>There IS a difference between liberalism and leftism, even though it's pretty small.
>Yeah, so basically liberalism thinks that capitalism is better than feudalism, but still has problems. But liberalism says you can solve the problems of capitalism by redistributing wealth and preventing racism and so on.
>Leftism says that the problems of capitalism can be solved for a while, but eventually they'll become too pronounced, and capitalism will end. This is supposed to coincide with a revolution.
>So liberals think capitalism can last forever no matter what happens, while leftists think capitalism will end eventually.
>Oh, so you don't think capitalism will last forever? Does that make you a leftist then? Ha ha ha
This has worked every single time I've tried it. If you get a liberal with this, I think they'll become hooked.

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sounds fake

where are you finding all these liberals with so little ideology that they DON'T believe capitalism is the perfect system that will last forever?

wtf everyone I know is an expert on leftist ideologies now

Capitalism is human nature

College campus. If they think it will last forever, just bring up automation and global warming.

It's about getting them to really think about capitalism and whether a revolution can happen.

Very interesting OP.

So, Cubans are not humans since the revolution more than 50 years ago?

Liberals (in the US) aren't even Keynesians/social democrats. They're idpolers who think the solution to everything is better education and diversity quotas. That's a good way to convert progressives though, OP.

Kek. You're definitely on to something OP.

I think most liberals have an appreciation for the fact that in capitalism, wealth increasingly accumulates at the top and thus will eventually fail.

Once you make them aware of capitalism's inherent instability and how it isn't the be all and end all, it's pretty easy to shift them towards leftist thinking. (At the very least they will gravitate towards a more demsoc outlook.)

Capitalism might not last forever, but its pretty great. Am I a leftist, OP?

Other things that won't last forever: Earth, the human species, the sun, OP's faggotry

I usually say capitalism will probably end in the next century, and libs actually agree with me.

Cubans are the most capitalistic people out there. They're like the Caribbean Jew.

t. A Cuban

This kind of thinking only works on college libs who literally have their parents pay for them (or take out vast loans to owe their future) to think about """"deep shit""" all day and drink at night.

Actual working people don’t give a shit about theoretical “muh capitalism will end inevitably” bullshit.

Sell them on their current, tangible material needs.

The problem with that line of argument is it can lead people to not trying to change shit in the intervening time. It's the same problem I have with automation, you might make a few leftists with that argument but they will be lazy worthless fuckers who think the road to paradise will build it self.

I know people like to shit on Bernie here but if it weren't for his campaign I would have never made to leftypol/leftism

I don't think your average libtard cares enough about class and wealth issues to be receptive for our propaganda. They are a lost cause. Upper-middle class, too. Better try and convert Drumpfvoters and other disillusioned working class people.

I literally met a Cuban Jew and he got extremely mad when I told him Cubans have a higher life expectancy than Americans. He said it must be because they were genetic mutants who could survive better on less food.

so just say

I don't think it will end but that it should. Don't underestimate the resilience of capitalism

It's true. They live past 85+ years of age on average and their food consists of rice, black beans, and frying up pork and plantains every day.

How to turn them back even easier, just wait until they grow out of it.

Unless they become SocDems, then they actually won't grow out of and will become well-adjusted without any sense of infighting or bickering and far more popular to boot.

That's some analytic philosophy level shit of logic, no wonder why it works.

Dude, the entire fucking point of Marx is that capitalism will inevitably end. And "should" is spooked.

sounds good to me.


I guess I'm a tail feather sort of guy…

I've gotten aut-right retards to admit Communism is the only possible outcome of automation.

What are you referring to by leftism? If you are for example referring to either Communism or Anarchy there is a MASSIVE difference between social liberalism and these ideologies.
Maybe if you talk to retarded Hillary supporters. Most serious social liberals will tell you that there needs to be FAIR taxes (read not "wealt redistribution" but as a FAIR SHARE as opposed to paying NONE) on the rich, more regulation of major corporations, etc.. in addition to fixing social issues.
Again there isn't just one leftist ideology. Not every leftist thinks there will be a major revolution where capitalism will be destroyed.
You're just throwing out buzzwords now without explaining how you define them. Do all leftists think that the free trade of goods/services and accumulation of power is destined to end? Are their no liberals think that socialism is inevitable, but not a practical solution for our current society? Both of these I've heard plenty of times.
At this point they are just agreeing with you to get you to shut up.

I dont know where you live, but in my neighbourhood leftists and liberals are pretty much the same thing.

Except liberals are not autistic

…what? if any of you are autistic enough to try to do this irl post a video. I wanna see you fake laugh after that last line and all your lib friends looking confused at you


There is literally nothing wrong with capitalism. It is the pinnacle of human nature. It's like natural selection.

^Your bait was so awful no one replied to it.^

Cop out. Of course it won't last forever, nothing lasts forever. We're talking about the right now and the near future.

that's just spam homie, don't do it. Post it once in a somewhat related thread and then you can get answer.

Hows getting on DP Rebel?

This is embarrassing. Having systems of propagating your ideology to others is going to be obvious to people who talk to you.

Well duh it's more like living on less food is actually better for you so long as it isn't outright malnutrition and starvation. Hence the benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet, what the Japanese eat, and apparently, Cuba as well.


Oooohhhh, so THAT's why Holla Forums hates "liberals" so much. Irl, I'm used to conservatives (and now, alt-righters) using "liberal" or "libtard" as a derogatory slur to their left-wing opposition, so I began to grow concerned that Holla Forums might not be any better than Holla Forums, in the sense that it's just the same breed of edgelord animals pretending to be left-leaning and/or communist.

Now that I understand the difference better, I can honestly confirm that I am definitely a leftist, not a liberal. Capitalism WILL fall, I know it in the core of my soul. Marx's utopia is inevitable.


Remember to tell them to read and do their own research as well, a lot of college campus liberals have never even touched any major socialist author

I would tell them that, but all I read is shitposts on Holla Forums, so it would be hypocritical.