Anarchist Bookfair

Last thread deleted presumably because of the autists derailing it.

What do you think of this schedule of lectures for an anarchist bookfair I'm thinking of going to? Is it worth attending?

Some stuff sounds pretty spooky but a lot looks interesting too. Really depends on the speakers how good it will actually be.

Get Bookchin t-shirt though and debate the people at the Rojava talk how DemConFed is a revisionist version of Communalism.

I have never read Bookchin, sorry

But I am happy to go and do silly stuff if Leftypol wants me to

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the board logs show last thread was deleted because all your posts were deleted, because you were spamming.
but none-the-less, reminder.

Pathetic. Who would do such a thing!

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Whoops forgot to remove trip

A couple sound especially interesting, I'd go after looking up more about the speakers.

it's made up, these are the only logs I have w/ CGDF

Wew indoctrination into defending murderers sounds like fun

get ready for the stirnian autists bud

Abortion rights is just spooky liberalism tbh.

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