Nihilists I guess I'll join you. :.(

Nihilists I guess I'll join you. :.(

-USSR/tankies literally killed my greatgrandparents and family
-bourgeois idpol = marxfem/socdem/demsoc
-leftcom = timid/zero real power
-anarchists = scared of real change and giving us proletariates power, want to meet every day to make consensus about how much coffee should cost : S : S
-deepgreen = cult

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embrace the bookchin famrade. requesting bookchin hope pic

You have an incorrect per eption of anqrchism, libertarian marxism is not anarchism, and nihilism is anarchism

Here my man

lol you're ultra-esoteric

my perception is right on, in that I mean, the actions/projects/zeitgeist of any anarchists I can be part of in my area.

I don't get to fuck with 1920s spanish anarcho-nihilists in Milan anymore fam. sorry. you don't either.


found this in a thriftstore a few weeks ago, decent place to start? or should i prep with some other stuff in your opinion?

user if some people want to voluntarily engage in libertarian marxism, that doesnt change the main ideas of anarchism, especially individualism anarchism

what are your fav acts of individualism in the last month? I'll try them out myself.


I started working on a worker's coop, its alright tbh

doing what?

I have more in common with dead people than people acting our bourgeois goals

You could start there. Bookchin's stuff is pretty accessible in general actually, and The Ecology of Freedom is definitely the meat of his anthropology and critique of civilization. I suppose that book, along with Urbanization Without Cities, would be considered his "Das Kapital".

Hopefully now you can realize that bob black a shit

You're giving anarchokiddies too much credit. All they want to do is smash shit.

Oh yeah OP? My Great Grandmother had to come to America from the Ukeraine (then Russia) when she was like 2 years old to escape asshole czar. IF SHE DIDN'T COME I'D NEVER HAVE BEEN BORN. IF ONLY THAT WERE TRUE.

What happen to your grandparents in the USSR?

They were probaly kulaks.

Nice job leaving your familial history out of you political socialization.


b/c of bureaucracy the quotas on farm produce didn't actually match what could be produced so the police rounded them up when they couldn't give more meat b/c there was no more meat.

nothing wrong with taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but you can't have someone from Moscow make a quota that doesn't fit with reality.

mahkno was somewhat better, at least he went into the neighbours houses and actually saw what was there before deciding how to re-appropriate it. and pass it out to labourers

the marxfems should read engles, don't blame me

For real.

My grandmother fled Nazi Germany after its collapse to avoid the raping and pillaging of the USSR's troops. Boogeyman of Stalin doesn't stop me from being a Marxist.

ftfy famalam

literally nothing wrong with meeting to decide the price of coffee, kys op

Never read him, I just have a completely defeatist view regarding climate change