How will Trump's Presidency end?

How will Trump's Presidency end?

People's Republic of America

Either in a fascist, corporate dystopia, or a bloody revolution.
Or fascism and vulgar right wing populism keeps on growing.

the same way Obama's did

With a Democrat victory, and no-one will ever even consider in the most remote corner of their mind voting for a leftist or entertaining leftist ideas.

How does that feel?


The worst possible timeline.

Tulsi isn't leftist she's in a Hindu cult and supports Modi In India. The SSNP who are like the Nazbols of the middle East sponsored her trip to Syria. The only reason she is a Democrat is because Hawaii is a one party state. You run as a Democrat there or not at all.


Oh and her father is a far-right anti-gay christian.


Jeb! will lead a glorious uprising and overthrow Trump.

Except with more legacy, good and bad.

resign voluntarily in about a year

Impeachment sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Impeachment with successful recall or assassination. He's too unstable to last four years, and we have another recession in the pipe that he certainly won't be able to handle properly.

This is the real question though. Will the Left stand idly by for another 4-8 years of Democrat waffling while the planet is melting and Capitalism's crisis of profitability deepens with people finally reaching the limits of how much debt they can tolerate?

Thats a mystery
One thing is for sure thou, Democratic party will implode if it goes at the current direction(IDPOL and Corporatism) instead of an reliable alternative

With fucking Chuck Schumer and Pelosi I think we know where we're going. Wouldn't be surprised if Perez wins DNC race either.

I doubt the Democratic party will implode considering how Clinton won the popular vote and how Americans apparently see them as the only other viable alternative. That's good enough for the heads of the Democrats.

Majority stayed home or simply voted against Trump. People are moving further away from the center towards nationalism or socialism. I don't think the democrats stay the only opposition for long.

Impeachment for something stupid. The guy has just way too much baggage in terms of crooked business dealings, sex scandals, and tax evasion.

I'm leaning on this as well. One article I read theorized that the Republicans would likely use the 25th Amendment to remove him. Section four of 25th Amendment allows for the Vice President to become acting President when it's deemed the sitting President is unable to perform his duties.

I really want them to do it just to see how horrified the Nazis become. Trump's twitter freak out would be legendary.

^ what he said

Beautiful mushroom clouds all over the world.

military coup
neocons can't take the level this is tarnishing their brand, you will see

But neocons don't have control of the military, and Trump is pretty popular with the armed forces.

Impeachment and/or mass demonstrations after Trump proves unable to competently manage Eurocrisis II: Italian Banks Edition. He is blithely sailing headfirst into a brick wall.

Neocons are loving this. Let people taste some neofascism and they will beg for the cuddly old neocons to return.

Just wait and see..

You will find out in 8 years

It also means the Republicans would then get their guy Pence in power for the next 8 years, so 12 years total
I expect them to use Trump to start a war push unpopular policies, then leave him holding the bag

is he popular with the joint chiefs of staff and the generals though after bannon booting them from the NSC?

only liberals are dumb enough to think this

burgers are too stupid

If Trump is successful, that would be a nightmare for the radical Left.

Was Bush a nightmare for the radical left?


The 25th Amendment route would need the approval of 2/3 of each house of Congress, so it would be even harder than just impeaching him.

Around 2024 and then we get a Democrat which will then end with a Republican in 2032. All of which both sides will be screaming at each other as they lose rights and suffer under porky.

President Pence easily because of impeachment or assassination

Blood, though I don't know whose.