When you've told yourself you'll start reading serious theory "tomorrow" for over a month now

How do you deal with procrastination, Holla Forums?

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Can't you read 10 pages a day or something? Do you just not even manage to open the book? I suffer a lot from procrastination and I find it hard to concentrate on reading a lot, maybe I can help given my experience

I just tend to trail off after a few pages. I usually find it fairly hard to follow, so after concentrating for a bit I lose focus, get distracted, and then don't get back to it.

I understand. It's difficult. Where do you read? What sort of environment?

I kind of feel like there's a lot of prerequisite knowledge that I lack that makes it hard to read theory.

Like what?

and the language in some of them is so 'old fashioned' for want of a better phrase that I have to read over a line a few times for it to sink in

It's hard and sometimes you just want to play vidya or jack off but you just have to make yourself sit down and read fam.

this, please just take it 1 page at a time?

Like capital, state and revolution, some of rosa's stuff, etc..

The better term is jargon.

I guess just bunkering down and getting through it is what's necessary.


your anger. It gives me GREAT joy.



just take a pozzed political science class in college they will make you read it, Gramsci, Marx Poulantzas were shit I read in university


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Fucking christ faggots, encourage OP to read and filter rebel if he bothers you that much.

thanks user

At my PC in my bedroom because I only have pdfs.

This also. I tried reading some basic economic texts to understand Marx, but liberal economics really just don't deal with the same concepts at all so it didn't help.

they just love to ruin leftypol I guess =(

See, I think that's your problem tbh. I find it so hard to read PDFs and anything from a screen. I found switching to hard copies and reading outside soooo beneficial even if it's so much more expensive.

You don't want it badly enough son. In the end that's all it really takes. Just believe in what your doing and the purpose of it to make it worth doing.

You need something to drive you, like something that angers to feel determine to learn on how to fix an issue or someone that has read it and will talk to you about it as you read, pushing you to read more.

The fuck are you doing?

I can tell you some meme like Just do it or slow and steady wins the revolution.

The reality is that some people cant read constantly. I go through phases throughout a year where I'll imbibe nothing but one certain kind of media films, shows, games, books, music. There is a never ending pile of shit I need to get through and when I get tired of one pile I move back to another. Learning things in an unrelated area could make learning something else easier or at the very least re spark your interest in something.

Don't ram your head against theory, read what you can when you can and when you want.

The left is so dead these days that the purpose is basically to unlock more advanced shitposting options on Holla Forums.

"if I don't read X pages tomorrow I'm gonna give myself a good punch to the gut."

The problem is you think there needs to preexisting groups that you can just hop onto instead of taking the initiative and becoming a leader yourself. Start a study group ffs

There's tons of study groups and have been for decades. College kids talking about theory isn't going to resurrect the left as a mass movement. You're like the Trot paper boy handing out newspapers thinking that will somehow change the fact that his ideology has been failing for almost 90 years.

Doing nothing wont help either.

Just go to a library or something. Not enough privacy to browse memes and you're already there so might as well start reading.

Being defeatist and reformist is what killed the left. Right now you are being defeatist, believing that since the media paints the left as a bunch of children and the right wing is in full swing that somehow there's no hope. You shouldn't feel sad about how beaten the left is, you should get angry, angry at liberals, at SocDems, at the wealthy, at the right. You should be boiling with determination that you will not stand for such a timeline that the left just fades pathetically away because of how much an embarrassment it became. You should be fucking mad that the world is somehow just going to bend their knees to Capitalism. You should be looking to do your part for every struggling soul that feels as hopeless as you are right now and show them that change can happen. You should get them angry too, that neither they should be taking it anymore, nor their love ones.

There is nothing that needs to be done. Capitalism will fail by itself with no need for revolution.

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It will mutant taking from other ideologies to sustain itself for eternity. Capitalism will stay for as long as humans don't revolt.

We got VERY close to a complete collapse of capitalism back in the Great Depression.

Collapse is part of the system, markets rising and falling is all part of the game.

and then it reformed itself.even if the USA collapsed it wouldn't have been a global revolution.BEST case scenario would be a USSR USA ML alliance who work together to overthrow capitalists.Then a second revolutionary wave to realign from being tankies to being actual marxists

Nevermind theory, I'm in my first year on uni, I'm halfway through my second term and I know nothing about electronic engineering. I'm scared that I'm going to fail and I can't fucking motivate myself to work and it's fucking depressing.

I can't sit down to work, I face a hard problem or the mountain of revision I have to do and instead I browse leftypol. Timetabling doesn't work, my mind just ignores it. I can't even bring myself to start a 25 minute session of work, yet I have no trouble reading Marx or programming or doing shit I like.

Can anyone offer me some tips to just do the fucking work I need to? My uni doesn't set me deadlines or homework and shit.

don't worry user, I fucked up my education via mental illness and being a lazy fuck.sure,I wanna die more than ever,but it's pretty nice waking up at 11am

I wanna fucking wake up at 11am fuck you user

Reduce imageboard time is a step if you are here all day.

you think you do,and at first its fun.But when you realise you're living on borrowed time with no friends and no family and you sit and think about a conversation that you had 2 years ago with people while lying in bed and you realise you're gonna die alone when this all becomes too much soon.

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oh man, I remember these and yugioh cards and yeah we never fuckin played with thm

Define "serious theory" in this case, because that's going to mean different things to different people.

that's harder said than done, and I tried it and I ended up spending my time on overwatch and reading wikipedia

i feel bad for you, I hope things improve for you, sincerely

Turn of the Internet for a bit.


they probably won't get better dude.I have no useful qualifications and I'm borderline a nutcase at this point.There is no way I can hold down a job or a life,world ain't a fair place and I just got dealt a bad hand I made even worse

The theory that's being studied matters, and to organize people is not "individualism".

read marx

Having a reading group is a great way to stay motivated, just have you friends harass you when you don't read, and return the favor. If you don't have a qt kurdish trap to read with or whatever, you can make some internet friends to read with. Someone tried to start a Holla Forums reading group but it unfortunately died I think :'(

Trick yourself, comr8. Procrastinate on other things by reading theory.

I assume a thicc stack of widely regarded books.

theory is for fags

Thought you were joking.

No money for therapy?

The way I deal with procrastination is reminding myself of the rewards that come with reading about economic theories designed to create a utopian society.

1. Makes you extremely intelligent and better than the common prole.
2. Allows you to argue about pure ideology online.
3. You can tell people to "Read X" without feeling like a loser because you have actually read X yourself.
4. Allows you to fight against capitalism more effectively.

What are some other good benefits to reading about theory?

Peruse Bordiga

Because cynicism and laziness is more enjoyable for the masses. They are concerned with immediate benefits and pleasure.
Communism/anarchism isn't something the working class, let alone the middle class cares about.

Capitalism literally cannot exist without wage labor. Full automation WILL end capitalism. It may end up being replaced by an even worse system which benefits the same group of people, but capitalism will be gone.

Do some stupid liberal arts education instead. I finished my bachelor thesis without reading more than 10 pages of any of the sources I quoted, no joke.

Temporary escape from the horrors of the world, undo the bourgeois programming, and have a better understanding of society. It's hard to make sense of this fucked up world but doable.

I make ironic threads on the internet and pretend that will motivate me to procrastinate less

The system were they kill the proles (nuclear war, global warming, or whatever) and live in a porky 'utopia' (where they all fight each other) as we aren't needed anymore?

That's actually an interesting point though, I always thought if capitalism fell and there was no radical leftist movement that took hold, capitalism would just build itself back up again (or slavery or feudalism potentially, depending on how bad it falls and the state of the Earth afterwards).

I think the universal basic income push is a hint as to where we're headed. Currently physical labour is becoming less and less valuable (automation), and next so will mental labour (AI). Soon we'll just be consumers that get a basic income from the state (that will be supported by heavily taxing the remaining workers, atleast at first) and our only value will be our tastes and preferences, so that all the companies can target advertising at us more accurately as they compete for a sliver of that basic income.

We are currently giving away that value for free to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and so on, and likely will continue to do so, so we won't have any worth at all I suppose.

Also all these companies in this kind of world will be competing against each other in more ways than before (even across sectors), as we'll have such limited money to spend.

That type of system will still be capitalism, but I can see it turning into something else I guess.

Really I'm guessing they're waiting on some sufficiently disastrous plague to wipe most non-bourges out. That way it's not on their hands and no one is directly culpable.

Wouldn't you say global warming's disastrous consequences should line up nicely with mass automation?

If people perform no labor and can only spend money that is given to them by the ruling class, how is any profit made? That's like me giving you 20 bucks to buy a book from me for 20 bucks.

set aside time for readin that shit. if you're too tired to pay attention, maybe read an audiobook of it.

shit I mean listen to an audiobook

Audiobooks are way harder to pay attention to IMO. It's very easy to get distracted when you're not even the person who has to be the one focused on reading.

Ok I guess it requires some workers that are really heavily taxed. I mean it's going to be a long time before ALL jobs are gone. Also they can keep making up unneeded BS jobs.

Give up everything, let go of all ambitions, don't even have any structure in your life, let days pass by without a care.

When time becomes blurry and there is nothing left for you to persue you'll just do what you really feel like doing in the moment.

There is no procrastination if you don't intend on doing things outside of a whim.
At least that's how i get things done. Or not. I don't care anymore.


i post here to procrastinate from work

These are not the same.

not what i'm saying but ok