Do you consider Rousseauites to be inherently left wing even if they are evil liberals?

do you consider Rousseauites to be inherently left wing even if they are evil liberals?



Montagnards, Cordeliers and Enrages are ok

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Why is Rousseau incompatible with socialism?

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I didn't say he was, I'm not asking for me.

he started it!!!!!

Rousseau is basically the grandfather of modern socialism tho. He exposed the state as the hired thugs of the ruling class and saw private property as the ultimate barrier to human freedom.


No, but I'm curious as to why you think he can't be left wing?

I didn't say he wasn't left wing, I just said that because a lot of you guys think liberals are not left wing, and I'm asking if you think a Rousseauite liberal would be left wing

Well if anything he's more of a protosocialist agaisnt the proper liberal Voltaire.

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"proto socialist" essentially means not actually a socialist though. And the liberalism he inspired was very influential

read the social contract, Rousseau was a proto tankie. Diderot is my boy.

I read it, but more importantly I read discourse on the origin of social inequality and Confessions

he was a proto-socialist, had he been alive in the time of marx, I think he would have joined him in the 1st internationale.

yes, I think his philosophy was very left wing, considering his critique of private property and modern states

I think he would have joined the anarchists. Far too introspective to be a robot marxist

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You imply there's a dichotomy between Rousseau and leftism in the OP.


Serious question though, how is historical materialism supposed to rationalize the condition of robothood?