Whats with the unbearable Holla Forums autism

whats with the unbearable Holla Forums autism

mods where the fuck are you

this tbh

besides Holla Forums always posts gore and dead people, sometimes dead innocent people and it makes me sad

Holla Forums got their alt right government into place in the US and several other places, but the world didn't magically unfurl into a glorious fourth reich.

They're now here to troll and to dox anyone they can because they assume that a final solution style purge is coming up soon.

Nope. The common man's frustration with the powers that be did that.

Holla Forums hates the alt-right. Are you one of those brand new faggots from reddit?

But Holla Forums, if you hate the alt-right, why do your posters come here and post alt-right propaganda images?

If you want to get read of Holla Forums autism that suddenly makes you a reddit SJW and half the people on here would fuckin sperg out.

Fuck off reddit Holla Forums IS the alt-right. Based Milo and is one of our leaders along with other based alt-righters.


Holla Forums's special snowflake ideology doesn't matter in the slightest. It's nothing. You could just call it shit, or you can call it alt right, you can call it aut right, you can call it eating your own vomit.

It makes no real difference.

Holla Forums posters are usually petite-bourgeois born NEETs or prior white supremacists, at least the sort we're talking about. The common man's frustration with the powers that be gave those elements their opening.

It's like you think we don't remember half-chan /new/smen back in the day. Putin shills and stormweenies have been raiding imageboards for a looooong time.

Well Putin shills obviously succeeded with their shilling. The current President of America Trump is a puppet for Putin. Putin actually has video of Trump drinking the piss from 9 year old russian girls and is blackmailing him. Holla Forumstards are so stupid to think he's "their guy".

Holla Forumsyps are by and large an army of useful idiots. Thanks in part to them we're getting Cold War 2.0 the minute Trump gets impeached or loses reelection at best and at worst we're getting the American Reich.

Oh no my grandfather died in the second holocaust… I wouldn't want that to happen a third time.

Holocaust jokes are so 2011

I agree the holocaust is not a joke. The holocaust did not happen but it will happen now.

You think it's funny now. When we Nuremburg Black Shirt partisans after this is over you won't be laughing.


I'm an American, I'm 100% Anglo-Saxon.

Hitler was a cuck who couldn't even kill the fucking kikes.


this is our board now white boyz

t. goonsaloon

Is that picture of two jews supposed to mean something to me?

You know what's even better? Slavic culture supplanted an entire branch of Germanic culture, which is why the entire High Gothic language branch is a dead language. Now these guys are puppets for the Slav Tzar.

Whatever you have to tell yourself to believe your hate filled ideology.

I'm laughing at your pride of coming from an island of inbred rejects

This is your brain on the talmud.

Can you explain to me why those British Isles were just erecting a bunch of heavy stones while the rest of the world was building wonders of the world and vast civilizations

I thought the Jews were bankers in your mind, why aren't you a marxist?

Oh, but that would make too much sense.

We have to peacefully protest my misunderstanding of the powers that be except when we don't

We aren't about peace, we're being preyed upon by an actual parasitic class of oppressors and intend to take our freedom. By contrast you step up victimization of that class's scapegoats in the name of purging parasites when in actuality you do their bidding.

Holocaust happened, lad