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I would accept state socialism under one condition: No jews allowed in the government.

You can't call me a troll, I don't trust socialism if Jews are controlling it because they've used socialist revolution as a cover to kill a lot of non-Jews in the past. I can't be blamed for suspecting that Jews would use socialism as a front to consolidate power and use it for zero-sum tribalist murder.

How does this make me a Nazi?

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so aren't you just a nazbol then?

I don't blame you. You should become a NazBol.



No. I'm not a white supremacist. Zero-sum tribalism is evil.

Then don't accept state socialism. Replace "jew" with "any capacity to be used in corruption", and then that is actually a very coherent position. Seek out systems that are more robust, don't lead to oligarchy, and minimize authoritarian capabilities.

But froposter, what if you have Jewish ancestry?
Can I kill you then?

so how do you identify a jew?
is there exists some jew gene?

wild accusations work pretty well, anyone with a faggy last name works too, working class values


With jews you lose.

also redistribute moneys too

The Old Testament is more or less their authenticated confession.

Using "socialism" as a lie and excuse to kill a lot of Jews is also a thing that happened.
Stop being so petty.


Since we're having our daily Jew-thread thanks Holla Forums I'm gonna post this here:

How important are Jews and the Jewish identities/concepts to capitalism. Was Marx right to discern a kind of "Jewish spirit" in the American protestants? Did Jewish anger and rebellion against the feudal system help bring about the rise of capitalism?

Is there a "Jewish spirit" that makes the religion uniquely adaptable to capitalism? Much like Weber thought about protestantism?

How powerful is Jewish influence in the United States?

Yeah, but that never happened.

To clarify comrades, I want to talk about this issue from a left-wing point of view, not a right-wing one –even if it is a right-wing obsession.

Nowhere near the level of bourgeois influence. Or if you insist on being purely racial, white influence.

Examples being? ????

Like where exactly? Where they killed for being goyim or were they killed for being capitalists?

You realise 2/3 biggest anarchist thinkers were anti-Semitic right? So was Marx to a degree. The left was on to the jew long before the right. Not as a racial or religious thing, but as an economic thing

The Anglican Church didn't jewlarp fastidiously enough for Puritans' taste. They don't still call it a Judeo-Christian culture for nothing.

White is a drop-in substitute for bourgeois, isn't it? There is no race. Only the accustomed smell of one's own farts.

Maybe it's the Irish.


double + based



I know the truth.
We're comin leprechauns.

To be fair they spend a good chunk of that book trying not to be genocided by outside forces.

[citation pressingly needed]

From the article I posted earlier:

Apparently only a minority of Jewish preists think that the Old Testament should be studied. Which isn't a surprised since the Old Testament is really a history of the Palestinian people. The Jews who were expelled from Palestine by the Romans were mostly from the upper-classes. European Jews were mostly converts to the religion according to Shlomo Sand.

They used to have a Jewish Empire in Eastern Europe called Khazaria. Pretty interesting all and all but I'm pretty skeptical about any direct link between the Old Testament and modern Jews

mother fucking checked

you love jew

Agreed. Judaism is a identitarian ethnoreligion and Zionism is just it's secular version. I wouldn't trust self-identified Whites with a socialist state either.

If someone has "Jewish ancestry" but doesn't self-identify as a Jew then he isn't a Jew, unless he is lying about it.

You don't, they themselves self-identify as Jews.

Only because they segregated themselves by believing to be a chosen people with a personal god and a divine right to a land.

Nope, the Tanakh/Old Testament is the history (and fables) of the Hebrew/Jewish people with stories long before they arrived at Palestine.

Who cares? The Tanakh/Old Testament still sucks.

lad, if you don't want jews in the government why not just abolish the government?



was Soros behind all this too?

No it's not and some of the biggest anti-zionists are Jews

That would be included in the history of the Palestinian people. As genetically their Semitic, they are the same people who've lived in ancient Palestine for millennia according to the research done on this by geneticists. Also there's the question of the actual historicity of everything that happened in the Old Testament too.

Most Jews converted in until that practice was gradually shut down. The notion of a direct line between the exodus from Israel and modern European Jewry is mostly bunk. It's one of the reasons Shlomo Sand quit being a Jew, identifying as a Jew without the religious component has no meaning

If you're still spooked by anti-semitism then you don't belong here

Zionism is the movement for the establishment of a Jewish State, therefore it's just secular/irreligious colonial Judaism.
Most anti-Zionist Jews are Orthodox Jews that claim Zionists are going against God by attempting to re-establish Israel by human means. A minority of anti-Zionist Jews are Liberal Jews who are unaware or who refuse to acknowledge that Judaism is religious tribalism.

"In a religion, you belong because you believe. In Judaism, you believe because you belong."

Sorry, I thought you were talking about differences in terms of religion between Old Testament Jews and modern Talmudic Jews (something christian white supremacists do so they can identify as the old testament jews).
You're right about the European/Ashkenazim Jews being descended from mixed and converted Khazars.

You can't be anti-identitarian/tribalist without being anti-jewish.

That's a non-sequitur and you fucking know it

really activates those snyapses


Most religions aren't ethnoreligions, which is a distinction that makes a full article redundant. The Yazidis aren't big on converts, either.

Why not Not Socialism?
I don't mean Jew conspiracy Hitler 1940s; I mean a literal state that is both nationalist and socialist. It seems silly to me to ignore well documented differences and think that blacks or hispanics for example are ever going to act like asians or whites. What is wrong with having a society where people can have their own homeland and culture? Why is letting people with a religion/culture radically opposed to both western culture and western socialism into your country a good thing?

Judaism is a tribalist racist ethnoreligion about a chosen people wanting to rule the world, deal with it.

Who cares, the point is that Judaism sucks.

What do you mean?

Yazidis just don't accept converts, period. They are even worst than Jews in this aspect. They are also classicist as fuck since they have a Caste system:

"Yazidi society is hierarchical. The secular leader is a hereditary emir or prince, whereas a chief sheikh heads the religious hierarchy. The Yazidis are strictly endogamous; members of the three Yazidi castes, the murids, sheikhs and pirs, marry only within their group, marriage outside the caste is considered a sin punishable by death to restore lost honour."

Which is why, despite my opposition to ISIS, can't help but smile at this:

*National Socialism

It was right the first time.
Nobody is going to buy into that.

Because you'll be fighting other "homelands" and "cultures" til the end of time.

They literally view non-Jews as animals and think that they have a divine right to rule over them, any Jews in a communist society will eventually subvert it and destroy it. They are completely incompatible with socialism, just like the Islamists who think that it is imperative to establish global Islamic rule by any means necessary.


I have never seen someone on leftypol so spooked before.
Have any of you ever met any Jews? Read about any of their beliefs? Read the Torah? Of course not
I'm not religious, but I have read the Torah, met Jews in real life, and researched their core beliefs. Jews are one of the better religious groups out there. They don't believe non believers are subhuman, or that they need to convert everyone to their stupid religion. Jews get ahead in life because they often share their sheckles and try to get fellow Jews ahead in life.


How many layers of delusions are you on right now, newfriend?

what's that?

I am quoting Sanhedrin 59a, which you claim to have read.

just like how other animals eat each other

Reminder that Dolan has Scots-πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€IrishπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ heritage through his mother whose last name was πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€MacLeodπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€. The Scots-πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€IrishπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ as a demographic were instrumental in Trump's victory over πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ClintonπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.


But do we need to genocide others because of material conditions or out of mere spooks? We're living in capitalism right now, not in some mud huts you tard

I'm not discussing economy here, I'm discussing Jewish identitarianism.

Are you moronic? I'm against White Identitarianism too. Read my previous posts idiot:

What evidence do you base this on? There have been peaceful (or at least fairly peaceful) nations in history that have worked out pretty successfully. I think it's pretty doubtful all peoples and cultures are just going to agree on the same form of leftist government, but we could work together without forcing unique ideas on the other.

I'm not saying there will be perfect world peace, but if that's what you are proposing then I think you're living in a fantasy land. As long as there are men, there will be war.


So tl;dr of this thread: We NazBol gang now?

I'm not JIDF because religion is a spook. But I suppose everyone who disagrees is a joo.
Here's a joo website refuting the verse if you're interested in their opinion on the matter.
Regardless though, I'm a bit anti-theist, so I would rather just abolish religion altogether because it's retarded.

Read Kropotkin you nigger.

but I can
I can understand your fear of tankie state-capitalism but what you're doing here essentially is just
which is about as sound an argument as when anarkiddies (not all anarchists but a lot of them) say
Only a meticulous study of what caused these ML trash states to go so horribly wrong can possibly lead to any sort of progress. The idea that Jews were behind Stalinism or the holodomor is already nonsensical, but the USSR was far from the only tankie experiment. You'd be hard-pressed to find a way to explain how Judaism was behind the North Korean atrocities or Pol Pot's massacres. At the very least, I don't think there were jews in charge of either of those countries. As I understand it, there were more ethnic jews in the nazi military and leadership than in many failed tankie states. You gotta look closer at these things to understand what went wrong.

I could have phrased that better. The USSR was good early on.

The problem with the view of white supremacy is that it will likely become meaningless anyway within the next 200 years. Then we likely are able to genetically engineer a child however we want. My dream would be a future where birth would be something regulated by the state, this way birth defects can be removed and an individual created however you want an individual to be. Considering that many find white skin blue eyes and blonde hair to be a very attractive and desirable combination I can't imagine it not being popular using genetic manipulation.

Another problem is, it blames jews for everything. Liberalism on the rise? Jews. Communism on the rise? Jews. Banks making profit? Jews. Homosexuality? Jews. Bad weather? Probably Jews manipulated it with new tech.

And last, it's identity politics. It deflects from real issues by making everything a discussion about race superiority and encourages policy based on that superiority that doesn't exist. Obviously such policy would never work if implemented.

Whenever Holla Forums sees a problem it screws Jews. They're simply too stupid to come up with any different argument. If you ask them about cause and causation or how statistical testing methods work when they link one of their info graphics they go like you're a kikelover / altrightist / kike / CTR .

More like within 50-75. Thanks, China!

Judaism considers everyone outside their tribe as outsiders, they want domination over others. Muslims, Christians and Buddhists on the other hand want to save and unite everyone under their belief systems, thus ending tribalism. Of course their religions overall sucks but at least they have the right intention of wanting to unite everyone.

That's tribalism you moron, which leftists are against because we are cosmopolitan. But what to expect from a Stirnerist, tribalism is just the collective counterpart of egoism after all.

I don't understand much about national bolshevism, never heard of it. I don't think there are even parties under that small and seemingly insignificant ideology.

leftypol doesn't use ID's. It's probably better if it would.

Posters like this is why leftypol would be a much better place to discuss Holla Forums like ideas since they would be challenged and refuted based on proof instead of board consensus calling a poster a kikeshill.


How about we allow jews, and don't allow Holla Forums, into the government?

Except for things they were actually part of like Judeo-Christian traditionalism, Western colonialism and homophobia (brought into europe through Judeo-Christianity)



Judaism is Holla Forums's dream "religion", read my posts fam:

I'm not reading this.

If you believe their holocaust stories, you can identify it from the color of the smoke they make as they burn.
Oversimplifying it, yes. In truth, there are many genes differing one race from another.

This aren't leftist threads. Can't we just delete them?

Let's allow jews, ban Holla Forums, and ban people I think are like you, from being in the government.

That's fitting enough.

"Jew" is a identity which people choose to adopt, just like "White". Just because someone has "jewish blood" doesn't mean he is a jew.

Jews were only over-represented in Socialist governments in certain places in certain time periods. If you're scared of Jews, then emmigrate and join communist movements in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. No Jews there, guarenteed.

Umm…. what if dey be adopt Judaism there? CHECK MATE LEFTYPOL


Religion causes staggering amounts of unnecessary suffering and needless conflict. And on top of that, it's all just fighting over which magic overcompensating sky overlord created the world, instead of accounting for facts it only accounts for feels.

Like nazism?



None that make people less human, given how the "master races" are chock full of hereditary disease like everyone else

If by Nazism you mean a Communist populus taught according to their ability with the best information available, with cultural pressure to not toil over such ridiculous matters then yes, exactly like Nazism.
>Everything I don't like is Nazism
We don't advocate for free speech of Nazis, how is this literally any different?