ITT: We discuss about the last time the state helped the working class

ITT: We discuss about the last time the state helped the working class

Ill start:

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What is the point of this dumb thread?

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Not an argument

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The state handed over the MoP to you today?!?!

the state is a reality of class society. not something that can be abolished right when the revolution happens. The state is the mediator of mass conflict that mediates according to the will of one class. Once class has dissolved, the state can too.

The state is the natural result of humanity as a political animal, the highest level of human social organization. Read Aristotle.


Funny how you idiots can't wrap your mind around the idea that a state is needed to keep and inforce order and that if you have no order you get total chaos (or africa)

Humanism is a mental disease, human is something that should be overcome

Great point user, and next because some parents abuse their children we should kill all parents.

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they're not wrong tho

anarchists are eternally butthurt. This is nothing new.

Well socdem welfare states did it, but they essentially did it by exporting the prole-buttfucking.

Soviet Union

Massive increase in life expectancy
Full employment
Free education
Eradication of illiteracy
Eradication of huge numbers of diseases
Saved Europe's Jews from fascism

pretty good imo

lets compare to the achievements of anarchists:

We emancipate sidewalks from the yoke of the oppressive and exploitative trashcans.

why did it fail then?

nevar 5get

Not an argument

Truly a day that will be written about in the anarchist history books. That is, if we didn't find the production of paper to be oppressive to trees.

hmmmmmmm this really ignited my neurons

Nazis never fail to amaze me with their completely idealized version of how Africa works in juxtaposition with Europe

t. Louis XVI

Are you another cool kid who thinks we can just abolish the state overnight?