What's more stupid: anarchoprimitivism or anarchocapitalism?

What's more stupid: anarchoprimitivism or anarchocapitalism?

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Zerzan is fun to listen to and he holds cats

An Caps.

An Caps. Porky who wants to smoke weed

anarcho-primitivism is the best kind of anarchism as society tends to get more authoritarian as more technologies like surveillance cameras and drones become available to the state


Implying anything can be dumber than ancapism, it's not even a fair question

Left Communism

I would be fine living in anprim

Anything that has an anarcho prefix is equally stupid by default.

They're both stupid things to want, but an anarcho-primitivist society could happen if civilization collapses whereas anarcho-capitalism is never going to happen so I guess an-cap is worse.

But user, anarcho-capitalism has already happened before

Nah, the only anarchist societies that have ever existed have been primitive

They're both dystopian tier
t. Communalist

Anarcho capitalism.

At least anprimism can work once you kill 99% of all humans.


At least we know primitavism worked in the past to some extent.



Sure, the market might not meet your autistic definition of coercion. But I don't like people telling me what to do.

And you fucks gave real answers!



Anprims. You realize if people followed their ideology we woukd get a a disaster on an unimaginable scale, billions would have to die?

I got redpilled by the Unabomber, I used to think Capitalism was great because muh iphones, ancap is by far more immature because it's not critical of society as a whole, it's nothing more than the worst kind of egotistic commodity fetishism disguised as individualism, anprim at least seems past this and understands there's something fundamentally wrong with our mode of production as a whole.


Anarcho-capitalism because it would be the fastest way to build infrastructure and start an anarcho-syndicalist revolution.

Always anarcho capitalism

The industrial system will collapse eventually. The further it is allowed to develop, the more we will grow to depend on it and the worse the consequences of a collapse. Thus, it is imperative for it to be destroyed as soon as possible to minimize loss of life.

anprim is literally the most reactionary ideology ever conceived