The Left has abandoned any wish to govern

"By electing Benoit Hamon, France's Socialists are in keeping with current international trends. As was the case with the leftist pole of the US Democrats and Bernie Sanders and the Labour Party in the UK with Jeremy Corbyn, in their choice they have disregarded political prudence in favor of pure dogmatic ideology.

The French Socialists, too, want to be able to give themselves over to their dreams once more: of a political future where there is a radical redistribution of wealth and an end to the market economy.

The struggle around political principles that has torn the French Socialists apart in recent years and made it largely impossible for President Hollande to govern has now been settled with the selection of Benoit Hamon: The party is taking a sharp turn to the left. Hamon has been touting, for example, a tax on robots and a universal basic income. This panders to the French longing for an all-round governmental care package. And in theory, this candidate is indeed on track for some time in the future - except that his ideas have come 10 to 15 years too early.

This is because the French economy is still not very competitive and far from being settled enough to support such a radical kind of wealth redistribution. It continues to suffer from structural weaknesses, relies too heavily on a few large branches of industry and stifles the creation of medium-sized innovative companies through excessive regulation. After five years of Socialist governance, the job market is as inflexible as it always has been.

With the decision to shift to the left, France's Socialists are saying farewell to their history as a governing party. It is the end of the old dual-party system in which the conservatives and the Socialists took turns being in power. Polls predict that Benoit Hamon will get less than 10 percent of the vote in the presidential election in spring. His party, however, would rather enhance its left-wing political profile than retain any ambition, however theoretical, to become the next government. It is deliberately choosing the path into the political wilderness in the vague hope that there will be a revival of its ideals in the future.

But a glance at the desolate condition of the Labour Party in Britain, whose election chances have fallen to an all-time low, should be enough to deter them from this path. And the fact that the German Social Democrats have taken a different tack and once more selected a politician with centrist appeal does not seem to have impressed French Socialist party strategists."

TL;DR: Normies are scared of socialist ideas and radical leftists who are ideological purists and call out SocDems as "sellouts" will make the left irrelevant in the west forever. Just look at Labour nowadays.

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You are a fucking idiot my man. The people don't want the same old shit they've been fed.

The left wing candidates have actual popular support instead of just being pushed by the establishment

Meanwhile, Brexit happened, Trump happened, FN is the strongest party in France, Geert Wilders is the strongest candidate on the Netherlands and communist/radical leftist/socialist parties are all irrelevant and discredited by history.

This is what liberals/right wingers actually believe

Lmao tbh

Please wake up and take a look around you.

Capitalist nationalism is as hollow and useless as capitalist democracy.

Name all the porkies supporting nationalism vs all the porkies supporting globalism.

I will give you UK Labour, but Corbyn has faced massive media onslaught and centrists/liberals' sabotage and opposition. I mean liberals and newspapers calling him a homophobe for flubbing one line in his speech is just hilarious given he was a LGBT supporter way before it was cool

He's allways fluffing his lines. That's the real problem.
He's a thicko, someone like Trump would make mincemeat of him.

ftfy famalam

Meh, he always seem like someone who is more likely to hear people speak and to speak to people.

Hello Holla Forums

Normies hate socialism! Just look at the pro-capitalist media reporting this poll from a pro-capitalist organization showing that 99,000,000,000% of the population supports capitalism! Also, witness how right-wing nationalists are taking power in obviously rigged elections! This proves that people don't like socialism and we shouldn't push actual socialist policies! Am I right, fellow socialists? Just vote for the Democrats and everything will be fine!

Porkies have historically supported nationalism. Only recently have certain sectors become pro-"""free-trade""" (i.e. supportive of trade agreements that they have brokered via western imperialist institutions.)

hello /idiot/

Oh sure I will definitely admit Corbyn has a lot of flaws, but criticizing him on that is rather inane when one can always criticize his policies and platform.

But I agree with his policies and would vote for him. However I'm not deluded enough to pretend my approval matters when the rest of the country think he's a stuttering retard.

Once again media bias plays a very strong factor, some people are more or less already waking up to it after the whole LGBT fiasco. The cynic in me even thinks he did on purpose.

I hope so. He needs to engage in "non linear warfare" to get the public on his side.
He needs to make people realise there's more important things than appearance, however one can understand why people rationally would not want a weak low confidence leader.

Not so fast comrade, that first flag of PvdA is actually of Belgium's most leftist party, while giving information about a Dutch SocDem (?)

In Belgium's case, SPA (for Flanders) and PS (for Wallonia) are the so called 'socialist' parties who are actually SocDem's giving the left a bad name.

PvdA is the only party in our country that's not divided for Flanders and Wallonia, it's the most leftist party here and was the reason for establishment parties to introduce a minimum vote percentage before any party can enter parliament.

They have 2 seats atm iirc, gaining popularity.

So fix the pic next time you post it comrade, thanks

His platform is support for mass immigration with no upper limit which has fucked the working class, labours former voting block.

Now all his support is drawn from liberal students, true believers, minorities and the Islamic block solely due to their policies on mass immigration

The only instance of a rigged election I can think of was in Austria, and that was in favour of the "former" communist Van der Bellen

Ah yes, most people support getting paid based on working and not having what they have earned taken from them by the government to support lazy individuals. Socialism is an ideology of weak people who cannot succeed in society, the kind of people nature would have abandoned in a previous era.

If media bias was such a strong factor then how was Brexit voted for? The media shilled against it day and night.

Hell, in the upcoming Stoke MP election, UKIP (which I am personally going to canvass for) is projected to win by 10 points by Labours own internal polling.

Your side fucked it, now you're getting fucked and its glorious.

I never understood this. This isn't a popularity contest. Rather get a weakling with good intentions than a strongman with bad intentions

Yeah that's why capitalists the world over spent a majority of the 20th century attempting to neutralize us (and failing a majority of the time.) Because we are so weak. Right.

Because he's representing your country on the international scene. You don't want to look like a nation of pussies. Also weak leaders can't be trusted to not get bullied around by strong ones.

This idea that the reason the left is flagging is down to the shift left, instead of the shift left following on from the party is flagging is going to put me off my head.
If the fascists take power, I'm going to beg them to let me club some skulls before they invariably dispense with me.

The British Labour party died in 1979 and lost any chance of electability in 2010. Their final hope was to impose Proportional Representation with the Lib-Dems and smaller parties, but the Blairites sold out on any wish to cling to power (Peter "Haven't the rich suffered enough?" Mandelson being one of the more laughable characters.) because they could see that the Conservatives had inherited their ideology and because they thought some time in opposition would let them purge their political enemies - then Ed Won.

Ed had no chance, despite the polling, because of the Kinnock Effect: Your policies can be great and well understood - but if your leader is a twat, you won't win, period. So he lost.

I don't even think Corbyn is that great. I just hate the apologists for the 90s sell-outs. Winning an election is no fucking use if you're just going to govern like your predecessor.

Every time a disabled person dies after being rejected for ESA, remember: New Labour introduced the work capability assessment, with the intent of making it ridiculously hard to claim and force the sick into work. Every time a Blairite uses aggregate statistics to claim credit for a growing economy "lifting people out of poverty", remind them blood is on their hands - and not just that of Iraqis.

Yes what will help the economy develop is having gigantic unkillable financial leeches at the top. Just let them live off the corpse of civilization a littler while longer.

Yeah well right wingers will say this about center-right wingers like Obama too


Calling support for Sanders "not pragmatic" and idealistic was the propaganda coming out of the Clinton Campaign, Sanders was actually ahead and had the primary stolen from him. You might as well consider neoliberal dictatorship practical at that point.

Isn't that ultimately what "centrists" want?


Coz left and right wingers had enough of neoliberal bullshit.
The only news I found that even suggests it is from the poll…

Politics isn't some schoolyard for children to fight around. I won't deny there are no weak leaders, but having charisma doesn't automatically mean one is a 'strong' leader


user, that's exactly what it's about, see trump.

actually this doesn't mean much, there are a shit ton of plmoitical parties in France.
at least 3 on the left, and as many on the right.
but only one far right.

the reason it has more voter is because others are fragmented.
but there is an important thing to keep in mind.
FN voters are FN voters, they don't switch team and nobody want them back anyway.
this is different for other political parties, there is an agreement called "front republicain".
if by any chance the FN end up 1vs1 against any other candidate, every political party will team up against the FN

I must admit to being enamored with an imaginary era in which Harold Wilson's government were enlightened technocrats instead of still being pulled by the forces of history. (And there's a limited degree to which they really do understand the structural elements of politics better - though this usually acts to stop them changing the structure where a forceful idiot may manage.)

Sadly at present, the technocrats have the wrong ideas, muttered to them by evil think tanks - or outright sought by evil men. If only we could take control, we could bring back Harold Wilson.

''But this was a fantasy. What Anonymous was actually doing was noticing the huge influence that Adam Curtis had ideologically, to such an extent that he's typing this while reading it aloud in that hypnotic BBC voice.

But this was a fantasy, because these are just textual words, not spoken, and Mr. Curtis would probably recoil from the twisted ideological mess that made up anonymous - or overlay it with footage of Edward Heath talking about the hardest christmas since the war.

Mrs Thatcher.

But then a wonderful Russian politician named Vladimir something had another idea. He was going to change the world. To do this, he would bring Television to Russia. And it worked. But then something unexpected happened: South Africa got television in the 1970s, enabling them to watch as the Libertarian institutions that supported Mrs. Thatcher helped to break the Grunwick strike. Meanwhile in America, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, RAND institute, Mrs. Thatcher. But this was a fantasy. In reality, the world ended in 1971 when Richard Nixon launched a nuclear strike on Vietnam to distract the world from the ongoing gold crisis. We're currently in hell. But this was reality: There's Mrs. Thatcher.''

This is what anyone with a brain can see, you fucking moron. Communists shitposting here on Holla Forums isn't having any effect on the real world, as you might notice if you go outside for a change.

This is the logo of the Dutch PvdA.

Macron signals move to the right, attacks Hamon, claims Hamon wants to ally with communists and greens.

With Fillon down, he think he have a boulevard to the liberal right.

Where do you live? Works fine for me in USA.

plz purge socdem plz

Huh it's restricted for me now too..

Here's the full fuckin article

Right, everything! Since he started in the race for the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron swear not be in the "tactical positions" , similar to the old policy practiced by parties "sclerotic" . "I am not a commentator," he likes to repeat to explain his aversion to "popol", a term used to describe apparatus games and small political arrangements. But Emmanuel Macron also knows how to adapt his speech to the situation. While he is saying "right and left" , the enarch has been multiplying for a few days the signals towards the conservative electorate.

Asked on France Inter on Wednesday 1 st February, the candidate went after the winner of the primary left, Benoit Hamon, who "does not reflect progressivism" he said. The deputy of Yvelines "is on a line (…) very left , considers the former minister of the economy of François Hollande. He wants to discuss with the Communist Party and the Greens , he wants to recreate the plural left. I think that it is no longer possible today to meet the challenges of the country. "

On the merits, Mr. Macron also said he wanted "more flexibility on labor law" , one of his antiphons but that he avoided agitation in recent weeks. For the benefit of the employers, he said he wanted to "give back margins" to companies.

The tax credit for competitiveness and employment? It must be transformed into "sustainable load relief" . Solidarity tax on wealth? It must be "reformed in depth" . " There was a real social policy that was led by the right ," said the 39-year-old former banker, who has attacked "the left of egalitarianism." A violent charge while nearly 1.2 million French voted for Benoît Hamon in the second round of the primary on the left.

Coincidentally, the entourage of Emmanuel Macron distilled for several days the names of officials of the right and the center who decided to support the champion of En marche! Tuesday 31 January, Le Figaro revealed the rallying of Anne-Marie Idrac, former Secretary of State of Alain Juppé and François Fillon. The next day, Jerome Grand Esnon, former director Bruno Mayor campaign during the primary to the right, which announced on RTL join the candidate, "someone new" . "Other supporters will be formalized at the meeting in Lyon on Saturday," assures a close friend of Mr. Macron. Chirac Jean-Paul Delevoye was also nominated, Thursday, February 2, chairman of the commission charged with investing candidates for the legislative elections of the movement.

This charming offensive aimed at the right-wing voters is all the more visible as the president of En marche! Had practiced the reverse in December 2016. Desiring to parasitize the primary on the left, even if he was defending himself, the former resident of Bercy had begun to evoke in his speeches the figures of François Mitterrand and Pierre Bérégovoy , References hitherto absent from its meetings. Another "marker", he had announced that he wished to keep the 35 hours as the legal duration of work, while he expressed until then rather his desire to remove them, especially for young people.

"These signals are not the result of an opportunistic calculation," defends the entourage of Emmanuel Macron. We are in search of a ridge line, not in the godilla. " Still, this inflection of speech allows the former minister to avoid socialism trial that the right tries to bring him.

Since the victory of Benoît Hamon at the primary, many PS candidates say indeed want to join En marche! Several MPs have already taken the plunge. "The left of the real is orphan since Sunday night," recognizes Benjamin Griveaux, spokesman of the movement founded by Mr. Macron.

The latter can not afford to lean to the left. "It gives the impression of being the candidate of a camp, even by default, and it loses what makes its originality and therefore its strength," warns a Macronist elected.

"François Hollande and Manuel Valls now out of the game, he is also the candidate to whom all the others will want to take stock of the quinquennium: he spent two years at the Elysee as adviser to the Head of State and then two years in Bercy as Minister of the Economy. A label that has proven to be deadly.

By adopting a tougher tone with the left, in particular by refusing to grant investitures in advance to PS deputies who wish to join him, the former inspector of finance can also hope to profit by the disappointments of a right wronged by the left, Penelope case ".

"We see the interest of Emmanuel Macron to attempt a" takeover bid "on a right-wing electorate disoriented, analyzes Julien Dray, elected Hollandist who was close to the former minister before distancing himself. But the risk is to lose or to restrict his credit with a party of the left who was about to join him. As a proof, a joke is circulating at this moment among the socialist representatives: "If Fillon retires, the Republicans already have a plan B: his name is Macron. "

Historically yes, but they no longer do so because the nation state has become the greatest hindrance to their accumulation of wealth and power. We cannot dwell in the past, we must instead face reality as it is now.


Anarchists have never triumphed over reactionaries and imperialists. A strong state is needed to destroy global capitalism. Deal with it.

Yes the means of production was squarely under the control of the workers and not under the control of the party. And that is why the capitalist did not spend the majority of the 20th century trying to neutralize socialism because the Soviet Union was not socialist.

Oh sweet jesus, do I even want to read this?

Separating from bourgeois "governance" and bourgeois party politics is not only GOOD, but NECESSARY.


What did he mean by this?

this is the writer of this shit article. go bully her on twitter

pls no

unlike /lit/ our intentions should be exactly to annoy her and cause some shitflinging

haha wow, that pic inadvertently sums up liberal ideology so well, fucking hell

they see themselves as the rightful rulers and above the plebs who dare to change the system

as said, they think they're neutral. pilots are not politicians, businessmen and other elites in capitalist society. "smug pilots" do not let the system regularly crash, or disdain passengers' safety, livelihoods as capitalist rulers do.

liberals are always reluctant to bow to democracy, whatever pretences they have for equality and the masses.

you say that like governing is a good thing

The situation of the so-called Parti """Socialiste""" and Benoit Hamon was difficult from the start anyway.
Hollande pissed off everyone in France, the leftists for not being a leftist when it came to economic policies, and the right-wing for not being conservative enough on social issues (by legalizing gay marriage, especially)
The socialist party cannot garner as much votes as they did in 2012, because Sarkozy isn't there anymore, the lefties have a strong distrust of them, and the right want something more radical.
I'm pretty sure there are substantial part of people who voted for Hollande back then because they believed it would change things economically that are now seduced by the potential protectionism of the FN.

It's the same situation as Syriza. """Left""" and right parties pass discontent back and forth like a hot potato in an obscene cycle of seduction and disillusionment.

Yeah, and in France's case, I feel like it started after the end of Gaullism, when Pompidou was replaced by Valéry-Giscard d'Estaing.
And I guess it's kinda the same shit in most European countries. Podemos in Spain seems like it's the same old """left""" rebranded as something more radical. I mean, they are young but they will starting bowing to EU technocrats pretty quickly, like everybody else.

The Black Army may have to take you up on that.

Why do they all use the same passive aggressive rhetoric? If you replace Hamon with Corbyn you can probably get an article very similar to what they were posting when Cornyn was elected

Best case scenario at this point is for marcon to win. The "socialists" then abandon ship for him, and Melenchon and the Left can eat the remnants of the socialist party. When Marcon inevitably fails and gets hated by everyone, maybe then the left can have a chance.

That strategy didn't succeed with Hollande, why would with Macron?

Not so much a strategy as a best-case scenario considering at this point the Left isn't going to make it divided and it gives an opportunity for a second chance, with the traitors fucking off, left united and Marcon with the baggage of what happens when you govern as a centrist (everyone hating you) so he can't be turned into a martyr

I'm just sad I can't say "Sarkozy l'Americain" in a Clouseau accent anymore

I am really fucking tired of these clickbait hyper dramatic declarative political head lines

When I say it I usually don't say "the Left," I say the Democratic Party, which has presided over the loss of a near supermajority in Congress, lost the White House, now has a mere 16 governorships, and has lost both houses of 32 states.

If that doesn't represent a fundamental failure of leadership on the deepest level, I don't know what does.

The Democratic Party isn't left.

Hence I don't say that.

Governing is for revisionists, accept nothing less than the complete destruction of the state, capitalism, wage labor, and money all at once worldwide.

HAHAHAHAHA, if u were french u would know the "parti socialiste" is socialist in name only. Fuck them, HARD. Also, they basically lost this election way before, had they invested valls noone claiming to be "left" would have voted for them anyway, and liberals will vote macron.

Far left or nothing.

>especially by voting for someone that isn't socialist

no gulag cold enough


An Irenic Dictatorship. A commitment to "peace and order" at the expense of liberty, free speech, meaningful criticism, and integrity.

jfc, how do you red bait when the party is already literally called the socialist party?

and I thought france might at least be better than burgerland with this shit

Well there's Trump's entire cabinet and George Soros funding white nationalist in the Ukraine for a start