Good job in Berkeley

I made a thread not to long ago on political violence and how the left would be needed to bring about revolution and civil unrest, needless to say with the recent events in Berkeley proved my faith in commies being violent wasn't misplaced.

I just wanted to say thank you and keep it up, if you continue on the trend civil unrest will finally overcome this degenerate liberal state.

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Sooooooo, you're in favour of supporting us? Never too late to try a different way of thinking.

Not that we're anti-fa of course

I have my own reasons to support you, fascist groups either don't have the manpower, or the willpower to topple the state, you on the other hand do, don't think I wouldn't put a bullet in you during a revolution, but at the moment you guys are forwarding both our needs

Ah, so you are an accelerationist?

Stop LARPing. We both know most people on leftypol aren't involved in antifa.

of course, if you think that accelerationism isn't a double edged sword… well idk what you could believe


I wonder if the libs doing this know that they're fueling the alt-right movement. Probably not. I don't think they think for themselves at all.

why are nazis so bad at being snide

then tell those shit eaters to keep it up

The tri genders, deeply triggering and problematic hate, and other crazy liberal shit fueled the alt right, this on the other hand is fueling people with violent goals…

Not being snide, I'm trying to show my gratitude, granted this is towards people I despise almost as much as I despise jews so I can't find anything good to call you

why would you even be disappointed. Nazi ideas have never had the power they do right now in America. If you got time to whine then get on the_donald and start pushing people right.

Same here. I think you're subhuman trash who's ideology consist of little more than paranoid schizo-babble. Why don't you go back to 8pol and jack off Hitler instead of shitting up the board with your disgusting flag and rhetoric?

Rockwell was closer to instituting fascism in America then we are right now, add to this retards would rather worship a frog and post trump memes and how they love their trap waifus then prepare to overthrow the liberal democratic state

And do what? worship a frog?!

Same here. I think you're subhuman trash who's ideology consist of little more than paranoid schizo-babble. Why don't you go back to leftypol and jack off Pol Pot instead of shitting up the board with your disgusting flag and rhetoric?
oh wait, we're already on leftypol

Yes, exactly that.

How's those traditional values Mr. Fiscal Conservative? Is denying evolution still treating you well?

Sorry I'm not a tard like the rest of 8pol I know how revolution will be brought to the states, and even if I despise you I know you tards have the means to tear down this degenerate state once and for all


I'm glad you're a special snowflake Nazi, who's totally not like those other Nazi's, but why do you think having a bunch of leftist bring down "the state" would be beneficial to you? Like really, think about this.

Well frankly, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. We're here for a short time after all.

Why do you despise the left?

thanks commiebro!

Based Marxposter (out of our many)

>Tfw the OG will never come back!

They aren't even nazis that's the big fucking problem

Well I know the risks, there is a chance you win and I will hang, there is also a chance my side wins and you and the jews hang

degenerates that seek to destroy the good parts of society
really in the end the same reasons fascists of old hated you

You're right lol

You aren't being snide.

this must be that 7D parcheesi I keep hearing about

Daily reminder that we Nazbol beat you nazi faggots once before and will be more than willing to do it again.

Really? The parrot a dumbed down version of what Mattogna, Berg, and Irving have been spewing for some decades now.

Well okay. What did you read to make you become a Nazi? And where is the line between "degunawucy" and fun drawn? Is Jazz music degenerate?

Which parts are those?

Eh, it's misplaced. I doubt anyone from here participated, at at least a half of us wholeheartedly hates the retards who did.

Just to be clear, the problem isn't violence in itself, it's the aimlessness and childish idpol liberal reasons that caused it. And it certainly does not advance our goals in any meaningful way. But of course it advances yours.

I agree, civil unrest benefits all political radicals.

It was thanks to radical communists that Mussolini and Hitler got power.

Alt-rightists are the ultimate degenerates. Also tell me what you consider to be "the good parts of society".

Not really. Why would you think that? Voters didn't really switch over from the SPD and Communist party in Germany, and didn't Mussolini do his coup because other fascist viewed him as a weak link and had already seized Fiume?

No he isn't he is a neo con that has a few less problems with him then the typical scum they produce

I'd meme but there is no real fucking point to it, you tards won't be able to throw bodies at us like last time.

Of course Mein Kampf, Siege, The Turner diaries, for my legionaries to name the ones I read through and didn't put down via boredom.

traditionalism, authority, masculinity, the church, just to name the ones I give a shit

unfortunately this is very much true for the tards on the chans and in spencers ranks, hopefully with a little nudge from you guys you will help us radicalize the ones that are worth taking

-Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds

Congrats, that's probably the least delusion I've seen out of a Holla Forumstard

And that's saying something

Weakness, denial of mortality, faith in uniqueness and individuality.

So spooks?

Which traditions do you want to preserve? What do you mean by 'authority' and 'masculinity'? Why do you think Not Socialism would preserve the church?

how can you call this fashy haircut degenerate


Wow, is this all Nazi literature has to offer? Read Marx my friend.

for my legionaries

I want to kill every SocDem now.

I have no illusions about where trump is on the spectrum.

Individualism is a cancer, modernity is true weakness, and authority never dies

So many of the non shitty ones have already been killed it would be more of a revival of the better ones, such as a patriarchy, a rise in the churches influence, a sense of community and rejection of outside filth.

Because it reopened the churches, because other then himmlers autism the Nazis never attacked churches in any real manner

there is more but most of it's war stories or fucking political thesis's which fuck that noise, the turner diaries where the most entertaining because it was a non fiction book that had a semi interesting story

if Hindenburg won, why did he make hitler Chancelor?
to keep the peacce?

Your mother clearly didn't have enough since she raised a nazi.

Because it's true? Where it not for the civil unrest caused by radical communists the Italian and German status quo would never had given power to Mussolini and Hitler.

Degeneracy. Just because something is a tradition doesn't mean it's good or truth. Which tradition by the way?

Which authority? You obviously disagree with liberal democratic authority.

Degeneracy. Both masculinity and femininity have faults. Androgyny is the solution and not bringing back traditional gender roles.

Degeneracy. Superstitious clerics should not have influence over society. Which church by the way?

National socialism will surely bring this.

Stop being a butthurt edgy fuck and embrace distributism.

Read Marx my man.

Spartacus was in 1919 and Mussolini seized Rome is a coup because the Ras would've executed him. You're mistaking any revolutionary situation for automatically being the result of communism and revolution in Germany and Italy was inevitable. Mussolini was backed by industrialist and Hitler by businessmen, fascism was never a working class movement and if you want to pin Hitler being appointed chancellor on anyone you should pin it on the SPD for refusing to form a coalition with the reds. You're sorely mistaken if you think fascism was anything but the logical conclusion pf Capitalism in those countries. Italy to industrialize and Hitler's brand of military Keynesianism brought up effective demand in his country significantly.

National Action had more people so your example falls apart pretty quickly. But it seems like you're the type of guy who likes to role play instead of influence anyone so w/e. Whine to Holla Forums lol

Read any, but that's the authority that liberal democracy brings, nothing.

true to some level but the ones I'm talking about are worth reviving/saving

Authority of the state, not the wishy washy authority that our state has but REAL authority authority of the family,the authority of the better over the lesser

Have fun getting GRIDS

Trad catholic

National Action is british you tard, and if they were given another 10 years they would have gained far more power in a major country then any other fascist group has in the past 50 years, and they would have become a real threat to the established order, shame they were set back.

Feels good when Nazi scum gets lynched.

We're liberal democrats now lol

And you're not the hysterical liberal

You're all great sources of schadenfreude

Antifa are retarded liberals, fuck off Holla Forums

Okay but what does that authority entails? Protecting it's people from those who want to violate their freedoms or the state itself violating people's freedom?

That's the opposite of state authority. Why should parents have authority over their children?

What do you consider the "better" and the "lesser"?

I did not said anything about sex, you sex-obsessed degenerate. I am talking about people transcending their inner biological gender faults. Not conflating their sex/gender with their individual personality.


I wonder if Holla Forums actually understands why accelerationism works in our favor and why we're cheering them on with the anti-Trump nonsense.

The U.S. is a big place, I've traveled it. They are completely unawares how the city centers are nothing more than gigantic echo chambers. Islands in a sea of people that despise them.

They need us the same way America constantly needs an enemy. Ironically they're creating the future backlash that otherwise never would have come. It's a sad ending to have had absolute victory across the West for decades and never knowing it because you refused to see it. Now it's all slipping away never to return again as the final battle approaches.

Wow you sure are smart, quite the genius actually

We're all pawns in your game Ozymandias

Why the FUCK do we never target porkies. Fuck these fake nazi faggots. If I've learned anything from Holla Forums its that these faggots have cuckhold fantasies and thus enjoy getting BTFO. We need to be targeting porkies and delivering justice to people who need it.

I knew it, no wonder all the lolberts love him

Because they weren't stupid enough to think Christian feeling in the German people would fade instantly.

I thought you were done with arguments Stefan?


You are a lot further into your agenda than us and most of the population doesn't like it. If this is what it takes to bring the boot down, so be it.

Or any sort of organization it seems.

Shut up you degenewet, abolishing authority is for anarchists, your entire post is
Fuck off. Also if the state rules over you, then you, as a proud statecuck and servant of authority, must oblige. To do else is is an act of treason. You don't want treason in your perfect nadzi shithole, do you?
>>>Holla Forums

Leave the revolution to the actual revolutionaries, instead of you status-quo warriors.

How about I don't fucking want mindless chads fucking around and beating women into submission?

How about I don't fucking give a shit about God, nor I want any fucking old pedophile telling me what I can or cannot do?

How about I don't give a fuck about whatever my community you think it is, I only care about my property?

How about I won't let any State or higher power telling me what I have to feel about other individuals?

You and your kind can fuck off in some hole somewhere and stay back in the middle ages