Once again anarkiddies BTFO

once again anarkiddies BTFO

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wow anarkiddies btfo

Proof again that liberals are fascist sympathizers and collaborators
But anarkiddies btfo right?


I think this man overestimates the power of riots but ok.

Let's see how bad things can really get.

Yes, anarkiddies have doomed Clinton's 2020 campaign. Truly the greatest tradgedy for the left.

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This is a gross oversimplification in itself, and it completely downplays the role the visible mass (and way more violent than anything recently) protests had on ending the war sooner and getting the draft ended.

I like The Intercept and Lee Fang in particular, but I don't think these guys have any real authority to be speaking in these overbroad terms.

It's funny how right-wingers, liberals, and "civil libertarians" are all joining forces to police any showing of dissent and to apply Trudeau's Maxim.

Literally porky

Lee Fang is a liberal who also wants gun control. The Intercept is good but nobody there is really to the left of Social Democrat.

He's not wrong btw. Say what you want about the validity of it, certain types of protesting and rioting are unpopular as fuck and manifests itself in normie imagination as a problem that needs an iron fist to be put under control.

Punching nazis is good though

wow this is next-level stupid. I don't even like antifa but how could you mess up this bad?


I'm mostly neutral on black bloc but pretending that all the bad stuff capitalist politicians do is actually the fault of people protesting capitalist politicians is some next level ideology.

I like Lee Fang a lot but he's wrong here. He's ignoring history. It's crazy to say that Nixon or the crime bill wouldn't have happened with or without riots.

How do people even rationalize this
The 1994 Crime Bill allegedly came from high drug trafficking and gang activity (the real reason is more likely prison lobbyists), not rioters

The riots were also why Nixon passed progressive legislation than any democrat elected since

I'm sure she'll win next time!! Say it with me, madam president!

Actually the Democratic party gave us those things.

People like Fang think that all good policies come from the democrats and that if you aren't helping them you are hurting them (and therefore making it harder to pass progressive legislation.) They reject popular democracy and instead for whatever reason attach themselves to the extremely partisan and elitist view that you can only institute change by voting for the correct party.

You mean agent provacatuers in the 60s gave you Nixon. At some riots 1/3rd of the people there where working for some kind of agency. Read a book instead of gobbling down capitalist propaganda.

Nixon was the last true liberal politician the US had.

who the fuck is Lee Fang and why is this faggot an authority on anything?


in every political movement, it's intelligence agents all the way down