly did though the movie even say so and I'm talking the prequels so its cannon

>>133675007So you are in favor of erasing the canon out of pure spite?

>>133674530So fucking stupid lol, why would I invest in a series if it wasn’t a “series of set data points”?How bad do you have to be at the basic concepts of money-making to take fans who have the idea that only stuff you put a rubber stamp on is worth reading- and then do your damndest to disabuse them of that notion. You know what’s more boring than a movie like Solo or Rogue One, that I already know the ending to? A story that’s just an interpretation of those events, i.e. not the “real story”. Because you know the next step is some cope where everything is just a version of the events of whatever influenced by biases and the lossy nature of translating oral tradition to blah blah blahAnd the writing, jesus. Pretty sure if I just copied a book like Schaara’s Killer Angels and changed the names and places it would 100% be better than anything Disneywars Storygroup has put out.It always comes back to how easy making this stuff should be if you wanted to sell out; and that they’ve failed so badly

>>133670911Then I declare the Disney continuity no longer canon. Bring back the EU.


>>133675439shut up nerd

>>133675338George always made anakin's father vague so it's up to the viewer to decide.

>>133675407>I BUSTED MY ASS BEING A FAN AND THEY DONT CAREFuck off, Collider.

>>133670911He just found out that the Mandelorians were a race of genetically distilled ubermensch warriors so proud and fierce they alone among all races could fight against a Jedi and not Fagans little band of plucky multi culti orphans.He probably cried.

>>133670911How do 20 year olds get these jobs

>>133675576Nepotism probably.

>>133670911So I'm free to throw away the sequel trilogy as expensive fanfiction and only acknowledge legends as the true continuation. Got it.

>>133675658Yes, exactly. You always were. Congrats you wasted years seething over disney wars.

>>133674951Most people didn't know about that fringe shit so they are concerned with the main content.

>Throw away Exepanded Universe to shove in their "diversity" crap>Can't even align nu-canon shit they made

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