Wtf I hate Chomsky and Zizek now

wtf I hate Chomsky and Zizek now

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Pic related is why I don't debate politics on FB. It's a fruitless endeavor.



Kenna is a tranny I assume right?

Zizek has always been racist reactionary trash tho

Chomsky is right though. If you use violence they will just get the state to come down hard on you.

are you trying to get you our your friends doxxed?

it's some stupid no identity facebook account.

I hate these fucking narcissists who think they're gods greatest gift for punching nazi's while doing fucking nothing, but larping about how they're bringing revolution.

A gulag is too good for these fucking morons

Chomsky and Zizek have outed themselves as fascists. Punch them.

You post it like criticizing liberals is a bad thing.

that whole thread is idpol. why is it posted here?

Because we like making fun of idpolers

got to love the left turning in on itself
this is how the atheist movement lost its relevance as well except this time nothing of value will be lost

Are you retarded? This has been the case for last 150 years.

New Atheism was a reactionary alliance between left and right leaning liberals. It had no value.

These artifacts are beyond saving. Why do we even want these people on our side just because they call themselves the same thing as us. our duty should be to grow the movement in the working class and with honest intellectuals. Let these spooked liberals fester.

I hate these Chomsky and Zizek assholes too but for different reasons

Whatever you believe idpol loving liberal.

what atheist movement?

A lot of those are liberals and just got introduced or read about leftist ideas since the american elections.

There's nothing fun about it when you realize they constitute most of the 'left' and we're a tiny irrelevant minority.

This sort of thing is part of the reason why idpollers have taken control of the "left" discourse and why people hate "leftists".
You have to engage and crush those cunts in every opportunity you got.

Can we make a symbol or atleast category that BASED socialists can use to differentiate themselves from Id-pol, so that Normies can quickly and easily tell the difference between real worker's liberation movements and the terminally spooked? like If an organization has the word "Materialist Socialism" on their homepage, they've accepted a minimum platform of class-first openness?
the term would have to be impossible for liberal socialists to co-opt, something with immediate appeal, but inseperable from class struggle.

Chomsky is a bro. But they're right about Zizek. He's basically a proto-fascist if you listen to his views on feminism, transgenders, refugees, Islam, etc. Fuck that guy.


There was no atheist movement, just atheist spergs vlogging on youtube, and I'd say it was pretty fucking successful since even in far-right environments atheists are still the majority.
It isn't relevant anymore not because "they turned onto themselves" but because they ran out of shit to talk about.
The Left hasn't been relevant in over 20 years.

Zizek is to smart for your tiny liberal brain my friend

Yeah, you're a troll. a real LGBT ally wouldn't say "Transgenders". believing that all Refugees should be allowed into europe but must be distributed fairly around the EU and beholden to Liberal equality is not proto-fascist.

The symbolic labor class can co-opt anything. It's their identity, after all.

kys liberal is all the response pride deserves.

He literally says "refugees should ABSOLUTELY be let into Europe" whenever he talks about it. And yet because he says things like terrible conditions don't produce the best people, and that we should be orderly about how the refugees are distributed liberals lose thier fucking mind

apparently being anti-idpol and recognizing that exploiting immigrants' labor surplus is proto-fascist now? i must've missed the memo..

This tbh, i'm sick of 18 year old nobodies judging people like zizek and chomsky who've devoted decades of sweat for the left.
Their parents never beat them hard enough.

Zizek's idea of funneling refugees into camps is exactly the best way to insure they serve as a slave labor force.

They are literally doing the same thing in Europe.

You have to go back


I'm really against corporeal punishment, but I'm reconsidering my viewpoint.

Nah Zizek is pretty nuanced on all those things, and he makes many valid points. I can understand if you find him difficult to read though. I do too.

lol most of you are a joke and this place is a cesspool. you've never organized in your life and you don't know the first thing about socialist action. fuck you.



zizek supported the liberal overthrow of socialism in slovenia and even ran for president

what the fuck are you talking about lad

Fucking retards don't realize that it's practically impossible to seize the state by force in U.S. The only way to do so is to pretend to be social democrats and radically implement socialist reforms when holding office. They only need to seize the executive branch, cause look how immensely powerful that branch is atm


way to not think for yourself kiddo, they are both correct

So what? The communist regime was shit, a total failure and so far from any Marxist ideals by 1990 that nothing of value was lost. Stop being sentimental for a regime you didn't have to live under.

Liberals are comrades, they just need a strict regime of reading books

Only fash would disagree


What's the full Chomsky response?

because of liberal reforms after tito's death, and liberals borrowing from the imf. That doesn't justify siding with neo-liberal capitalism against socialism

ye except for the murder of thousands of JNA soldiers that were stationed in slovenia, after they had already been disarmed and surrendered. The liberals also allowed the central bank, which was the central bank of yugoslavia too, to seize assents of all non-slovenes.

Zizek championed all this. He is literally an anti-revolutionary liberal

They're definitely potential comrades if they can be convinced. The thing about liberalism is that it has the same intellectual roots as socialism in people like Rousseau and the Jacobins, so they're philosophically more or less on the same page. The difference between socialism and liberalism is more radically different ideas about how to put the same values into practice.

He ran and opposed private property. Some liberal.

gr8 b8

He opposed the overthrow of socialism?

provide some citations please

Top-tier communist analysis you got there, champ.

but it's true. after tito died, the party leadership borrowed money from the imf and turned to nationalism as a way to preserve themselves as a power caste. This was all funded by the germans and the us, but most high members of the party went along with it

This drives me up the fucking wall. Why does every single "trans activist" act like this?

Because they're liberals

they are obviously not, the point of the group is to make fun of liberals or in most case be enraged by them from a leftist perspective


I fucking hate trots

Plamen is right. The vast majority of Zizek's "critics" don't understand what he's saying.

honestly most liberals don't even realize they're proponents of ruling class ideology until they become more class conscious. hence, "class consciousness"


liberal or not, these dipshits are literally this meme come to life

Phrenology is pseudoscience, but that doesn't mean this isn't pants-on-head retarded.


An oxymoron if there ever was one: