Constantly criticizing capitalism and liberalism in non-Marxist terms to normies on social media

How can I avoid this dilemma? People have literally hard-coded liberal ideology in their brains

well, just try to tell them /why/ you don't think celebrating female CEOs is a good thing.

I was only recently criticizing that stupid picture of the all-female Swedish government signing a law to make fun of Trump, and even when I tell them that this is used to legitimate the current order all I get is accusations of populism, closet sexism and a white male inferiority complex because I can't appreciate the progressiveness of such a fucking picture.


Join your local antifa

reinforce that all idpol is bad
remind them that aut-right style idpol is even worse (more dangerous) since they white/male idpol has authoritative backing from the establishment and has the potential to be enforced by culture and state
"no one should force their cultural norms on anyone else, isn't that your ideal society?"

This happens to me all the time. People assume because I'm against liberal faggotry that I'm a Trumpfag.


Attack alt right too.

stop jumping on hot media topics

comment on the terrible shit capitalism does that doesn't have liberal buzzwords in it.

What I hate the most is when I'm bashing SJWs with someone irl and because of that the person assumes I'm right-wing and starts throwing at me the rest of his conservative opinions and I have to immediately switch the tone of the conversation to a confrontational one, which usually catches them by surprise and is awkward af

Maybe that's what Trump and the alt right are. A steaming mountain of shit to justify the status quo by false dichotomy or lesser evil.

Differentiate yourself from the people making similar claims by ridiculing them. You should post memes about Trump, the alt-right, Youtube rationalists… This will make anyone attacking you with guilt by association look like an idiot.

This. Look at this and do this.

Not even a marxist, but there's your problem right there.

Yes. Our problem is talking to people in a language they understand. We should bombard them with as much obtuse terminology as possible so we can feel smug about needing to define everything for them.

Liberalism must be destroyed on both the social and economic fronts. Anything else leads to Sandersesque compromising "democratic socialism" and we all saw how that turned out.

It's pretty funny how it is easier to convert people from the right instead of idpol saturated liberals.

This. You guys must realize you can't be too autistic and have to work with the given dynamics.

When I'm bashing liberals and some alt-right guy rushes to my aid going like "Uhm, guess what, you are also a liberal and just as bad as them, I hate you too" feels like literally back-stabbing my own teammate.

Most of them don't work with the guilt thing. They are literally all about muh horseshoe theory and "you can't just disown people or infringe their rights! everybody is equal and we should respect each other with love to better our world".

What the fuck are you supposed to say to that? Drop Sorel or Stirner on them? That's super autistic

No, the point is that if you don't establish your leftist viewpoint you're going to be associated with the aut-right by normies, sjws, and aut-right alike. You don't have to spew various french words to make points about class struggle or spectacle.

I agree, but making posts on facebook most confuse with aut-right autism is a shit way of doing that.

that's true though


I mean expropriate not disown, low English skills got me here