We're dead

we're dead

I'm honestly not sure whether to be scared, angry, disappointed or a mix of all three.

Somebody have the .webm of that YT talk show sperg saying that the Trump administration needs to start assassinating liberals?

Why? If even republicans are against Trump it's pretty good.

This is great. Trump is a causing the absolute division and collapse of American society. It's like two countries at this point living in completely opposite realities who can't speak to each other without wanting to kill one another

You guys seem to forget that the majority of the US voted AGAINST Trump, his opposition will be met forcefully sooner or later. That's why it's important to turn the liberal dissent into a force of violence against the right, and to collectively organize for left wing interests.

plz. America must be destabilized and then collapse with secession movements and minority violence.

What the fuck is this? Have you no shame?

I'm hard left and support Trump.

He needs to forget about giving public land away though.
And if man made climate change is real, then do something about that too.

I'm optimistic given the shitstorm Bernie managed to cause.

itt Holla Forums proposes giving immediately emergency powers to Chancellor Trumpatine

how is Berniefag any different from other third way neo-liberal bureaucratic NATO faggots like Hollande, Obama, Tony Blair or the Canadian NDP?

like ripping up the paris agreement, dismantling the epa, silencing climate change scientists and signing up to frack the living shit out of us terriories

Because he brought up legitimate issues regarding late capitalism, and get this, actually promoted large social spending unlike the rest. He brought class politics back momentarily and got massive momentum off it, and the next four years are going to be all about just that.

like fucking what? This third way socdem faggotry has already been tried in Europe and Canada. They get into office, are too weak and cucked to make any meaningful reforms and then go along with everything the military industrial complex and the oligarchy tells them to do


Canada has never had a succdem prime minister buddy. The point is that the neoliberal establishment and conservative rhetoric are going to directly clash and wear away at each other exposing the nothingness behind their politics. Without any form of class organization to follow this, the window of opportunity of revolution will be consumed by another form of vapid identity politics.

They had Soc-Dem provincial governments however. Like Bob Rae in Ontario from the NDP who got into office and became the biggest neo-liberal cunt of the planet outflanking the liberals and conservatives both.

How the fuck is muh overton window any further towards class politics and the overthrowal of the oligarchy with Berniefaggot? I mean America was far more progressive in the 1930's-60's than this shit

It's almost like the overton window shifted rightwards thanks to the red scare. Bernie wasn't supposed to be a solution, he was more of a symbol to the people that working class issues need to re-enter politics, no more neoliberal bullshit telling us to lower taxes for the rich, enter free-trade deals with corporations and liquidate unions. Trumps platform is the perfect opportunity for the left to enter into the political sphere, and convert the angry, confused liberals into class conscious proletariat, especially considering that these liberals are ones working in among the most important sectors of industry today (tech).

who would've guesses?

Disregarding all socdem shit, Bernefag will never win the Dem nomination with the current democrat party and making a dem-socialist party is useless within the current system and the electoral college which over represents conservative states.

I stand by the fact that the best thing for America and the world is for Trump to go on full unhinged radical mode and accelerate the social, political and economic collapse of America truning into many separate states who hopefully will all kill each other in a low level nuclear war and/pr get eaten up by Mexcio

The most worrying thing about that is the "progressive republican"

That's rather hopeful and idealistic. It's time to start putting the three magic words to use.

Paper tigers

The #NeverTrump conservative crowd hate Trump because he might not be as economically liberal as they are.

Whenever Trump talks about torturing terrorist suspects or starting a land war in Iran, their dicks get hard.


Who cares if some unknown person on a youtube comment section says something you disagree with?

The majority of the US declined to vote, at all. That includes the huge number of Obama voters who stayed home this time, while Romney voters bolstered by some of them swept Trump into the White House.