Mass automation on its way

I can go and on.

What is happening? Are these signs that capitalism is collapsing and that we are entering a new era? Will there be a revolution or will the elite continue to amass power and turn us into eternal serfs? Will the right and left fight continue to fight each other to the point of death while porky runs away with even more money?


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what is so funny? do you disagree that it is collapsing? everywhere you look you can see the signs.

even porky are admitting that things are changing.

He's probably a right winger
He thinks capitalism is having trouble because of too many regulations, too high taxes on corporations, and to many people living in welfare
Basically delusion

Capitalism as a global system was at it's closest point of collpase after World War I. Capitalism has been through much heavier shit before, this "crisis" is basically middle class cunts losing their precious jobs and benefits and being forced into the real economy while the oligarchy and the police state gets richer and more powerful

Do you not understand how the dialectic works kid?

No this is capitalism's worst crisis because as capitalism progresses more and more the contradictions within the system become more apparent to all.

Just take mass automation for example.. if the end goal is to automate all jobs, who will buy the products of the capitalist? Oh yer. The government comes in to give money to the poor in order to buy the products.

No, we're just fucked.
I am deeply considering disengaging from all forms of political discourse and embracing pure hedonism until I die.

it's retarded wordplay, keep fapping to the fact that the system will collapse in on itself with no input from actual people with guns killing oligarchs.

It's like if Abraham Lincoln had announced in the US that the system of slavery would grow and expand more and more, until almost all citizens of the United States had become slaves; until at last sometime the overwhelming number of slaves would overthrow their slave owners and create a utopia.

Until then, no one could do anything, because this development would be historically-materialistic inevitable and scientifically proven. Human intervention in the specified course of history would not be possible or would even hinder progress on its inevitable way.

Why is this a good thing?

Most likely it will end up with death camps for proles

It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

hard ai is only a few years away. Conversational ai is already here, and some people are already figuring out that conversational ai is enough to automate intellectual tasks like research. It will not be long before ai starts improving itself and developing true intelligence.

Holy shit. You're beyond retarded.

nice rebuttal

You know, that slave thing you are describing actually did happen in greece once. It's the origin of non-rejectable rights, all laws saying that you can't sell yourself into slavery are based on it. Back then, proto bankers offered people loans on their own body and since many couldn't pay them back, they ended up as slaves.

Atom-rearranging femtobots when?

Automation WILL end capitalism. It cannot function without wage labor. What replaces it is another question entirely…

Is that just a feeling you have there? Because there is no reason to believe it will end anything or that it will even cause mass unrest. Even under the worst case larpy scenario, there will still be a police state, there will still be plenty of jobs in the service industry with customers paying a premium for human waitresses and human interaction, the mass of unemployed will be put on welfare where they will expire and depopulate to a managable level for the oligarchy while the rest will be engaged in some form of interent based economy. There are already hordes of youtube autists and bloggers who produce nothing of value and monetaize their content through other autists who watch them play video games or someshit

Holy shit you have no idea how capitalist economies actually work in the real material world do you?

But what he described already is true.

can you faggots provide rebuttals. It works while the elite and corporations stay in power and gain profits for themselves. Everything else is a government welfare programme designed to prop up the state and the bureaucracy and maintain stability. Even now you don't technically need hordes of bureacrats, lawyers and accountants. Keynes predicted that by this time there would be a 15 hour work week but he didn't factor in the political component of keeping the masses occupied and enslaved

We are fucked

luddites get the wall


If capitalists cannot continously extract more profits the system collapses. A population contraction would be horribly bad for the system and would likely cause it to insanely unstable. Welfare will not solve anything, mostly because the owners will not pay for it (since taxes bite into the bottom line.)

But that's what has been happening and what keeps happening, their rate of extraction increases every year.

Why? Like China and India would beg to disagree. Japan has had a declining population for 20 years and it's the most politically stable country out there probably.

Implying the government isn't actively pursuing population reduction of the most dangerous elements for example through ghettoization crack and the prison system maintaining the black population at a low and manageable level

I was arguing with an ancap about this a couple of weeks ago, and they said "well more jobs will be created due to new technology"
i don't know how to respond to it and i feel like a fucking idiot

There are a few problems with your assumptions:
Using a hypothetical as you have, though expanding with an empirical basis, if capitalism does fall consumption rates in all developed nations will fall with it setting back any technological growth. If you're thinking of the theoretical singularity event happening in the next decades then this will include the possibility of the destruction of mankind; the 'cambrian explosion' of robotics and A.I.
Which advances to your next points:
If capitalism does fall the likelihood of technological growth continuing is diminished due to artificial resource consumption driven growth. This means information access brought on by such growth will be disrupted and cumulative stored human knowledge will decline. The revolution would likely end in feudalism 2.0 then as tribalism is the primary primal formation to which humans cling to when facing existential threats and limited technology, evidenced in indigenous society ethnography. This coincides with your other assertions that economic, social, and virtual inequality will result in widespread disruptions of current capitalistic systems. The overall result being the inability to reach singularity, a collapse of our complex social systems, and a worse living conditions for most of the world.

Accelerationists are misguided if they think that they will be able to somehow seize control over the collapse and chaos, by somehow installing their utopian system right at the climax of the collapse. Nihilists ought to be banned from contributing to any political discourse, the same with discordians.

The other day I saw someone mention an economic paradox, but I forgot the name. I think it was, no matter how much production costs decrease and efficiency increases, it's never enough because consumption also grows. Ring any bells?


how is everyone poorer? You do know capitalism went through a sweatshop soup kitchen phase that survived just fine and dandily with police beatings and shit? The average welfare faggot nowadays has a iphone and a tv

Yeah and that's why socialist labor movements were such a big thing. One movement even managed to take control of a backwater shithole and turn it into a superpower if I recall correctly. Classic example of the dialectic in motion.

I honestly don't understand the logic of

"wew the oligarchy is getting richer and more powerful while everyone else is getting fucked harder! This is good for us long term! because a 19th century book said so"

That is some faith based second coming of jesus type thinking right there

There are still sweatshops all over the world, just not in the developed world (yet.) They aren't a "phase." They are a feature of capitalism.

that's what I mentioned

You also missed the part of the first world war and mass oppression that basically genocided the male population of Europe at the time and threatened to topple all European regimes.

You're unironically right, someone posted a paper a few days ago on a thread (I forgot which) outlining exactly this. Technological advancements aren't being made for the sake of utility, but for consumption and advertisement. The future jobs will be exactly in this. Capitalism will simply just reform itself in an even more antagonistic way and prop itself up artificially.

Capitalism will always create those kinds of conditions. That's the point. It perpetuates war and instability. The post-WWII world order was intentionally designed to benefit the workers of the west in order to strengthen their societies against the communist threat. Once the USSR was no longer a real problem they began rolling everything back to what it was like before and will continue to do so until all of the concessions they gave to us are gone.

Right, the oligarchy is more concerned about the political component of maintaining power and not the economic component of making more money and expanding indefinitely, they will do so as long as they keep getting away with it until they hit a wall of too much instability where they will reform the system just enough to stay in power longer.

I also doubt that there would be another world war between major powers that will cause enough instability to topple governments in major powers any time soon because of nuclear weapons

Ayncraps are deluded. Where are all these new jobs that are being created? Also how do they expect cashiers, fast food workers, truck drivers and other low-skill workers to get these jobs? Do they think the truck driver will simply go and get a Computer Science degree in order to find a job? These people are morons. The era of low-skill employment is nearly over. These people will become disposable (they already are) and will become the dregs of society and join the ever increasing underclass.

STEM-fields are already over saturated as it is. This will continue. Expect STEMfags to basically work for pennies from now on and given globalisation more and more work will be exported to Ranjeet.

Fucking this.

Globalization has weakened the bourgeois state world wide. I doubt they could perform such a massive undertaking these days. 1917 will eventually happen again.

Basically, but I think STEM majors are classcucked beyond all belief.

That sounds like there's going to be another soviet style economy. Anyone wonder if there would be a Mexican Union?

STEM is important, you faggot. Not all of use are autistic ancaps.

wow, rude.

Capitalism is dying, but it won't be replaced by socialism. It will be replaced by something worse, mark my words.

Oh yes.



I feel there's a golden age Simpsons joke here but I can't grasp it…

World ≠ Earth, d00d. World is just the term unfit societies use to cement their hegemonic orders. Look up the etymology of "world" and you'll see.

Credentialist cucks. One doesn't need to spend four years paying to learn class signalling to become a skilled laborer.

Yes there will be a revolution, carried out by the ruling classes.

They will create literal socialism for the rich while the rest of the population live in poverty caused by mass automation while not having access to any of its products.