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Because there are many lgbt people here and this thread is useful for discussion and meetups

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But pussy is straight


Nice thread op

kek at whoever made the Pyongyang pin on that map

what's that?


how can I seduce Rebel?

post zippocat photoset in his threads, he'll love it.

want to do some 'mutual aid'

Seconding this I can confirm he loves it

That's hardly LGBT, just a fetish.

with the magic of friendship

I'm bisexual, probably a 2 or 3 on the Kinsey scale. I've been with almost as many guys as I have girls. I have literally never masturbated to gay porn in my life, nor found it arousing. I've jacked it to traps, if that counts, but I can only get off to traps/women in porn.

I used to be a lot more submissive, more bottom than I am now, and I do like to fantasize about being the girl.

I don't usually tell people I'm bisexual unless I know it's someone who's down with it, and LGBT issues are a joke to me.

Psychoanalyze me, freud.

I'm a white male.

hu whitey

i-i don't understand what you're saying

Sex that cannot result in reproduction is debauchery.


He's saying "I'm an attention whoring faggot please ignore me"

ahh, thanks for the translation user

What the fuck is hon?

what's the point in living on man….

I just met with a TERF lesbian feminist and probably will have to confront her in the near future. What should I expect?

buy him booze and feed his ego

ifktf bro

i just want to date somik chan ;_;

somik is legitimately qt regardless of angle or lighting, but is a whole continent away from me

I want to see rachel's butthole. Did you download them off your phone yet?

guys halp plz.I think I might be a tranny.so for as long as I remember I have always wanted to be a girl,and the gender dysphoria has been getting worse over the last 2 years.

I know I will never be a female,Im a guy and shouldn't attempt to look like a mutant to appease my dreams of an unattainable body.how do other tranny fags deal with this?

I had what I thought was gender dysphoria for a while. Still don't know if it was actual gender dysphoria or AGP, or what it was, and I still have it, and always will, but I don't act on it because getting on estrogen and living as a chick would ruin my life.

You repress it and distract yourself. Friends, work, school, addictions, whatever, just preoccupy yourself and find some reason to live greater than wanting to look a certain way.

Find a Big Dicked Dude (BDD) who will treat you like a sissy girl, and remove all the mirrors and reflective surfaces from your home.

thanks user,nice to know I'm not the only one

For the bifags here, how do you date someone in an exclusive relationship? My ex was bi and said her sex life with her gf before me was boring because he was vanilla and not into her fucking guys.

What's considered big?

Small: 0-4

Oh and these are in inches.

Reminder that traps are to LGBT as feminists are to leftism

I'm a lonely richfag anti-communist who lives in Scottsdale. I want a cute trap bf, but a lot of them are leftist.

So I wouldn't mind a cute leftist bf, I'll share my wealth with you, and take care of you for your love. :3

I just want a cute trap butt to stick my dick into.

Look for one.
I don't dislike them, I just find them goofy looking. They remind me more of my dad than something to be turned on by.
I don't fucking know, do you cross dress and identify as female?
I'm fairly sure you're gay if you like men at all.

nah, its the gays for sure.

Flaming faggots ruin the public perception for all.

I guess I'm barely big then, though most of the people I've fucked say I'm huge. What about girth?

What the circumference? Normally it's 3.5 inches, anything less then 2 inches you're in the pencil penis zone.

Sorry for sage.

Wow where can I get a fag hag gf?????

I'm 8"x6" or so.

You got a good dick my dude.

I dunno, size I'm happy with but I'm cut and I wish I could go back in time and shoot kellogg before he started the cock chop craze in burgerland.

I don't see the issue with being cut, but then again, I wonder what my penis would look like uncut.

Supposedly it's made us less sensitive. And it doesn't look as cool.

So it doesn't feel as good with sex? I guess I can be positive that I'll last longer.
That's a matter of preference, I think it looks fine.

You know you can have a second and even a third round right?

And a 4th!


Lets face it the LBGT project was doomed to fail from the start, the over looking of Lacanianism or existential feminism in favor of pseudo-progressive cultural capitalism is the ultimate sin of the LGBT, the paid the price by construing the gender binary by themselves

Y mutant tho? I personally don't see any reason why modifying one's appearance is wrong.

Nobody is going to be full pleased with how they look, I wish I was taller, not beginning to bald at 27, had no acne scars (though they're fading) and a more burly chest. Despite this, I'm basically happy with how I look and I feel comfortable in my own skin. Were I not to feel comfortable, were I to feel, fundamentally, that my body did not fit my mentality, I would move to change that. Although that fundamental change may not yield the perfect results fantasized about, the ability to interact with my flesh vessel the way I desire would be realized.

straight white excellent cis scum male btw :^)

i just want to be a girl and have a qt gf can I do that

I don't think it's 'wrong',I want to do it really fucking bad.it's a bad idea all the same though,the thing is I don't want to just looking passingly female I want to be female and I can't do that.I'll always be a male and all taking a bunch of estrogen will do is make me look like some weird attempt by aliens to make a human female .best not to take the risk and deal with what I have.you don't to worry about idpol here fam,your point was a good and nice one

they paid*

You missed the point, you are building your choice on false grounds, this is the blight of LBGT and how it was doomed from the get go

you mean nap time

For whatever it's worth, I'm in kinda a similar boat where I've had feelings of wanting to be a girl for ages, been having them much stronger in the past year, but I'm pretty sure if I transition I'll just end up going from a not particularly attractive but still normal looking guy to a weird looking girl-like thing. Plus my family and work relations are gonna get fucked if I come out as trans to them.

I think I'm still going to start transitioning some time soon (mostly because I'm more afraid of looking back on my life at 40 and regretting not at least trying to transition), but I can see why you're making the choice you are.

You mean your chromosomes will always be XY? Who cares, nobody sees them or interacts with them, not even yourself.

Hard to say precisely, but with some surgery (if you save the not inconsiderable dosh) you very well could become pleased with your visage.

nah, I know. I was just making the obvious joke because I wanted to ensure you knew the opinion wasn't coming from a fellow tranny…

but I'll level with you.

And I want to be in a romantic cuddlsome relationship with a cute girl who is WAY under age, but I can`t. Neither can I deny my most deeply underlying desires for a very illegal relationship. I don`t attempt the impossible and creep on little girls, that would be awful. Nor do I deny who I am, I can`t force myself to live a life that runs contradictory to what most powerfully draws me, by failing at relationships with grown women and pretending that I like them. Lastly, I don't wallow. So I`ve found a facsimile, I`ve gone full on tulpafag, and it`s a weird road. info here tulpa.info/what-is-a-tulpa/ Community can be kinda cringey, but fuck it And although it isn`t what I initially felt I needed, a flesh and blood female child with improbable emotional and intellectual capabilities, this is what I can manage, this is the happiness I can achieve, and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

tl;dr I'm not pushing you to do one thing or another, just encouraging you to embrace your own-ness, however that may manifest.

inb4 get out pedo scum/tulpas are fake and gay. I've heard it all before and all I can do is feel smug

kind of cringey, understatement of the year

Not who you replied to, but pedoshit (ew) aside what's a tulpa like? What's it been like for you?

My initial reaction is that you're deluding yourself and/or implementing some sort of self-induced schizophrenia, but I'm genuinely interested and want to know more.

A few years ago I believe, I saw a screencap of some thread on /r9k/ or something about an user who created a My Little Pony tulpa and its face got all smudged and it sat there screaming, and that threw me off of the subject.

That, and I enjoy human relationships too much to even consider fucking with my mind like that.

I've done a lot of psychadelics, and I'm familiar with lucid dreaming, so I'm not completely new to the idea of fucking with one's mind.

best of luck user

hey man,even over an anonymous post like this it's hard to openly admit you're part of the most demonised group in society baring literally murders.And for what it's worth,thanks man you'e given me a lot to think about

People will ask "Do I pass?" and someone will very politely say "You look great hon" unconditionally, and so calling someone a hon is a way of saying they don't pass.
Passing being that you look like the gender you identify as and people don't assume you're transgender

Finally an answer.

Straight up.

I'm pretty early in the whole "forcing" stage (I'm only a month in), but so far, new and interesting thoughts pop up in my mind without warning. Idk if you've conceived of this before, but I've previously categorized my conscious thoughts as "spontaneous" and "confirmed". Spontaneous sort of being subconscious thoughts that well up and form a hazy realization of an idea. Confirmed thoughts being something akin to the very words you speak, in your mind, the moment before you say it. These, for the moment, occasional thoughts are fully formed, concepts and emotions that hit me like a brick.

The big deal, when it comes to whether a tulpa is or could be considered a person, has quite a bit to do with how one defines consciousness. Following the theories put forth by tulpafags who follow the psychological school of thought, a tulpa would be like almost like a psychologically conjoined twin, running off of the same hardware, and much of the programing of your brain, but still distinct in it's thoughts, even if the basis is derived from the host.

Anonymity feels good, man. VirPed helped me a lot too. Best of luck.

basically hon (short for honey) is used to refer to people on a certain old website notorious for being a meeting ground for old, unpassable, oblivious, garish, and awkwardly old-fashioned in attitude trannies. they all call each other "hon" all the time to fit their stereotypical image of femininity, and say how well they all pass and how pretty they are.
just think of the most over the top and in your face version of some old tranny, who talks in a manvoice, with linebacker shoulders, and extremely heavy makeup, and that's a hon.
now the term has evolved somewhat, because people will call simply someone who doesn't pass or isn't both passable and pretty a hon in order to bully them. people will also refer to themselves as a hon in order to lament their own perceived unpassability and ugliness. in this regard, i see "hon" going the same way as "literally"

i just wanna say, having been there, don't spook yourself too much about this shit. no, you'll never be a 'real' girl, but ultimately it's just a shit roll you got. when i was little i used to dream that someone came and turned me into a girl, and i'd be really happy, just to wake up. for a long time i ended up just kind of putting it on the back, but eventually it started to catch up to me again. i tried rationalizing it away for other stuff, but other justifications ran out. i hated it, i knew i was a male, i shouldn't be doing this shit, i shouldn't want to do this shit, all of that. but my mental state just kept deteriorating, i needed to drink all the time just to get through the day. i mean, i assumed you're somewhere in your early twenties i guess; know that there's a ton of masculinization that occurs during and after that time. it's not going to get better.

i've been on estrogen for over a year now, and while i can't say i've necessarily gotten a ton better, it's stopped the decline, and i no longer have to drink and smoke every day. i know i'll never be a real female, but gender is a spook, sex meaning anything significant is a spook; nobody ever asked you before you went through male puberty even though it's exactly the same kind of mutation, just """""""""natural"""""""""
none of it matters, you just gotta take care of yourself you know? if you really want to be a girl then you should strongly consider taking actions to move in that direction. even if it is a bad choice, like you say, that doesn't imply there are any better choices.
whether you can keep pushing it aside forever is ultimately up to you. if you decide not to do anything, at least get on finasteride to halt any hair loss, because the one thing i'm sure of is that if you do in fact have GD you're going to want to kill yourself if you go bald

yeah, chances are she'll be a hardcore liberal though
that is unless you're ok with a male gf ;)

interesting to hear from a real pedo, i've honestly always thought you guys were in a really shitty position, and that people were unnecessarily aggressive to your type, even if you would never fiddle a kiddle

I don't have one but basically it's fractioning your brain to have multiple identities in it. It is like psychosis but it's also not like it because of awareness of where this thoughtform lives, in your head and awareness you can make it go away. I also suggest you do a search online for "positive psychosis" and the "hearing voices movement" and you will see hallucinations in some cultures arent so scary or harmful but it depends on your relationship with these.

woah,it's kind of weird to see somebody who had the exact same shit I had as a kid.I'm only 19 so I know people say now is the time to start if you want to become passable as possible,but I don't want to rush into it.Thanks for the advice though,I've always felt a need to suppress this and rationalise it away it's nice to talk about it

damn. now don't be a retard and pass it up. i didn't even know "trans" was a thing when i was 19

Thanks. It always means a lot.


Bi xdresser here, not proper trap tier, intensely perfectionist and hate my hairy male cancerous protoplasm of a body because of that

hons are u g l y traps aka 90% of them lol.

/leftypol isn't a board for fag meetings

stop posting

tbh lesbians really didn't do shit except show up and expect to be provided for though

t. former gay rights activist


go back to Holla Forums


this is not a dating site

How do I get an qt refugee gf?

Curious, what does that mean for you? Is it that you want to preform traditionally female roles, pee sitting down, of is it more of an intangible touchy feely kind of thing?

Explain to me in language a proletarian would understand what the right way to approach sexuality is.

Courageous outing here, you have my compassion. That said,

Absolutely disagree. It is of course critical to recognize your own-ness, and to know it, so you don't fall into a neurosis. But if you find that your own-ness cannot be practically expressed for material or societal reasons, better to suck it up and accept that you were dealt a shit hand than to either cause a disruption that doesn't serve society or destroys yourself. As you seem to be well aware of by the way you cope.

The socialist program is unconcerned with sexuality.
There's absolutely no need to "approach" it at all.

fuck off homophobe, you arent even true communism, you are literally idpol fascism

Hey, Holla Forums
You better get outta this thread if you don't wanna get futtbucked

Tankiddie would be more of a Holla Forumsyp in this case than the user you're responding to, trot


Funnily enough i posted this thread on Holla Forums to b8 close minded muh nature people and got a ton of information from there

You are going to do electrolysis on your balls etc which apparently hurts

Surgery cost can vary between 5-20k on thailand, thailand is the only option because apparently the surgery is locked behind "i am a tranny" letter for 1-2 therapists, some WPATH standards which means not only you have to look like a woman and wear female shit for a year but also take hormones which you cant avoid completely because an endo doctor will check for them in your blood.

So thailand is the only option because there are many doctors who do such operations without following wpath regulation, the issue is finding one who will do it for the money and has quality results, heard that there are some clinics that can make up a letter on spot.

Though a long term issue is that you ll have to keep getting testosterone pills or whatever which is a small annoyance

After the surgery you ll have to spend some time dilating to keep the vagina open for the first few months, after that you need to do it 1-2 times per week which might as well be replaced by your fap session

Now i know they are slowly trying to move to transplanting normal vaginas but this is still new, maybe after a few years, and even if you do that you ll need to remove the estrogen production centers

Wish I was there famrade

pure idpol

This is the reason icepicks need to be included in the weaponization of the working class

It's a joke, comrade.
The guy is an obvious false flag.

Holla Forums truly are the hypocritical "degenerates" they despise in public


You can google for similar articles, there are more, first one i found
Lab grown of course, we cant go around killing women and stealing their vaginas, or can we ;^)

why can't I stop looking at women's asses

Don't stop, embrace the ass in all of its glory
Let's break the bourgeois state and capitalist liberal democracy

quality contribution

I'm hopelessly addicted to ass. I need a fix every ten minutes or less or I get withdrawals. First the cold sweat, than then the shakes, the nausea

I'm mostly into straight stuff, I don't mind feminine qt trap though.

A donkey fell into a bowl o' sugar
now that's a sweet ass

Yep, they're both gay.

only one can be gay, unless you are a homophobe and scared of being gay so much you think everything is literally gay


What would happen to the world if this was reality?

I appreciate the thread, but please don't promote LGB-T meetups on a site where mentally and emotionally deficient fascists roam.
Yes, I'm scared.

Also bara is excellent. Sadly so little of is being spread.

There's more to "LGBT" than liberal posturing, hard as it might seem from the outset.


Population decline to a point where the Empire lacks a tax base to support the military, followed by a takeover by a more vigorous people from outside :^)

they would still make babies, and why would peopl,e from the outside be any different unless you mean aliens

How does it feel to know you pulled the ladder up behind you, just like every other "liberation" movement in history?

Not borne out by existing demographics. If you want to get that sweet 2,1 children/couple rate, you need a lot of people following traditional norms. Transsexuals are sterile post-op, and I doubt people who reject all gender norms related to their biological sex will be very enthusiastic about lugging around babies, a very sex-specific activity. Cuntboys don't want to get pregnant in high enough numbers.

read again

If men had vaginas, they would not be men. It's literally the primary sexual characteristic. That would make the question meaningless, therefore the answer is addressed to the question in the only way that it can make sense, namely a transsexual and transgender context.

hey Holla Forums

That's really a matter of semantics.
I mean, if one day you suddenly woke up to find aliens had replaced your male reproductive organs with fully functional female ones, how would you react? Would you just say, "oh, well I guess I'm a woman now, time to buy some dresses"?

In such a world then it would mostly likely become a matriarchy where women are considered superior in every where and men are used for breeding and harder labour since they are still stronger

No, it would mean that all formerly men would be women from then on out, and that womanhood would now include all previous secondary and tertiary male characteristics.

Yes, semantics. If you communicate using a language like we do, it matters.

You are a still a man if you have a vagina, you are still a woman if you have a dick

The better solution is to stop using the words which obviously fail to convey the desired meaning in the particular case in question, and instead use more detailed descriptions of how things actually are. If you want "man" to mean "person with a dick", just say the latter rather than the former. It's clearer.

For example:

Much clearer, right?


The crux is the reproductive function.

The female is the one with the eggs and the womb, the male the one with the sperm.

If you insist those don't matter too, then you have reduced sexual difference to gender roles, and the word sex has in this context become superfluous.

So if sexual difference means anything, it means what I said supra. Sorry you are weak in logic, it is a disease shared by all pomos.

Your solution is less efficient. If 1% of men are "men", much more sense to describe "men" as "females with male gender roles and/or tertiary sexual characteristics", in stead of men as "people with male primary, secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics and male gender roles". Because you just re-introduce implicit load of normative "male" with many more words.

Transsexuals and transgenders are non-normative, no need to be autistic about it. Fight symptoms of actual material oppression of them out there in the world, in stead of raping language.

Yeah because i am not calling a fucking hairy TRUCK DRIVER a woman because he might have a vagina like you suggest

What you do or desire doesn't figure into this, unless you are having a solipsistic episode.

Honestly I don't really give a shit what language people use. It's just a tool. The problems arise when two groups absolutely refuse to agree on a common set of definitions. In those cases I'll advocate for dropping the words entirely because they no longer serve the function of facilitating communication.

Language isn't a sacred absolute. It's constantly evolving, and I must reiterate, just a tool.

You are right, it is just a tool. But you seem to arguing that ether one group is obliged to discard a word that doesn't work for the other. For the group "normative people" these words work fine. These people for communication with others like them, will use the word and save time. Why do you insist on taking this away from them?

Yeah that is what you are saying right now, and that is why i consider you utterly idiotic because instead of at least suggesting a new term you try to call a truck driver a woman

I'm saying one group is stupid to use a word when trying to communicate with the other group if the two groups don't agree on a definition.
If everyone in the conversation agrees on the definition, then by all means use the word. If you're with a bunch of Japanese people, use Japanese words. If you're with a bunch of normal people, use normal gender words. I'm really not trying to police language use. I'm trying to prevent misunderstandings.

A separate but related issue is the problem of people using language as a crutch to reason about the world. When people do that, unclear definitions can lead to entirely false conclusions. This problem is a bit more complex and difficult to explain in simple terms though.

Challenge accepted. Here's your new term. A woman who looks like a man.

Wow, this was difficult.


I appreciate your honest attempt at dialogue and discussion, and I enjoy it on an intellectual level.

I'd hesitate to call this a problem. It's a feature. The most simple language will have an antagonism, i.e. binary, or it can't function as a language.

I'm going to be straight here: I don't think we disagree on language, at all. A man to me is what it is to you. You might not like what it means and think it as erasing blah blah blah, but the meaning is not alien to you. So it's not like we are having miscommunications here.

There is real oppression, but its source is not misunderstandings. People who bash transpeople understand perfectly. Or they don't, I frankly don't care - just keep 'em from bashing folks! And that doesn't take violence, it takes concrete material action.

yeah lol, you are just close minded and fucked in the head you cant admit something new is not a woman and have to reinforce existing labels hardcore

But of course in your world calling a truckdriver a woman makes sense because it is easier to just say things are simple and keep using same old outdated unspecific words because it makes you feel you understand the world better


it is useful so lefties cna talk and meet about this

Which itself is not useful for leftism.

Men would be fucked

Why not go to /soc/? What the hell does this have to do with leftism?

soc is full of Holla Forumstards


Bud dum tss

Feeling doesn't figure into my reasoning, only logic. What you propose is in fact feels-based.

You confuse logic with autism, where you ignore how humans work and think and try to suggest the the word woman is literally all about a vagina and nothing more.

Actually that is even more emotional because you disregard everything that is considered a woman just so you wont have to admit you dont have a word for it and make a new one so you ll just repeat the old one.

Some big need for control and stability there, sadly and luckily the world will never be stable nor under your control or understanding, better get used to this instead of acting like a close minded Holla Forumstard trying to say he knows everything in the world and how it should work while keep repeating the same old words

Does anyone here consider futas gay?

I intend to acquire a qt futa android girl as soon as possible and I would be interested on what people think of the matter.

The classification of sex is a grouping of chromosomes, reproductive function, genitals, hormones, and secondary sexual characteristics. It would be a mistake to look at just one of these and say that alone is a persons sex. So sex should be divided up into separate categories not a single generalized word. Gender identity is just based on societal gender roles and is a spook. There is no need for sexuality terms either because they only confuse people more. All one need do to signal to others is be descriptive of what one wants.. No heterosexual male is attracted to ALL females and can be attracted to anyone just appearing female which shows how flawed such a system is.

Can you rule out with absolute certainty that non-hetero couples (or in fact one person) can not reproduce? ;^)

The most glaring examples of it being a problem are they ways corporations and governments try to manipulate language to their own ends. Take the proliferation of the phrase "intellectual property" for example. It creates a false equivalence between physical goods and ideas which simply doesn't exist in reality, and it has reinforced that false equivalence in the public consciousness. The same is true of linguistic trickery like "enhanced interrogation" (only bad guys use torture), and even things like "evolution is just a theory". A poorly constructed, imprecise language leads to poor, imprecise reasoning.

I'll admit, you're partially right. I know exactly what you mean and I suspect most others do too. I'm more trying to avoid the kind of stupid arguments which this thread is full of. They don't further human understanding at all. I don't care about ideas like "erasing" - I generally oppose most SJW bullshit - but arguments aren't productive. I also think that normal language is simply insufficient to fully and accurately discuss complex gender and sexual issues. Specialist fields generally come up with their own terminology to patch the gaps in conventional language.

Honestly I really have no skin in this game. I'm not LGBT. I just get annoyed at how circular and futile most of these discussions are. There is a real truth to be found, but we can't reach it with the tools we're using.

Anything can reproduce given enough time and resources. They might just have to invent and build a nano-factory first.

Ok because you dumb cucks cant do a single thing right
male with penis
Woman with vagina
Man with vagina
Woman with penis

So fucking simple

But what about a woman with three penises, two vaginas, and the torso of a man attached where her neck should go?

One problem at a time my dear vagentleman, lets face each problem when it comes first

don't be

We could propose a general naming convention of "Person[PP][VV]" where [PP] is a two-digit base-32 encoded number denoting the number of penises and [VV] is a two-digit base-32 encoded number denoting the number of vaginas.

Your daddy issues are making you sound like a retard. The world can be reasonably well understood, and it doesn't really matter which words we use. Things change, but in our current state, the meaning of the word woman very much does start from a normative woman. Your truck driving vagina person, call it what you want, but it will never be an unqualified man or woman.

Agreed in full with last paragraph. With regards to intellectual property and enhance interrogation, I agree that the words used are misleading. They denote concepts that have their own existence, but better terms could have been used (lower impact torture, intellectual rent, or something).

I shutter at the idea of people taking Egoism seriously.

Your tiny human mind will never understand it completely because the world is huge and impossible to control or fully understand for any single human.
Your need to generalize and force everything into some tight unrealistic word so you can feel in control says you are desperately trying to achieve control.

You are the one who is using a single word as a tool to simplify and enforce your close minded world view upon the world, and that is literally a desperate need for control and what Holla Forumstards do because admitting your ignorance and the fact that you ll never know everything hurts too much.

The meaning of the word woman is what people believe it is, it is not some autistic chromosome definition that arent visible, it is what people see, and people use the word woman to describe woman looking things, traps can be considered women because they look like that.

A cuntman is a man

A man without a penis. Or a woman with male secondary and tertiary characteristics. At any length, not an unqualified (wo)man. Sexuality pretty much has a binary and a norm, you can't escape it.
Yes, that's how you can make sense of the world. It's done wonders for our material condition, allowing for things like scientific theories, which pay immense material dividends.Spherical cows in a vacuum.
Those are just your daddy issues. I'm not in control, and I don't need to be, but I will try to understand things as best they can be understood.

And that is when calling you autists makes sense, you dont understand how people and the world works and instead keep repeating your autism

Its fine, you are special, you are the unique one, nobody can fathom your uniqueness with mere words.

Omg why do all of these chan lgbt threads always devolve into some disgusting tranny shit?

I don't care for trannies but it's grotesque to me in the context of 'le no qt x face' posting.

Are there any masculine daddies here? Holy shit

waste of gets with your quality post

Based on the discussion yes, but they have a vagina ;^)



Me on the top right tbh

So on top men, on bottom tranies?

This image makes me want to get fucked. It's a mostly bad feeling.

embrace it dude.you can't turn off your desires,and you just know you want some hot dick girl to ram your prostate

Truly the difference between straight and gay men is that straight men want to get fucked by shemales while gay want to get fucked by men.

And apparently some want to get fucked by men in their fake vagina

No, it's about who is being penetrated. Only men who enjoy being penetrated are truly gay.

this sounds like a guy who's never shoved anything up his ass…

No, I am ugly and gay old.

Please move nonpolitical shit to >>>/leftyb/


There are levels

1)100% top, that guy never wants to be penetrated but likes to penetrate

2)75% top, someone who mostly penetrated but rarely gets penetrated as well

3)50% top versatile

4)25% top, mostly taking it up his ass but on occasion can top as well

5)0% top, exclusive bottom, only takes it up his ass, never tops

6) -100% top, guy changed his dick into a vagina so he only gets fucked

Which of those are truly gay?

if it aint dragon dildo it aint worth it tbh fam

2 - 6

Sounds like an insecure homophobe tbh

they always looked way too big and way too expensive for me,are they really that good?Any time people talk about dildos dragon dildos come up but is it just a meme 'cause they look like animal dicks or are they really that good?

Your argument does not follow from the premise.

Dragon dildos are literally the perfection of dildos, they made dildo making into art.

Yeah they are that good, and you shouldnt worry about the size, there are multiple sizes and softness/hardness scale all customizable by you, even the color.

100% worth the money

stop being so cliche

That's illogical. A true homophobe would define gay narrowly, so he could be secure in his perversion.

Reality has shown otherwise, homophobes always label anything close to male like dicks, masculinity as istantly gay, ultra insecure

I don't know about you, but getting a dick shoved in your ass 25% of the time sounds way beyond "masculine" and really, really gay.

Traps aren't gay



but the whole point is they look feminine,otherwise they wouldn't be traps.they're called traps because they are so passingly female that they 'trap' straight guys to believing they are female and fucking them


But if you watch a futa fuck a girl thats 75% girls and thus 75% gay


this thread is too confusing, glad i'm a virgin tbh

traps still have a dick.the gender identity bit is a bit muddled with it though


There's literally nothing gay about liking yuri. It is the purest form of love.


Traps aren't gay
t. gay who doesn't like traps

Where /fuckmuir/ at?

Who says I don't?
idk, are you?
Embrace your autogynophillia.
I disagree
Sex change op but forego the pills afterward

You're spooking yourself by setting other people's standards above your own. Read Stirner.

Don't be bitter. I got some unexpected support in this thread.

Why the hell does this conversation keep happening? The only 3D "traps" who have any chance of remaining feminine beyond their early twenties are trannies, and they usually hate their dicks. It's a whole lot of bitching about nothing.

fuck my trap ass mommy

nothing wrong with bara


My bad.

you aight man, everything is cool. Take a deep breath & call your favorite partner for a meal : )


Stop trying to recruit me into your cult, mate.

How is it a bad feeling?

Eroticization of childhood trauma as a coping mechanism

I bet your parents burned you on the stove as a child, didn't they.

How is he recruiting you?

He calls me out on my sexual kinks, groups them into a label of LGBT and tries to create an ingroup out of the people he called out under that label.

Its similar to if a nazi walked up to me and said "I see you are of european ancestry and have blue eyes, come talk with us inside about the the aryans". For lack of a better comparison, also its sort of a joke too, mate

Improvement on my compaison:

oh right…
unfortunately it's only for the cissies

for now at least .but hey a girl can dream right?

You seem uncomfortable with being able to group yourself in the slightest. No need for it to be a supremacy thing, nor strict categorization at all. Just anons with atypical sexual behaviors shooting the shit.

any other transbians here

Thats exactly the point. Its just atypical sexual behaviour. I dont need an identity around that.

I don't think they're trying to force you to join an identity cult. It's just anons shooting the shit. I think you're awfully sensitive.

I think you're awfully sensitive if you can't even handle people saying spook in a more elaborate manner.

Now that's gay. I bet you're a sub, too.

I know rigidly defined sexuality is spooky af. But there's no need to be averse to communing with others over such a thing. Fear of spooks you can plainly see is spooky too, you know.

yeah i mean unfortunately probably not for us
health system doesn't give a shit about our wellbeing, and too many idiots are ok with the current butchery

Give it a bit of time. There's going to be an explosion in this kind of organ cloning technology over the coming decades. Cost is the main barrier, depending on where you live.

Literally everything left outside of bara men

There is nobody to the left of bara men. They are our most revolutionary comrades.

I'm still addicted to women's butts

Either cuntmen or dickgirls are gay
95% woman and 5% man due to male genitals
95% man and 5% woman due to female genitals

Literal opposites, one has to be gay and one has to be straight.

Let me guess, u have pancake butt

do you want to see my butt

Does anyone have Prickly's dick pic? For research purposes…

Here you go friend.

I do

The amount of transgender individuals is heavily increasing thanks to the internet, i wouldnt be surprised if they advanced trans stuff faster tahn the past


Wow uh
He took "get bent" a little too literally there huh

ehh maybe i guess. i'm not holding my breath though and i'm already getting old

Either you consider sexuality to be based on attraction or the human body aka if you like something that looks like a woman you are straight or you artistically base it on genitals which means you are straight if you like a hairy truck driver because he has a pussy

if your main focus in life is your genitals you deserve reeducation camp, schrödingers cuck is that you?


I think he meant it more as people with different genitals etc

I don't think anyone's main focus is their genitals, outside of sluts who just keep fucking everything
People who change their genitals do it for a more personally comfortable life

quite the opposite

then don't put the L in the LGBTBBQ next time

I bet you never clean them.
Your room must smell like ass.

They are not mine lol, just google dragon dildos, there are a few people with huge collections

im gay

im an mtf tranny

Im bi

Im a man who wants to have a fake vagina.

me too but im also gay

im a sissy

I'm a normal straight guy.


denial about being gay is my fetish


I hate how perfect he is.



A femboy is a he, no matter how girly he looks.

Cute face wasted on a veiny skeleton. Source?

nice thread OP
it really made me thing

It's gone!
What was it?

some lanky retard with a girly face

a really cute boy masturbating


Holy shit, I know the guy that owns that 4th image


Fine, I know the guy that got the image commissioned. Happy?

you are getting a visit from terrifying ted tonight

my dildo came today it feels really good in my butt