Antfaggot gets shot in self-defense after assaulting a Trump supporter

How the fuck will antfaggots ever recover? Will they continue thinking that assaulting people for free speech is legal? Will they continue to expect that nobody will ever shoot back in self-defense in states and cities that have concealed carry and stand your ground laws?(User was punched by a zombie scat cuck for this post, OP walked away crying)

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Why do you guys stick to California, New York, Chicago and DC where everybody is disarmed and can't carry?

Actually the fat asian Trump supporter shot a IWW medic who was trying to break up a fight and then tried to claim they he was assaulted because he is a fucking pussy. Can't wait for him to get doxxed so that we can burn his home down.

Uhh, no. Your Wobby faggot friend was physically assaulting him when he shot back in self defense. He engaged first. Hence why police saw the footage and ruled it legitimate self defense.

And get shot again in the process.

Lets hope antifa now decides to carry weapons :)

You know that means you're the faggots right?

They're pussies

Go ahead.

But you can't shoot somebody over free speech or supporting a view you don't like. Let's hope you do so you can get thrown into prison and have your asscheeks divided.

You're the ones who always assault first lmao

Nah we will just start showing up at your homes like the good ol' days. You have to sleep sometime.

The US state is at war along side al queda and isis, you don't talk to jihadis like trump and his supporters, you send them to hell


Lad, just stop.

Lmao. Did you burn Zimmerman's house down? You are fucking clowns and pussies who won't do shit. You wear masks and stick to large groups. Pray a nigga one of your hordes tries assaulting a Trump supporter bevause his hat left you SHAKING who unloads the mag on you and it's 7 dead who went to go see Marx, and 13 injured, and ruled legitimate self-defense yet again.

You morons tried assaulting KKK members in California last year, who stabbed back in self defense.

And it was ruled justifiable self defense by the police.
To add insult to injury, the antifa morons who attacked the KKK members were CHARGED with assault.
Let's make this clear. The first amendment protects free speech It also protects hate speech like KKK or WBC members holding up signs like "pray for more dead fags". See Brandenburg v. Ohio; Hess v. Indiana; R.A.V v. City of St. Paul; and Snyder v. Phelps

This isn't Eurocuck or Cucknada where you can be arrested for denying the holocaust, giving a nazi salute or saying all Mudslimes are pig fuckers and refugees are rape committing ragheads.
If you physically assault these people in the US, they have every right to use force that is lethal in self defense. The law is not on your side leftist cunt.



If the US government is at war with ISIS, why was it ruled justifiable self defense when you assault a trump supporter who shoots back in self defense you dumb cunt?

I swear it's the same faggot from last time
Such a leaping faggot

Oh no someone got hurt in a violent protest! That's the whole point of the tactic you dumb frogposter, sorry a few punches trigger you so badly, maybe try getting out of your mums basement from time to time. Cunt.


it is. He said he'd leave, but look, he's back with the same flag.

Daily reminder that this is what this poster looks like.


I've never advocated for bashing Trump supporters lad. Nice strawman though


Yeah I totally bet they went out and asked every single muslim for their input on these questions.




at war ALONG SIDE isis, you're fucking allied with them in yeman you stupid fucking cuck, overthrowing the US state is the most necessary thing if you want to kill the islamist menace so yes every trump supporter should be punched kicked and fucking hung for what their boy is doing in the middle east

And this is what the antifa looks like. No wonder you cover your faces.

Damn Trump supporters sure are alpha. I'm so scared OP.

But we're not even anti-fa. Try again.

There's a lot more diversity on the left than I think you realize. You'd do well to lurk a little before throwing around generalizations like that.

Lmao. Take a look at all the replies by anfaggot leftists damage controlling ITT.

Here we see a highly trained Holla Forumsack execute a very advanced karate move. So scary to think that these guys are going to come after us.



But I didn't complain about someone being shot, I couldn't give a fuck, you're the one triggered by political violence you fucking liberal

I mean, there's antifa here. Shit, I'm antifa.
Weird that he'd paint the whole board as it, though. When Spencer got slammed there were as many threads celebrating it as decrying it.

Just stop. Your fellow comrade got destroyed.

Learn how randomized sampling sizes work. You can't ask every mudslime, dipshit.

They were alpha enough to give one of you a free bullet when you began to adsault him. I'd say the labor was distributed evenly. :^πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€


If you guys are really serious about owning guns in blue cities you'd jump through the hoops to get them since its your le constitutional right. Or you'd quit being a cuck and just break the law if carrying guns mean that much to you. Besides, few of the armed people in those cities are actually Trump supporters unfortunately for you.

Anyways, since the right is made up of much finer physical specimens then the Left you shouldn't have any problem with fisticuffs. Kinda interesting how you want to brag about your strength from behind a gun, not that I don't see the appeal.

But this is a pro-gun board, remember that when some leftists blows some muscly fascist apart with a pistol and you guys start crying about how he was a weakling who wouldn't face him one on one.

I love juxtaposing what you guys look like and what you guys brag about doing to leftists. Really puts your impotence in the spotlight here.

As it turns out, there's quite a bit of diversity of opinion on this board of ours. ;)


the only person who needs to stop is you lad, you're embarassing yourself.

Again, he's not us. You're acting like a delusional faggot.

So are you going to respond to Trump being in an alliance with al queda and isis or not?

I thought the story was that the trumpdude shot the IWW man by accident, and the wobbly decided he wouldn't press charges.


Jesus fucking christ, get a grip lad

he's a fascist himself lmao

Back to reddit with you, lad.

Getting boring now stop being so predictable

They are using alternative facts.

This dude doesn't even know a lot of us were pro-Trump for the acceleration ride. He doesn't know that we laughed it up at the liberals on the night of the election


That's my point.

Ay, I was just seconding it brother.




What comrade? I thought that Antifa's glorious uprisings were counter productive to say the least, especially when they sperg out and attack everybody with a MAGA hat instead of actual Nazis like Spencer.

This. Anti-fa are infected with idpol, and can't even get their targets right at times.


First off, almost nobody can get a carry permit in NY, you need to be an influential politician.

You cannot open carry a gun. You need a fucking judge to sign off on permit to get a handgun.

Virtually every leftist party in the world supports gun control you fucking idiot. They'll advocated for an ARMED UPRISING, but push heavily for gun control in times of relative stability. It's the only way they can maintain power.

This is why leftists only glorious uprising in disarmed states and cities with extremely strict gun and carry laws.

I love how you caught a bullet when you thought you could continue to punch people who say or support things that trigger you. You need to stay in groups, wearing your masks so you can remain safe. You are limp-wristed faggots otherwise.

Indeed. And I don't feel like playing dodge the ban with the hotpocket. I hope you continue to glorious uprising and bring your rioting, vandalizing and assaulting to a state where you can easily carry and have stand your ground laws. Your wobbly faggot comrade got DESTROYED.

Yes keep assaulting DA NATZEES because they say something you disagree with. Don't cry if you get shot in self defense which is ruled legitimate.



shia got his buttcheeks divided in central booking

No. Some altright faggot charged him with assault for lightly shoving him. Talk about thin skin.

Fascists think this works without anybody to silence the person who breaks the narrative. Sad!

Don't you have some traintracks to go play on?

oh boy another unsourced jpeg totally irrelevant to the subject of the thread!

oh shit a cherrypicked pic that couldn't possibly have been staged! how will we ever recover?

okay fuck off m8 you're not even trying

stop projecting pls

no it isn't.

Which is assault you fucking idiot. Hence he was charged and sent to jail for it.

The law is never on your side.

Why didn't your mother abort you when she was able to

i love to cuck antifa

Why don't you go punch Trump supporters in a state where people carry guns all the time and have stand your ground laws?


How can one man be cucked so hard?



We don't care about your legal babble, don't need the approval of the bourgeois state to kill you and aren't interested in whether retaliation is permitted or not.
Regular people outnumber Nazis by thousands of times, you getting protection from the official authorities is an even better incentive for normies to disrupt the established order and smash the fascist collaborators in power.

nice double post, or "dubs" as they are called on lefty/pol/.

Yes please. Let's see you riot in a non-cucked state. I'll personally attend just so I can hope to shoot one of you when you try to assault me lmao

You guys really are SJWs.

The dialectic is in motion.

Oh, wow.



True alpha male right there.

The Zapatistas and the YPG might take you up on that, lad

Cuck hunt guy isn't that bad just a typical redneck but 'dem teefs' if he had that fixed he'd look at least 8/10


Yes, yes. Uprising any day now comrades.

No. I'd just blow you the fuck away to see the fat kike Marx in hell if you try to punch me. I maga hat and carry all day erry day.

Sad! Pathetic!

Is the MAGA hat the new fedora?




legitimate kek

I pray a nigger would. Please do your antifa chimping in texas.

You should have no issues rioting here then.

It is what it is man. So what if someone got shot, shit happens. However you fail to see the bigger picture. All of these protests and the prominence of antifa shows that Trump and by extension you are the best things that have happened to the leftist movement. You should enjoy yourself user. Things are about to get a lot more spicy.