Can Melenchon win?

Can Melenchon win?

Pretty sure France and Greece are the most class conscious EU countries ATM

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nope classcucks will go for either the far right trumpalike LePen or the even more disgusting ex banker "but trust me i'm totaly on the left" Macron and a few days ago they were all aboard the Fillon reactionary train just before the man was proven to be a corrupted fuck.

France was always comparatively class conscious.

Greece isn't at all, have you looked at 4pol how many Golden Dawn types are there?

how the fuck is that a good measure at all

Let's face it, even if he gets elected, he'll probably move to the right, like almost all non-revolutionary leftist leaders.

I think the average ideology of a certain flag on 4pol holds at least some meaning.

For example, Germans are always anti-communist. This reflects pretty well from what I experience as a German myself here.

Livestream of Melenchon speech starting in a couple of minutes. Get in here. Also he has 200k subs on youtube, that's bretty impressive.

(to be realistic, he doesn't really have a chance, but building the movement is important nonetheless. I'm pretty envious that france at least has candidates like him getting >10% of the vote)

I doubt it

I expect Macron will win

Are riot music videos the AMVs of our times?

Greece has a very strong anarchist scene

Before the Fillon shitfest i would have laughed at you it, but now… he have a boulevard in the neoliberal electorate.

started, it's with live subtitles as well, so you can understand stuff even if your french is not perfect (like mine)

Pretty impressive crowds actually.



Nah, Hamon has a chance: but Macron looks set to be the next president of France.

kill self please


. . i am not optimistic about his future, i can not see a leftist wining in Europe tbh.
i guess le pen will win this time.

le pen has no real chance of winning. It's going to be Fillon or Macron.

Great speech by Melenchon btw.

no way he recovers from this shit-fest, he's done for

What is he saying? I don't speak French

Fillon went from odds on favourite to third place over the past week. This scandal is pretty big and will likely kill his chances. Marcon, who was third is now favourite to win it. This is the same site that had Clinton odds on favourite right up til the event. Marcon leads a new party but is cut from the same cloth as the 'socialists' France has had since 2012. Le Pen is talking in Trumpian terms of French jobs for the French and buy French. It would be a mistake to right her off. But then you did te same wit Trump and Brexit when the polls supported the status quo.

Fillon can still recover I think, but he's not the favorite anymore I agree.

Talking a lot about culture and education right now, providing access to culture and higher-level education for everyone.

Of Hamon and Melenchon who has the better chance now? Do either have a realistic shot?

Honestly at this point I just want someone to be a symbolic slap in the face to the neoliberal order without it coming to Le Pen. Can't stand Macron.

Maybe, but after the Sarkozy blowback earlier I think a certain slimy image just can't be recovered from this cycle

Let's pay the students for their studies.
Let's fight analphabetism.
Let's help the culture creators.
Let's get out of nuclear energy, and build lots of electricity plants in the sea.
Also, Mélenchon likes VIDEO GAMES (and comic books). And he wants to financially help culture creators with money earned from selling public domain books and movies and stuff.


And how is le pen not a status quo?????????
When dropping the rhetoric what i see is nothing but edgy yet liberal SuccDem with more power to french corporations over other corporations.

and what vidya he likes?

It's like Corbyn is learning in the UK the hard way, you can't be "kind of an outsider" and campaign as an actual outsider

Le Pen is too establishment to be anti-establishment

The FN's manifesto includes a referendum on Frexit. I don't know how many slaps in the face the left wants to take before they concede that te Trump/Brexit/FN message IS resonating with people.

I think that the FN will lose this but only just. Without somebody else addressing the concerns addressed by the FN and co, the discontent will grow. What comes next may be worse than the FN.

Right, which is why Macron will be terrible

"Video games is a total experience. It is how I climbed a frozen mountain and was afraid to fall. I was told it can be therapeutic."
"We learnt to be social through games."
Also, he likes Assassin's Creed, but not AC Unity because Robespierre is a bad guy in this game (Mélenchon is a Robespierre fanboy).

Mélenchon wants to threaten the EU to leave if it doesn't instantly becomes a socialist utopia (I'm summarizing).

There are leftist euroskeptic alternatives in this election though

That's what I am saying.

This I'd love to see. But the same force that will likely stop the FN will almost certainly stop Mélenchon. Also, simply challenging the EU by itself isn't really getting to the core concern of the near 50% who may be tempted by Le Pen

Melenchon argues for renegotiating the EU treaties (Lisbon treaty etc.) and leaving the EU if this gets blocked. Also a significant part of the Le Pen voters just hate black people or Jews or whatever, 10 years ago her father got like 20% with a purely antisemetic and racist message.

Also the difference of America and France is palpable, Melenchon talking about culture and art for what seems like ages, and referencing Victor Hugo.. Can you imagine American politicians referencing Melville? France is truly the only based western country.


thats the case everywhere mate, there are even studies on this, 10-20% of the people are retarded nationalists no matter what (at least in liberal democracies). The important thing is what the "sane" 80-90% do.

Golden Dawn has pretty consistent support base of 7% of the voters.

Hey, just speaking the truth it hurts, but it is the truth.

This I absolutely believe, but I'm just saying France by all measures seems to be on the higher end of the scale

They only look more normal next to burgerstan (where some regions that number could easily cross the 50-60% mark with no exaggeration)

Their message has been moderated and their support grows. You should try better to understand why people are voting along what you see as racial lines. Simply calling somebody racist in the hope they go away isn't working any more.

You need people's attention before you can explain to them that there is another way. This will require engaging on icky issues.

Hasn't Le Pen basically got the election in the bag at this point?

It's not about hoping they "go away", but about being realistic that euroskeptic leftist parties can't compete for support because the FN appeal is largely based on racial issues and not just anti-EU sentiment.

She might come out on top in the first round, but I doubt she'll win the second.

Not even close

Not quite as she will need 50% of the popular vote. 50% seems a tall order. But she rally does have a chance. As has been mentioned ITT, not long ago her party were much more openly racist. This should be a warning.

mein dude.

She has better odds than Trump did at this stage. Don't just assume the system will do its thing. The last two years should have taught you this.

That's pretty far from "in the bag"
If he meant, "in the running" then he should have said that instead

this may or may not be related, but JLM was/is a member of the continental freemasonry;

what do you think in general about freemasonry, Holla Forums?
I want to know your views toward freemasonry, especially if you or anyof your family members are part of it; at least what you've heard about it.

Fuck is Melenchon really that far behind? I thought he was doing better than expected

this is exactly what I wanted to say, while the left can and should take votes off the far right parties, there is a certain part of the far-right that cannot be convinced to move over because they vote based on racial issues. Pandering to those people is obviously wrong.

The site has Juppé on 10/1 and he's not even on the ballot, so I don't know what is going on there. Le Pen has practically no chance to win unless something drastic happens in the next weeks.

The League of Human Rights and freemasonry are machines of the bourgeoisie which divert the consciousness of the representatives of the French proletariat. We declare pitiless war on these methods, since they constitute a secret and insidious weapon of the bourgeois arsenal (…) We must free the party of these elements" (La Voix de L'Iruernationale: "Le Mouvement Communiste en France").



And that's why it's important to recognize reactionarism as a pathology, so that it can be studied, objectively detected and gulagged.

Holy shit they're singing the Internationale

French freemasons are edgy teens who pretend they had a role in the French revolution.

Also some people join the freemasonry to get a good network of friends. See Alain Bauer, a former Great Master who is a self-proclaimed "criminologist" and became advisor of Nicolas Sarkozy and Manuel Valls.

What does this sign mean?


nigga you best be joking


I have no idea, I assume it's the symbol of resistance. I'm from Holla Forums.

is it really that hard to google "fist symbol socialism" or "fist symbol leftist" or something?


Think of it like the commie version of what the roman salute is for you.

truly based

Not just commie, but the left in general.

Are you fucking kidding me?
This is the universal symbol of resistance. It doesn't belong to any specific group. Piss off.

why are you assuming I'm a fascist?


relax famrade, you're right it's a general resistance symbol it just has more of a connotation with left wing politics


Pen wins both rounds.

World is getting ready for another Capitalism Reset aka World War and you still think a 19th century relic is viable?

Working Class didn't give two shits about class conscience back in 1914, nor it did back in 1939, nor will it give any shit about it in 2017.

Yeah, like I said, the left.

Well there was the Christmas truce.

This is excellent bait actually.

MY NIGGA! Robespierre did nothing wrong!

Plus making him the war monger in the game is just stupid

That's lovely.

muh ussr

But…fantasy and sci-fi are both fiction? Did I just read a shitty burn attempt from Holla Forums?

The royal family and the nobles that made up 1.5% of the population were working class.


what gives me hope is how all the media/polls were totally wrong for brexit and trump, and how hard they're shilling macon
I cross fingers for him getting a laughable score and a melenchon-lepen showmatch

she might go to second turn, but if she does, she will be crushed like her father, prolly by a smaller margin, but still
what I'm afraid of is a macron-lepen second turn. Now that would suck

mostly harmless discussion and social networking rings afaik
I doubt there is much nepharious shit going on

So the Zapatistas, Spanish Anarchists, Ukranian Anarchists, the Rojavans, the Nepalese communists don't count then?



Honestly even though Melenchon winning would be amazing, realistically the best chance we have is for Le Pen to win and for France to weaken the EU which is good for the left long-term. And even this is a very small chance. Our real enemy are neoliberal technocrats that do everything to murder any leftist alternative and then blackmail people into voting for them with incompetent clowns like Le Pen. Macron winning is far more depressing.