Daily News Thread 2/4

Democrats back Trump administration’s new sanctions against Iran

Top Democrats have thrown their support behind new sanctions announced by US President Donald Trump against Iran, part of an aggressive foreign policy shift of the incoming administration.

FCC rescinds claim that AT&T and Verizon violated net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission's new Republican leadership has rescinded a determination that AT&T and Verizon Wireless violated net neutrality rules with paid data cap exemptions. The FCC also rescinded several other Wheeler-era reports and actions.

 Yemeni Bodega Owners Strike to Say ‘We Are America’

Among the thousands who gathered in Brooklyn were many whose families had been directly affected by Trump’s immigration bans.

Japan readies package for Trump to help create 700,000 U.S. jobs

Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.

France's Fillon sees support drop as calls rise for election pullout

Francois Fillon - the previous front-runner in France's presidential election - would not get into round two, a poll shows.


The Tories have decided to 'incentivise' disabled people – by trying to cut their desperately needed benefits again

Ministers seem to think that if the state just stopped showering disabled people with sweeties they’d get off their backsides and get jobs.

How Betsy DeVos Became Trump's Least Popular Cabinet Pick

Nine out of 10 students in this country attend public school. And national polls consistently show that a majority of Americans, across the aisle, approve of their neighborhood schools. They oppose closing them down, even when they are low-performing. So DeVos's rhetoric about replacing "failed" public schools with charters and vouchers may have rubbed many people — even Trump supporters — the wrong way.

Monsters of the financialized imagination: from Pokémon to Trump

How can we confront the financialization that is shaping our lives, from the games we play, the decisions we make to the leaders who rise to power?

The Berkeley Incident

Why did President Donald Trump fire off an angry and threatening tweet early Thursday morning following the violent protests that had broken out the night before on UC Berkeley campus?

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Thanks for doing these

Agreed, thanks OP

They bent the knee that fucking fast hahaha oh wow

I swear the fucking Tories are just trying to kill of the disabled in some out in the open holocaust shit,fucking cunts


A federal court judge issued a restraining order that will immediately stop the travel ban nationwide yesterday
State Dept. already re-issuing visas

The FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poor

They should be less USA centric though

Wow, democracy is such a valuable institution which allows the public to make such very real and not at all illusory choices.

If you want a less US-centric version, get a non-American to make one.

Iran conducts additional missile tests


Reminder that the actual state of the democrat party it's a direct result of when people believe in bullshit such as "peaceful protests" and "having the moral high ground it's the most important thing of all" and "let's be diplomats and bring everyone together and debate our differences even tho the other side is composed by unreasonable manics".

you could add your own country-specific news to these threads and add to discussion

Man, this is brutal.
Internet is pretty much a basic necessity these days.

Love these threads. Tank you OP

Why is Trump's entire cabinet full of people whose names sound like they're out of a fucking MGS game?

To you it may be, but I've read before that whenever they did initiatives to provide the internet to people who never had it before, they barely used it. Plus this lifeline program has been talked about for years. I found this article from 2012:

Because Kojima was always right.

If you consider how many jobs require online applications, yeah it is.

Friend, I'm not sure some lolberg think tank's blog is the best, unbiased resource for those claims






post more neet anime girls

Will I ever find peace ?

Report and hide this thread, it uses a forced image, the original is the Yuki image.

The reason why we use the Yuki image is because she has relevance to programming, while Asuka, Hatsune Miku, and most other forced images do not.

Also because of tradition, Yuki has been the face of daily programming threads for years, people who try to force a different image are just trolls trying to incite image wars, they should be reported.

If a Yuki thread hasn't been made already, make a new one.

We need consistency, report and hide non-Yuki DPT threads.


A few days old news but I didn't see it posted here.

House Republicans Vote to End Rule Stopping Coal Mining Debris From Being Dumped in Streams


but user, that's fake news :^)

Trump says no sanctions being lifted on Russia


I actually made a thread on Holla Forums so see how they'd react
You'd think being nationalists, they'd actually care about the quality of the nation they live in


So what's up with Trump being totally okay with dumping coal into our rivers and increasing the amount of radiation that's legally safe to drink?
Is he making America great by turning us into sewer mutants and Morlocks?

you can't get more growth without getting rid of environmental and labor protections. Trump has to deliver on jobs to get re-elected.

How do you get more growth by poisoning people?

Just you leftists.

We've already bought the best water filters long ago.

Actually a false choice. You can do both. But Trump is doing this because existing industries who backed him could do some cost-cutting without those regulations.

Gee, user, where can I buy a water filter that gets rid of fucking radiation?

Poisoning people creates jobs in healthcare.
t. Keynes

You would think that if you could achieve 4% growth without getting rid of environmental or labor laws, the Democrats would've figured it out by now, since basically every mainstream economist is a Dem.

climate change is fake news

You do know the Dems are meant to not figure shit out and do nothing, right?
It's what way by design. You have a strong Republican leader who says he's gonna do all this shit, and then people oppose him and let the slick Democrat get away with all that shit the Republican said he was gonna do.
See: Clinton & Obama

It's not even that much cost cutting either, from the article only half a billion. That's fucking chump change, especially compared to health issues that it'll cause in the next couple decades

Assuming that the Democrats want to stay in power, if they actually knew how to accomplish 4% growth with strong labor and environmental laws, why wouldn't they do it? How have they managed to keep the stage drama going, if they actually know how to achieve said growth but choose not to do so?

I can assure you that "mainstream economists" who were with Obama were mostly neoliberal shits, and they counted growth as stock market growth, which they delivered in spades.

They were not at all interested in well-paid stable jobs growth. Jobs growth during the Obama tenure almost entirely consisted of precarious low-wage low-skilled or part-time jobs.

my point here is that well-paid, stable jobs and growth are becoming contradictory goals.

The Democrats don't stay in power by doing things, they maintain their power by keeping up the guise that the Republicans are worse.
At least the Republicans are honest about wanting to fuck you in the face.

There is a variety of economic though outside the "mainstream" bubble, that's thinking of and designing programs both for full employment, and the abolishing of work.



So Donald Trump with a human face?

The Keynesian left says "We need jobs!". Donald Trump says "Okay". Donald Trump raises you a few million jobs in the military, in the defense industry building The Wall, or in immigrant hunting patrols. Donald Trump cuts wages and labor laws to create a better climate for Small Businesses. Donald Trump says "We have too many immigrants taking our jobs, we're going to send them home to employ Americans."

The Keynesian left says "We need a basic income!". Donald Trump says: "Join the military."

I forgot to add, with that said, I'm absolutely on board with abolishing work.

It's the Jameson program.


Holla Forums types don't know that Keynes was an ultra-conservative

It's fucking Keynesianism.

protectionist conservatives can still do Keynesian policy,like how the Reps have only increased the size of the federal government for years

into the gulag you go

I'm not a Trump apologist, you idiot. My whole point is that Trump's agenda is nothing if not a reactionary twist on the kind of activist government that the liberal left Jacobin types want, one that interferes in the economy, is involved in mass job creation, and so on.

But this isn't anything new with conservatives. Government spending = ok when military or national security or when it can benefit big biz. Trump doesn't deviate from this.

That's because they don't actually give a shit about "The Nation (TM);" they only care about memes.

Thanks again, OP.
Here are some suggestions to broaden the scope of your threads' coverage, since you pretty much focus only on the US and missed important things lately (like the largest protest movement in years in Romania).

www.telesurtv.net/english/ → Latin America, very leftist
haaretz.com/ → The most left English language israeli site
www.rt.com → Russian English news, usually biased on Russia, but has a much better coverage of the West than our media, and has independent analysts, wikileaks, etc. more often
www.presstv.com → Iran's English news, again, biased towards Iran, but usually good coverage of the Middle East. Since Trump started buggering them too it is useful to keep an eye on them.
english.cctv.com/ → Chinese English state media, biased as fuck, but often has very critical articles of the West and a second perspective on China
aljazeera.com/ → Quatar's English media, like rt they have independent analysts often.


Wasted opportunity tbh.


If we keep calling him that it will eventually stick. His other nickname is 'warrior monk'

I think Kek is trying to tell us something here.

I remember injuring myself at work (for minimum wage no less, helping pack baking kits for hot-cross buns for Tesco & Sainsbury's, I hope you enjoy them this Spring!) and was forced to take a month off after going to the hospital with an alarming sore and crunchy feeling forearm. Luckily it was just a tendon, however I could not work, go to the gym, bathing and changing my clothing was excruciatingly painful for the first 2 weeks and I had to wear a splint for the duration.

My employer being a recruitment agency, has a special status in the UK where said agencies hire people on a day by day basis even if said person could be working there for a year so they refused to pay me my sick pay for that period as I was contracted any further work ie the next day because of my injury.

So ESA is what I was told to collect from the government, apparently I was entitled to £75 per week and a further £75 per week towards my rent so £150 in total. I typically make about £270 a week before tax so this added insult to injury. My rent alone was £350 a month and it made me wonder what kind of wretched lives must disabled people have to put up with, not just in their handicap preventing them from fulfilling employment but their financial situation must be abhorrent if they are single and without any affluent caring family to share their burdens.


Yeah. It's terrible what they're doing benefits. It's like they've actually never met an unemployed person, or talked with them. Politicians are too far removed from the real conditions of the people.

Are you disputing that Jacobin is a lib magazine? At best, they are gentry socdems. The article linked was about basic income and a federal job guarantee. How is that not an activist government?

Lot's of good those extra jobs will be when all their spending money will be used to stay on the internet. It's literally a rigged game.

Thanks for making these threads fam.

Boy, Iran dropping the petrodollar really has porky assblasted.

Damn. The robots know. I wonder if there's going to be any market socialism or if everything is just going to be automated? Or are they using the soviet definition?


when he starts a war i'm sure they'll support that too. comparable to the social democratic parties that supported ww1.

is water pollution a chinese conspiracy too?

I bet he thinks ocean acidification is from Jews pooping at sea.

Isn't someone supposed to update and post the War Poll at the end of the daily news thread?

what is the war poll?


Marcon attacks Hamon. Claims Hamon wants to form plural left with greens and communists


Macron says he's centrist, but all he's talking about is giving tax breaks to companies.

Macron is a cancer.

Macron is just a basic young neoliberal slightly influenced by American libertarians anyway.

Is anyone going to mention how cucked Japan is for putting together a package to generate 700,000 US jobs and create 450 billion dollar market (likely to US benefit)?

I'm a yank but I can't believe you have a country with birth-rates falling through the floor, anemic growth, and an aging population with its own unemployment issues putting together a big agreement to help solve the unemployment issue for burger workers.

If we have a war with Iran I'm going to rape every accelerationist on this board

Also this bill is sponsored by a florida democract


But yeah this war is happening so I guess we're gonna get raped.

Do porkies really want war?

I was not implying that. Not everything is about Hilary Clinton.

Trump is president. Thereby, bringing up Clinton is futile and pointless, because, Trump is president.

I would rather not wave a get out of jail free card for everything America and its government under the banner of "accelerationism" ever does because it encourages local retards to actually believe it for itself, without actual plan after.

It works to neuter any criticism of US policy.


war is good for the MIC, of course porky wants war

Petroyuan when?

sounds like we need the ELF to start doing some *smashy smashy* huh?

japan does not have enough workers, somehow

If it wasn't Iran it was going to be Syria. I don't like it, but if we're going down we need to get people to realize this isn't normal and radicalize them.