R/The_Donald Hate Thread

Let's mock the cultish user base of r/The_Donald.
They really think everyone of Trump's executive orders will not only pass, will also make America great again.

I see them defending Trump's plans to repeal the Dodd Frank act, while it's not very effective, Trump wants to deregulate Wall Street even more, plus abolish regulations for small businesses.
They think Steve Bannon is hated because "he opposes the evil globalists", ignoring that Trump and his cabinet are rich capitalists.

I'd like to hear Holla Forums tear apart r/The_Donald's hopes.
Let's make communism/anarchism great again!

no thanks, I'm sure they're a dozen subreddits of that already without turning this board into a copy of them

/r/ the donald is shit

reddit is shit

Holla Forums is shit

Holla Forums is shit

imageboards are shit

everything is shit

Steve Bannon said years ago he wanted to punish those responsible for the '08 crisis, so why this?

Did he get turned by the illuminati?

/r/the_donald went from a promising young Holla Forums colony to an old person's facebook feed
altright dog whistles are now very hard to find there nowadays
it's become virtue signal city
they'll upvote any nonwhite person wearing Trump paraphernalia in an attempt to demonstrate postracial (as if anyone cares)

all in all, a very faggy place.
It's definitely moving Reddit's Overton window though, so I can't complain too much.

hopefully it ll get banned like the alt right subs

If you want to get involved in reddit then you have to start posting on the boards that aren't The donald but are still infested with the donald like the conspiracy subreddit or any of the alt-right humor subreddits.

Leftists on reddit live in a bubble and ban anyone who comes too close to their feminist hellscape.

The_Donald is a million times better than the so called "left" forums on reddit. But that whole site is garbage and I wish reddit posters like OP would go

I mean yeah I hope for the same thing but I feel like we have very different reasons for wishing for that and very different ideas on what it will bring about.

reddit is shit.

I thought we buried this shit after /r/socialism

Pretty much this

Isn't that basically current Holla Forums as well?

not at all

Holla Forums isn't white.

fuck off I refuse to make a reddit account

Are you for real, comrade?

redditor detected
fuck of back to /r/socialism

let's not.

I don't really hate r/The_Donald since the large majority of them are young teenagers.
It's mostly just a phase and if it's not then you just gotta pity them really

honestly this. It is probably the least idpol subreddit i've seen

Not much to mock, they are just a bunch of unprincipled demagogues.

I can't wait for them to get disillusioned, but the problem is reddit's strict moderation and hivemind effect means we'll never get to see it and point and laugh.

At least when Holla Forums wakes up to the "nationalism" scan we'll have seats.

A former web developer posting there is all you need to know about the demographic. The controversy about being a hateful sub is overblown and is likely used as a sacrificial lamb to sanitize the internet.

is it one fag behind all this? you have to stop. we all already hate these threads. there's really nothing to be gained from restating it.

kys tripfag

I doubt it since it's so big; we'll get a r/fatpeoplehate 2.0 again

I dunno, it seems like they have the same demographics as 4/pol/

I'll pass.

Mainstream US politics are cults of personality. Trump could literally call everyone who voted for him an idiot and they brew up a round of apologia to explain it.

Let them defend his plans on reddit, because you know it kills them inside.

He called his supporters violent after he won and they all clapped and cheered him on.

Almost every website on the internet is legitimately moderated by middle schoolers, don't kid yourself

Which is ironic because they bitch at leftists for being too violent

But at the end of the day, no amount of trolling will that through to people. The best you can do is lay out arguments in front of people and hope they come to their senses. You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink

I remember a reddit thread showing all the major right wing subreddits having at least one or two 12 year olds as moderators. There was one even moderating r/altright too.

More like :

I used to be able to make any sort of offensive shit and got away with it by saying, "lul, is just satire bro, just jukes"

But now, I have to be famous on the internet and have a cult of 12 year olds to do that. Because some people are starting to catch on to me. And even though their numbers are so fucking small, I'm threatened to my core!


Why does everyone on that sub type like a 60 year old who just discovered the internet

I lurked there a little in the run-up to the elections. It's quite a strange place.

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No, because then like 300 redditors came here.

just like turn off the internet nigga

Only 4pol, 8pol isn't like that at all.

They are literally brainwashed and still think the site is a liberal safespace when their meme sub implicitly controls most popular non-political subs through sheer force of autism and peer pressure.

Number one subreddit at spreading neoconservative propaganda while trying to be hip, trendy, edgy and "anti-establishment".


This is exactly how you elected Trump to office. By talking shit instead of voting.


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