Am I broken, Holla Forums?

Am I broken, Holla Forums?

I voted for Trump, because all I literally wanted was some keks. I knew that Trump's presidency would be much more entertaining than Hillary's. That's why I voted for him.

I can't even say that I did it out of accelerationism, because I lost all the will to care about politics.

And I am not even that nihilistic, I just want to laugh at the absurdity of the world.

Kierkegaard is that you?

an upcoming racially motivated wall will have a little piece of your soul in it

not really. most people here would rather trump over hillary. there are some hillary supporters here though.

can I use that as a pretext to give some hugs to some ethnic qts?
for reconsolidation

supporters may be a strong term

You did it for the lulz.
Thats the term.

okay okay, calm down

yes I did tho, bruthah


nobody would "rather trump over hillary" we just think trump is easier to have people rise up against

This is what Zizek calls cynical ideology.

OP you've brought meaning into the lives of so many smashies who would'nt have left their armchair for Hillary.

Isn't that what everyone calls it, did you really have to namedrop Zizek to explain Cynicism.

see zizek calls those "references", they're super useful to explain an idea

Yes, because it's more than cynicism. It's how you enable the status quo all the while declaiming it or distancing yourself from it.

Ah, I see, is this what Zizek calls an "Explanation"?

Idk I'd have to ask zizek to be sure

as long as those smashies don't smash me :3

btw I am the antifa fetishist guy from the other thread


Please report back when you manage to score. Maybe become porky and offer black bloc girls a gimmick porn contract where they beat up trumpet NEETs and have sex with them.

Is he well known among liberals btw?

But I want to score with black bloc boys …


Should of voted for Harambe.