What is the best way to destroy the EU?

What is the best way to destroy the EU?

It's already dying. Nationalists, Populists and leftists will kill it.

support far right politics

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by killing every nazbol


Yeah but then we have to support right winger reactionaries, which is not good for leftists.

International NazBol solidarity.

More immigrants.

Far left would also benefit to see it gone. Actually anyone who wants to implement sensible policies with less corruption would want to see it go. People caught with corruption don't even get expelled in the EU, they simply get a slap on the wrist but they keep their posts. It's one of the many flaws of the EU.

At this point there is simply no long term future for the EU. It will need to be reformed in such a way that it needs to be build up from the ground again. It's in nobodies interest in the EU to do this. So the end result is that there is little effort to reform and the status quo is kept. Even with Brexit they still outright refuse to reform. This signals that there is no hope left for the failed project that is the EU.

Established left parties in countries want to sustain the EU and keep it alive, despite being completely oblivious of the fact that it's dysfunctional and gives little benefit to workers in their countries. Of course I don't want to go back to a system where imports and exports taxed countries unnecesarrily, but you don't need a political union that makes policy, which the EU is, to form a trade union to benefit the eurozone. Of course matters are now much more complicated due to the shared currency between countries.

Most of the population of the EU support it, as do most businesses, despite it's problems.

To be honest the leftwing parties in my country that are mainstream are in temrs of policy almost like the right wing ones except for one distinct difference. The right wing parties like to praise individual talent and innovation while the left tries to praise diversity and identity politics. That's what seperates left and right, pointless identity politics.

The IDpol needs to go away from the left because it's not only possibly hurting their chances of winning elections but it might possibly endanger your country by sowing division and enforcing cultural division through mass immigration and (fake) refugees.

Most of the population supports capitalism. Popular sentiment is irrelevant. The EU is a proto-fascist institution that must be destroyed.

LMAO tbh. Good luck with your revolution.

I know. I really don't get it, it's like these people are completely unaware of the implications the EU has. Less than 25% in my country even bothered to vote for which parties to send into the European parliament while EU policies are more important for European countries than local policies.

It's obvious that business supports it because it brings a lot of benefits through tax as well as import and export agreements. The EU as well is an organisation that can be bought which big business will love. There is very little done to ensure protection from corruption or protection from lobbying.

I feel that the population supports the EU in a reluctant way. They support it because they think their country will be worse off without it due to economical advantages that the EU gives. Yet population is unaware you don't need a political union that you as country have little to no controll over to make trade agreements for the eurozone. Because that's what the EU has become, a place where policy should be made rather than a place that makes trade between countries easier.

I do think it needs reforming but the idea of a united Europe - even politically to a large extent - is a good thing. It needs more democratic control and transparency. But to think you have more sovereignety outside it is a fallacy, as the Brits will soon find out.

A good thing for who? The bourgeoisie perhaps. For the working class such a union would do nothing.

Good luck with that. The EU is the a neoliberal institution that rejects democracy outright. You will never be able to reform it because it won't let itself be reformed.


this tbh

It doesn't really matter if you elect far-right or far-left, both destroy it.

Even though I got to admit that alleged far-left parties can be cucked easily like Syriza

Huh? I can understand that you are against the EU but isn't NazBol pan-nationalist?