Tfw Soros didn't pay you for going to the anti-trump protest


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I've just sent him an email asking for a pay check for attending a protest.
Can't wait for a response.

Yo, the prevailing rate of real professional protesters is about 100-150 an hour. Are you licensed? You're not doing protest work without being licensed are you?

do you think my local antifa leader has been embezzling funds?

How do I become a professional globalist shill ?
I need some money right now and I have a lot of free time to spread Cultural Marxism on imageboards or reddit.
To whom I should ask ? Soros himself ? Hilary ? Justin Trudeau ?

If you're not in a union you're not guaranteed those rates. They'll fuck you over if they can.

Oh shit, so you do it for free?

You are literally working for the burgeois, that will once again get rich of chaos in US and the proletariat will get poorer due to their savings losing their value.


Straight up if Holla Forumstards are right and Soros is actually paying people to protest Trump i'd take the opportunity without hesitation.

Its possible but I don't think so. Soros is never going to respond to those e-mails, ever.

You guys can always protest and steal from Trump through or just destroy for fun. Trump's place is my property and so it's yours.

They'd have to be doing it with thousands of people.
All it takes is one single person taking a few pics, recording some cell-phone video, or recording a conversation and it would be out in the open
the only evidence of it so far is fake craigslist ads that link to a phone number anyone could easily google

Dont want to make a whole new thread for this but ive seen people on Holla Forums bring up Soros has been involved with anti-communist stuff and pro-right wing stuff not just pro liberal. Is there any evidence of this? I am so tired of rightists bringing him up thinking he supports liberals and antifa and all that.

he destroyed the soviet bloc


Soros is pretty triggered by the Holla Forumsack-tier edgy shitIord currently with the nuclear codes you have to admit.

Bannon paid

Word on the street is he destabilizes small governments and then moves in to buy up all the previously state-owned industries when they liberalize their economies.

Kek if true then Bannon is the American version Vladislav Surkov.
Anarkiddies are usefull idiots like allways

Trump has done much business with Soros

And a number of his cabinet picks used to work for him.

Holla Forums-tier conspiracy logic

Where were you when nothing happened?

When was the last time something happened anyway?


He's literally the biggest fucking neoliberal in existence

I think it is more that George Soros is giving money to publicize these events while also giving money to organize these events in a very broad way. George Soros is not literally right checks to everyone who protests.