The Golden One Hate Thread

Aka Latsbrah.

It's interesting that white nationalists are obsessed with bodybuilding, classical philosophy, and larping as Nordic/Greek/Roman soldiers.

As a fag, I would fuck him if he wasn't a shit for brains, spooked white nationalist.
Maybe a left liberal.
It's a shame he's obsessed with "Sons of Europa" and Larping about how he will fight off the Muslim hordes.

He would have a good career in gay porn.

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what a shitty thread

If only he was gay, lonely and not a white nationalist.

I'm 100% sure this guy is gay

It's much better than /pols/ "muh Jews" or another shitty thread about "Race + Autism Level" or "DAE George Soros is the global, evil puppet master".

There's probably a few other fags browsing Leftypol.

paper bag it and tell him not to talk and he'd be a good hate fuck

Sad really, no matter how, much creatine he chugs it can't change his face


This is what the effects of steroid abuse look like.

Why do white nationalists body build so much for war, that just makes you bleed more efficiently when you take a bullet

You Bea-tassz

I hope so.
Just need to drug him, get him alone with me in a room, then fuck him.
I mean, he takes his Nordic/Greek spartan/viking LARP too seriously, especially going on about "tradition and wife".
I wish he was gay, drop the spooked nationalism, live with me and we can have really good sex and read and watch Zizek together.

His face isn't so bad.
He's hot.

He would be a good fuck regardless.

I believe it.
He also works out and eats thousands of calories daily.

I'm not some fat fuck.
I'm in good shape, although I would like to put on some muscle.

…you know steroids only work if you life right?


Homosexual attention seeking thread.

So what?
Why can't fags here have a hot guy thread every once in a while?
Guys here usually show off Asian women, anime women.
This is better than Holla Forumss usual shitty threads about Soros or Race + Autism Level.

That's fine but this is not natural muscle accumulation

This is the body of a steroid abuser. Look at his wrists firsts first of all, the muscles there are regular normal muscles not in line with the rest of the body. The first tell is wrists. If someone is fuck huge and has little iddy biddy wrists.

The second tell is how much breast tissue he has. These pecs are abnormally large.

He's a steroid freak it's obvious.

yeah trust me he's definitely a roider

I just think it's funny that people think you can just juice and lay on the couch and get huge

He's a closeted faggot, you can tell.

I hope so.
He doesn't hate fags, only pride parades.
He's probably the only attractive nationalist i've seen. Such a shame he's obsessed with Holla Forums's ideas.

How dare he rip off the pose of Our Lord and Savior Zyzz

He'd probably fuck if you if you pretended to be a WN.

Why does he still look disgusting though?
Is it the tan? Does it look like he abuses roids or is it just me?

All bodybuilders are on steroids.

Zyxx is still hotter.
The only gay porn stars I like are Roman Heart and Brad Patton.

Is it even possible to get that ripped without steroids? Serious question.

Zyzz wasn't a gay porn star. He was a /fit/ shitposter.

I don't think so.
Look at the two porn stars I posted.
Both used steroids to get that big.

Such a waste.

He's a bodybuilder with the mind of a Holla Forums shitposter.
His Instagram is filled with pepe's and right wing conspiracy.

I was speechless when I first watched one of this guy's video and honestly still am. He's the kind of person I would assume to only exist as a blatant caricature but here he is, dead serious. I just can't wrap my head around it.

he is literally orcs vs humans. His ideology is literally based off fantasy novels.

How many threads here aren't parodying the board?


First off you still need to lift a fuckton to look like that even with roids.

Second his pecs aren't that unnaturally big at all, this can easily be achieved without steroids. A year ago when I didn't have all my time stolen by uni and work my arms were only slightly smaller than his and I only took shitty protein powder from the discounter. It's just super annoying when people with no idea about lifting screech "lol you're probably a roidhead" just because unlike you some people have dedication about something.

That being said he probably takes roids because he's a really dumb faggot.

shame his face is so feminine. dude should grow a beard, maybe stop shaving his body hair.

True but Zyzz also took roids as well. He then died in a sauna.

Bullshit. Roids get you big one way or another. I've known a guy who suffered a car crash while he was cycling and still kept growing when staying at home.

That's impossible. You can't grow muscle without working out. During training you destroy muscle tissue so your body can build more muscle tissue till you reach the point of supercompensation. Then you lift again. Steroids only accelerate that process but don't entirely replace it.


It's not.
Body Weight, Fat-free Mass, and Muscle Size and Strength before and after the 10 Weeks of Treatment.). The men given testosterone without exercise had a significant mean increase in total body weight, and those in the testosterone-plus-exercise group had an average increase of 6.1 kg in body weight — a greater increase than in the other three groups.

Changes from Base Line in Mean (±SE) Fat-free Mass, Triceps and Quadriceps Cross-Sectional Areas, and Muscle Strength in the Bench-Press and Squatting Exercises over the 10 Weeks of Treatment.). The men treated with testosterone but no exercise had an increase of 3.2 kg in fat-free mass, and those in the placebo-plus-exercise group had an increase of 1.9 kg. The increase in the testosterone-plus-exercise group was substantially greater (averaging 6.1 kg). The percentage of body fat did not change significantly in any group (data not shown).

>The mean cross-sectional areas of the arm and leg muscles did not change significantly in the placebo groups, whether the men had exercise or not (Table 4 and Figure 1). The men in the testosterone groups had significant increases in the cross-sectional areas of the triceps and the quadriceps (Table 4); the group assigned to testosterone without exercise had a significantly greater increase in the cross-sectional area of the quadriceps than the placebo-alone group, and the testosterone-plus-exercise group had greater increases in quadriceps and triceps area than either the testosterone-alone or the placebo-plus-exercise group (P

He must have pissed off too many Finns, who then prayed to Tengri to slay him if he entered their most sacred of spaces.

Literally what's the point of this body building shit beyond vanity? Muscles don't stop bullets.

Doesn't say how they all already looked like when they were starting the test. As a beginner it's 10 times more easy to grow mass than someone who looks like Golden One

His abs look fucked up and he's more than likely a closested fag.

he is a blatant caricature

To be fair, gunplay and modern warfare still requires a relativly fit person

Sort of.

What's useful is endurance. Being able to put up with relatively moderate physical activity over a long period of time. That's very different from your average swole bodybuilder type.

In fact, you could argue that a chubby guy would be better than a bodybuilder in combat, because the chubby guy won't need to eat as much.

Yea agree here. Cardio is super important, too bad I fucking hate exercise running.

Don't know how accurate it is, but my buddys surgeon uncle claims operating on body builders can be quite the hassle. Apparently a patient came in to the emergency room and he almost lost him because his massive abs made it difficult to access some damaged organ.
You still definitely need cardio and strength to be an effective soldier, but being to big could possibly be a liability.

I used to hate running, then I quit smoking for 6 months and tried again, now I love it.

way too much fucking effort over too much time if you ask can stay slim via diet

you gotta build endurance too, idiot
do cardio

slim != fit

A revolutionary //should// be doing cardio, calisthenics, and light strength training, but I'm personally out of willpower to do things after all the shit life throws at me.

have to or ought to?either way I ain't getting off my ass tbh…

If you're expect or are preparing for a fight or revolution in any way, have to.

Else have some skill that can help, but pic related.

Capitalism throws that at you to keep you exhausted so that all you want to do in your little free time you have is sleeping or relaxing.

The revolution has always been just around the corner


Most white nationalists are huge homos. They worship white masculinity to a fault. This guy is just another racist gaymosexual, probably rarely has sex too becauase he's very picky.

I bet all of his partners are massive strongfat aryan daddies with lots of body hair.

Well sure, yeah but more.
Its also a half-assed effort at fixing the horrible health problems they brought upon the proletariat with their relentless consumerism, not because they can't find useful idiots among a mass of caffeinated wax dolls.
But because at some point we might collectively reflect on our decrepitude and wonder if a system that encourages us into self destructive bloated ruinous sacks of flesh is any good at all.

It's hard to look into the world of mostly decrepit bodies we live in and not associate our hurdles with fast food, job encouraged sedentarism and mind-numbing media consumption.The worker ought to be encouraged to maintain an attractive visual IN HIS FREE TIME for the benefit of the system.

Because their bullshit history tells them that it's all one timeline and that whitey built the Parthenon even though most Greeks of those times most likely were a light brown.

Nazism is a fucking mental illness I swear.

Greeks/Romans would have seen Scandinavians like him as sub human barbarians

He's still obsessed with Globalism.
He's also a fan of Détente, and actually prays to the Norse/Greek gods.

At least he's hot, even if he's a closet case.
Diogenes would have considered him an idiot.

I have often asked myself; how can we avoid the same fate that befell the Western Roman Empire? There is no easy answer, alas there is one factor that is present in every solution. We must reject fun, and doing that begins with ourselves. Disregarding porn is not the final solution, but it is a good first step. We must create a culture where fapping to porn is seen as something shameful (at least for a healthy young man who wants to serve Mother Evropa). So if you are going to make one promise for this year, promise yourself to not dishonour yourself by fapping to porn. Promise yourself to not dishonour Mother Evropa and your brothers. Promise yourself to not let the vile machinations of fun distort the clarity of your mind and transform you into something less in tune with the role Mother Nature granted you.
Rejecting porn is also a first start in rejecting nihilism, which is necessary to attain true glory.


He's a closet case.
I haven't seen anyone this gay ever, and i've met drag queens.

Yeah, not only that, but the reason they were able to ransack the old Roman cities during the early middle ages was mostly because they were sneaky bastards who would wait until nighttime and slide down the rivers in their specially crafted boats and catch them by surprise, basically tearing the village up, raping the women, taking everything possible before running away and leaving nothing behind.

Now consider that, and then look at this video again.

Zyzz was more aesthetic.

Actually being healthy allows you to stay alive more after a gunshot wound. Being unfit also makes surgery harder and makes you overcompensate when you start bleeding. You should work out. Don't be a skinny leftist.

He think's Trump and Putin are his God Emperors.

So they're pretty much what they screech blacks are? Really makes you think.

It's almost like, the material conditions of a society determines how it conducts itself!
Someone had a word for that… something starting with an "h"…. idk..

he's not actually good looking. his face is all fucked up. you have shit taste

Wew. This guy probably also only listens to Trve Metal like Manowar

His face is probably the proof that he does indeed do roids. Most roid people I see do look like that with ridiculous chins. That's one of the reasons I'd never do it

There's being fit and there's being a roided out freak. I obviously recognize the important of fitness, I've just started taking advantage of my uni gym on a regular basis myself, but these guys like to think that looking like Swartzenegger is somehow going to provide some huge advantage over some reasonably fit commie.


Hmm, it's almost as if right-wingers tend to create this sort of cultish, label over message type of bubbles

All you need for a fight is Cardio and a fair amount of core and upper body. Can't be a fat fuck and need to be able to carry equipment if you're going to be on the battlefield. It ain't about how strong you are, it's about how long you can last and how fast you can adapt.

as someone who works out i struggle with this dillema on a daily basis. sometimes it stops me from lifting.

there is literally no point to it other than to look better

Have you met the northern brothers yet, leftypol?

You do know those girls don't fight, right? They're rear echelon support at best when they're not posing for propaganda. You don't have to be a huge freak beast, but testosterone will keep you from dropping your file and running away or cracking under pressure..

I don't mind it tbh. Am straight and kind of find the whole topic amusing lmao

If he's a white nationalist he's definitely gay and lonley

What's really funny is how this guy trains for aesthetics and fails to realize that he'd be outrun by skinny "white male" leftists 10x because his cardio is shit.

I always can't help but laugh at these guys that think lifting is the be all, end all solution to being in tip top "revolutionary" shape.

I'd take GSP's body type and MMA skills over this poor bastard any day of the week.

Why a hate thread when we can have a love thread? I mean, he is 'comedy gold' amirite?

not to mention jeff monson could literally kill most of them with his bare hands

bodybuilding is just the murican suicide lifestyle for people with more willpower

Ironic given that Slavs and German hordes wiped it off the face of the earth, so much so that Britain forgot it had anything to do with Rome till the Christian missionaries came to convert the Saxons to Christianity and to a lesser extent share classical knowledge (most Roman civic structures were destroyed in Britain by this point).

Muslims never would have got a foothold into the Balkans had it not been for the meddling of the 4th Crusade propelling the then relatively prosperous and formidable Byzantine Empire into terminal and constant civil war as well as having to fight the Italian states whilst the Turks seized the lucrative, strategic and populous coastal cities that they had been coveting since the time of the Rum Sultanate, having been hemmed into the sparsely populated and agricultural dependant interior of Anatolia that also lacked high quality forestry to raise fleets to challenge the Byzantine hegemony over the Eastern Mediterranean trade routes.

Even the Rus (proto-Russians) saved the Muslims of then majority Christianity Syria when then Emperor (forget his name) annihilated a massive Arab army at Theodopolis (Eastern Anatolia) and even occupied Damascus holding mass at St John's Cathedral (now a mosque obviously) but had to withdraw to fend off what he believed to be a formidable Rus army which was no more than a petty raiding party. Islam may have been throttled in its near infancy at this point, given how Muslims were still only a minority at this point.

Not only that "Sons of Europa" betrays the fact that the intellectual centres of the classical age were not in Europe nor were "white", Damascus, Alexandria, Constantinople, Philadelphia, Antioch. The Byzantines were multicultural with Greeks being a minority augmented by the Copts, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and to a lesser extent the Berbers.

The really sad thing is that most Balkan Muslims are secular, but this will probably change because of the spread of Saudi Arabian propaganda through most countries with large Muslim populations.

Which they complain about, but no one listens because the KSA has money and oil and you better shut up if you want some too.

I'm pretty sure Albania isn't going to return to Islam or Christianity. They sure do like having their news girls with excessive cleavage, much more so than most Western countries I'd safely say.

I approve this message

In sprints you're still very fast due to leg strength.

The thing with MMA fighters is that they train to strike hard which has some overlap with powerlifting but you can't focus on that all the time. To get good at striking for example, the best way to do it is to do countless drills doing the same punches over and over and over and they will improve. The strength training is supplementary. Cardio running is supplementary as well since striking, kicking and groundworking alone is very heavy on the cardio.

Try swimming, diving, running, MMA etc.

You'll likely never have an encounter with someone pointing an assault rifle at you so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Being fit and feeling good is still great. It's great to have others compliment your body as well.

oh, of course m8. I'm by no means claiming to be some kind of authority on exercise and what constitutes "good shape" for a revolution.

I'm just saying that, even a complete tard should be aware of how useless the body builder physique is in a real life confrontation, especially the kind of street fighting that happens during a riot.

Given the choice, I'd try to be as well rounded as possible for such a scenario. That would include lots of yoga for flexibility, cardio, strength training, some striking/throws/MMA type stuff, and calisthenics routines.

On the one hand, you might be running from the cops. On the other, some fascist might get you by the ear, and next thing you know you're in hand to hand combat. All around, its just completely taxing. Why you would think looking like Ronnie Coleman in such a situation puts you at an "advantage" is laughable.

Great find OP.
He apparently believes that George Soros controls the world.
I can't believe he role plays as an elven Viking or Greek warrior.

Bodybuilding is such a gay sport.

I can't believe that he's serious about this shit.
More proof that the alt right are Larping faggots.

Look at the physique of a sprinter sometime.

Honestly taking up strength training and then bodybuilding has been one of the best things I've done for myself.

Biggest fucking embarrassment of Sweden since its inception. Watching him is like having several cringe compilations simultaneously fed directly into the limbic system while shitting yourself in public. It's fucking surreal a person like this could even exist.

The day the roids kill him will be a good day and I'm not joking when I say I'll celebrate with cake.

Strength helps you in just about all areas of the athletics department. I bet he could outrun most people who are untrained.

They were probably just noobies. You probably can't get as big as the golden one just doing steroids alone but the point is you can get bigger and in a faster time then other noobs going the natty route too.

Which makes me wonder about the feasibility of ever attaining one of these body-builder-esque physiques for a natural.

Saw an episode of this dumb show "Amazing Race" or whatever it was called.
They had these two huge roided bodybuilders much like Goldie here being outrun by all these average amerifats.
What's more, they weren't just outrun, they were fucking dying at the end. Had the host all concerned and shit, the humiliation was fucking glorious to see.

God damn, if someone could dig up this clip it would make my day for sure.

It's more complicated than that, there's one progesterone based steroid that makes you super bulky and red like a beet (think 80s and early 90s wrestling especially Ultimate Warrior) coequally known as deca. Whilst making you very big (due to water retention) and strong, it does destroy your capillaries and various other blood vessels.

Hence users of this steroid are always out of breath even from just talking.

I would know I could barely do a brisk walk on a mile to work without feeling hot, sweaty and winded from it.

However sprinting on just a large dose of testosterone, masterone and/or any other combo of oral steroids, I definitely had no discernible issues breathing. Not only that but doing powercleans and having strong squat/deadlift legs makes me feel like a gazelle when I run. It feels like you're running on air and watching yourself fly past other people feels godlike. In case you're wondering I'm often late chasing after departing trains and it feels good zipping past healthy/active men in my age bracket.

Yes look at bodybuilding before the proliferation of steroids, in fact I'd say you could look even leaner and more ripped than this meathead because he's ridiculously water logged from using either deca or dbol, hence he has this gross round balloon puffy marshmallow shape. If you did it naturally, you might not have as much "pop" as him but you would benefit from more serrations. Though I'll admit I couldn't achieve the serration and definition he got on his legs naturally, but upper body shouldn't be a problem.

Oh and another thing, it's a lot harder to do it naturally, it takes meticulous care and daily discipline in making sure you eat only what you need, not to mention it would take longer too. I'd say it'd take at least 2 years with absolute monk like dedication to get close, but it won't be fun when you're dieting and it's someone's birthday or colleagues/friends want to go for beer.

Goldie thinks he's the saviour of Europe. He eats pretty healthy and works on cardio.
I wouldn't say he's unfit to run.
Can you get that big without roids?
I don't know why everyone is acting like he will have a heart attack in a few years.
Many roided bodybuilders make it into their 60's, despite what their haters say.

I don't think he takes roids, he probably just consumes a lot of salty foods.

He eats pizza and some sweets.
Lol @ LeftyPol admiring a white nationalist bodybuilders physique.

Keep those boipucci's clenched, fashy cock is coming for your neghole

Most people here think he's a closeted fag, a steroid user with fascist, Viking/spartan LARP fantasies.

He's hot, since I'm a fag.
Looks dumb as hell.
He would probably enjoy sucking off black cock like Milo does.

I wonder if he does roids and is a closet fag or LeftyPol is projecting.

Well he clearly thinks real life is a fucking LARP. I think we all can agree on that.

And speaking of projecting, seems like a lot if not most Holla Forumstards tend to project their LARPing or video game fantasies onto real life.


I don't care what he looks like. I think he's a fucking retard.


Such a waste.

I think you have a point.


He clearly isn't a productive person. I used to be a poweifter during my university years. While its simple enough to stay on top of your health, actually putting on and maintaining that muscle mass is very time consuming.
Unless he is a paid body builder, in which case he is basically a lumpenprole, he is probably a borderline NEET.

This level of LARPing

I can't even…

He plays video games, shitposts pepe meme's, obsesses over George Soros and Frankfurt school conspiracy theories and has a blog about nationalism and the alt right. He even did a video on why Hitler isn't so bad.

At least he's attractive.

He loves using classical philosophy quotes to "prove" his point of view.
He's attractive and in good shape, that's all that he has going for him. I hope he's gay.

He's a model.
I really wonder if he's a closet fag or i'm projecting.

I'm not gay so its hard to judge, but his face looks bitchy as fuck to me. Like sniveling.

I wonder if he's a self hating fag.
I wonder what horrible incident or fucked up circumstances makes a Swedish teen want to become a white nationalist bodybuilder that praises Odin, Thor, LARP's as ancient warriors, posts pepe meme's and promotes right wing conspiracy theories. He think's Trump is some messiah for fuck sake.

That man is definitely a closet homo.

From what I hear, quite a few people don't "realize" they're gay until they're older. If he embraced white nationalism before, then it would make sense.

Why does this thread still exist

Why do you?

Why does this thread still exist

Did you guys know that you can access personal data of nearly every inhabitant in Sweden legally?
Adress, telephone number, etc?

Step 1: Search for his name on Google
Step 2: Enter it in national register
Step 3: Pick the one involved in a certain corporation "Legio Gloria"
Step 4: ???

Just sayin.

idk, but you bumped it. Good job!

I'm glad Leftypol agree's with me.

Because bashing white nationalists is fun.>>1336864
His Youtube fanbase has grown to 50K.

Is this what you guys call spooks? Because it sounds spooky as hell.

i think this is full autism

I didn't think there were autistic, retarded bodybuilders like Blondie with spooky nationalistic nonsense beliefs. Humanity is a bottomless pit of stupidity.

Why would you think bodybuilders in particular would be less retarded and autistic than the average populace?
If anything I'd say the opposite is true.

believes in bunch of dumb imaginary spooks

Why is the opposite true?
I've rarely heard of autistic bodybuilders.
Are they mentally ill for wanting to undergo such a diet/fitness regiment?

He mocks feminists as obese land whales, yet he believes in nonsense like the family unit is sacred and unquestionable, that everyone must return to tradition, his obsession with nationalism (appeals to his audience using emotion, nationalism is love for your family,etc).
He has a weird union of Greek/Norse paganism and Christianity.
Praises Nigel Farage, Trump, Putin as "fighting the globalist hegemony", so fucked in the head about geopolitics.

It's such a shame, such a gorgeous bodybuilder is so spooked, so stupid.
Why are there so few gorgeous gay men?

Because it amuses me to keep it alive.
And to piss you off.
He believes in necromancy.

Is here our guy?

Definitely /our guy/.

What should the Left do about fascist militia's and fascist's training for war with the Left?

The family is sacred through.

Family is a spook tho

It's a great spook though. The alternative is DEFOO'ing yourself

Train to fight back, but do not be the first aggressor.

Anything other than total social alienation and atomization is a spook.

Maybe a left liberal.

It's a shame he's obsessed with "Sons of Europa" and Larping about how he will fight off the Muslim hordes.

He should send you to a Muslim country and watch them throw your retarded ass off a roof.

Yes. And I'd say he doesn't roid as much, if at all, and has a body that can do more than pose or lift. If it came down to a fight Monson would beat Goldi's ass.

idk, but you bumped it. Good job!>>1339460
is that a tattoo of a loli on his shoulder?

He looks yummy

i can't stand this autist.
why do Norway get all the cool ones?

When was I for shilling Islam?
Goldie isn't that much better.
Reactionary views are trash.

wew ok

Also why are bodybuilders so fucking unbearable?

Humanity would be a lot better if everyone had their weight and height controlled genetically and by nanomachines

No skellies, no bodybuilders, no fatties


this thread is gay af.

Reminder to sage, report and hide fag threads, as they never contribute anything of worth to Holla Forums.

most threads don't tbh

So what?
Do you fuck only communists and anarchists?
Even if he mellowed out of the LARP bulshit and spooky ideas, I would fuck him if he offered.

Was an ancom, now he's a tankie after going to Donbass, then becoming a KPRF member & Russian citizen.

Bodybuilding is truly counterrevolutionary

I just wonder why so many men are interested in participating in it, especially nationalists.
It's the most homoerotic 'sport' there is.
It's closeted reactionaries secretly admiring each other's raided bodies.

he is facially ugly through. the best looking men are in high fashion modeling. it's all about the face.

Lean body is more healthy than gym's musculature

even the skinny guy lives longer than the gym muscle guy. every action that tires hard the fuck out of your body is killing you slowly.

If you want to last learn from the Japanese. The record holders of longevity used to be simple skinny japs. 115 male & 116 female.

Genetical engineering is one thing, in the future we can have designer babies and make all of humanity good looking, intelligent and void of a large number of heritary illness.

I doubt humanity will be better that way though, there likely will be a large class that is intentionally disadvantaged genetically to do the crappy jobs and to make a natural hierarchy in society. Just like in the book brave new world.

Yet you're bumping it and not saging.





OP here, i'm closing this thread.
He's still hot, even if most of you think he has an ugly face.

He's a closeted faggot.
Stormfront is mostly supportive of him.
His youtube video is pure ideology with Idpol emotional pandering.
He's pretty much a bodybuilder fascist.

Such a waste.
I can't believe someone is that spooked to think the medieval ages should be restored.

He even uses the Black Sun symbol, a fascist/pagan symbol.

I wish there were hot, gay communists/anarchists.

hahahaha that last picture

you can see just how hard this dude is overcompensating