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Just wondering, what is the most Holla Forums related video games?

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gulag simulator 2016

MGSV lets you kill UNITA

Dwarf Fortress, no pay, only grueling labor and horrid death.

Victoria II

Sengoku Rance. His theme song is a remix of the East German anthem.


HOI III, play Soviet Union

Autism recommended.

hmm maybe the anarkiddies are right

about what, sexually assaulting trash cans?


About you just LARPing. Video games are literally developed with the help of CIA psychologists to make them as addictive as possible and ensure Porky gets your money.

It is not like shitposting in Holla Forums will help the revolution

MGSV is god-tier anti imperialism
then you realize you are playing as an idealistic imperialist.

MGS is about the inescapable nature of ideology, the more big boss and zero try to escape from it, the further into the trashcan they go.

Have you never heard of pirating, you smart ass ?

Helios was pretty much /ourguy/, right?

this is the list i'm working off for the video i'm gonna make

does anyone have issues with the rankings?

Marxist games:

1) Red Faction
(Joke 1) Soviet City (hysterically anti communist)
2) Hostile Waters
3) Metal Gear Solid esp Peace Walker
4) Deus Ex 1 + 2
(Joke somewhere) Assassins Creed w Marx in it (but rewritten as a liberal, joke mention)
5) Liberal Crime Squad
6) Hidden Agenda (also mention Rogue State)
7) Tropico Series
8) Hearts of Iron + Kaiserreich
9) State Of Emergency DONE
10) Victoria II
11) Red Orchestra, Call of Duty 1-5 (combine into one entry?)
12) Twilight Struggle
13) Crisis in the Kremlin DONE
14) World in Conflict, Red Alert, Wargame (combine into one entry?)
15) Democracy 3 (democratic socialist/social democrat but still pretty good)
16) Dwarf Fortress
17) Men of War, Company of Heroes (combine into one entry?)
18) Everlasting Summer
19) Neocolonialism DONE
(Joke somewhere) Papers Please (anti comm of course but honourable mention, work it into a joke)
(20) Adventure Communist (Joke mention I guess) DONE
Balance of Power? (Play and see), The Cold War Era DONE
Gesta Final (find download), Guerrilla War (NES game play as Castro) (combine entry?)
Death to Spies (try and see)
Mercenaries 2 and Just Cause 2 (maybe)
KGB – Conspiracy (play it and see)
Oddworld (try it and see)

Anti-capitalist/imperialist games:

GTA series
Bioshock 1 + Infinite
Syndicate Wars (or just cyberpunk in general)
Spec Ops: The Line
FF Tactics
Dead Rising 1 + 2
Mother 3
Star Wars Republic Commando (?) Play and see
No Pineapple Left Behind
Thief Series (Play and see)
Ace Combat Zero (Pixy esp end fight)
Gods Will Be Watching
Getting Up Under Pressure
Watchdogs (meh)
Resident Evil (Umbrella + Simmons “You’re playing with the people who really run this country”)
Big Pharma
Stardew Valley

Reactionary Games:

Conflict: Middle East Simulator
Homeland Security Game (name?)
America’s Army
Call of Duty (Modern)
Freedom Fighters

Is war thunder good for CCCP roleplaying?

I swear, half of us that play these games are tankies RPing as Nazis, and the other half are literal Nazis.

You all think you're going to be revolutionary generals and not foot fodder, dont you?

What? You do play as Israel but being a reactionary asshole and building nukes and starting wars make the game very hard to win. The easiest way to go about it is to give the Palestinians a state and mediate with your enemies.
There is no capitalist propaganda besides some cartoonish freedom fuck yeah things, but then again you are invaded by evil saturday morning cartoon version of the soviets and you can even recruit their soldiers into your squad.
While you get to kill a lot of nazis there is nothing political or that patriotic about it. It is WW2 Hitman with harder missions and a more refined disguise system.

Come the fuck on, leftypol.

Are there even any anarchist vidya games ?

That is only kind of larping that is acceptable tbh.

I haven't played the first or last you mentioned, was suggested to me. And yeah Freedom Fighters doesn't really endorse capitalism but it still has evil soviets so whatever. It seems to me very much in the red dawn mould from what I remember of it

Some anons on our discord have been playing war thunder. Not really leftist, but you can live out your tankie fantasy of driving a t-34.

Yeah it just wanted to be a fun game. You fight against a general Guba for fuck's sake. Another thing i wanted to add is that World in Conflict has enough depth to be its own entry i think. The reasons the soviets go to war is to themselves from collapsing into chaos and the first they do is ask the West for some help and they refuse to help the soviets like they did throughout all of the cold war, you could render some commentary on that.

ETA on the video?

Rance does his best to end monarchies and imperialism.


Not sure if it's explicitly Holla Forums related but I've been playing Heroes and Generals lately. It's kind of a shit p2w game but the gameplay mechanics make it worth playing for me.

Tropico is porky af

You gotta develop the forces of production before you can have socialism in one island bro.

Fucking this
The boss dreamed of a world beyond ideology where it simply didn't exist. Everything afterwards is result of thinking you don't have ideology or think to escape it.

There are missions solely devoted to getting as much money to your personal savings account in the most Jewy ways possible.

That's not to say it isn't fun, and I'm sure we can all have fun in games like this in our socialist future, but the game as socialist in itself? Not at all.

TBQH, I play these games because I like how open-ended it is. I like that so many people write stories about their games. That, and I really like looking at maps, spreadsheets, and flags, for some reason.

Interesting point, though.

woops, forgot my shitposting flag

It's on there because you can basically play as a tankie central planner, ally with the USSR, free healthcare and rent etc.

Fair enough, I'll have to go back over that, I couldn't really remember the WIC plot. And yeah freedom fighters was a fun game, that list doesn't mean it's bad.

Thank you for your interest, hopefully I'll have the first installment done within a few weeks, I'm just being lazy about it. I'll do maybe the bottom 5-10 games for the first video (depends how much I have to say)

do people actually enjoy these types of games?

FNV is pretty good if you go the 'No Gods No Masters' route
also nuke both NCR and legion in lonesome road
and support westside and the followers

They are really fun once you get into it
I recommend you give HoI3 a try

Darkest Hour is better, tbh fam.

Warfare is better in HoI3 (but also requires a fuckton of micro management), while DH does the rest better
And running DH on a modern operating system is a pain in the ass

Fight back the forces of capital and barbarism for an autonomous mutualist Mojave.

What's that? It looks interesting

nevermind, it's just runescape


jesus that brings back nostalgia

was anyone else a member?

nice to see some acknowledgement of this AnPrim classic itt

Hah yeah, this was middle school for me.

i haven't even played runescape in about 8 years

is it still active? apparently there's multiple versions now or something

i wouldn't mind playing it again

They have a 2007 era client but I haven't played it


Didn't you tell Destiny that nobody supports free speech? I don't think you should be the one making this video. Most of these games wouldn't have been made if that was the case.

Except for the part where you spend most of the game shooting Soviets in Afghanistan.

But yeah, killing the colonialists in Africa and the US troops in Gitmo was very satisfying.

funnily enough i don't anticipate this video being particularly heavy on theory.

and I did have a better argument than that, I just never got to make it. so whatever man, you have my notes, if you think you can do better then you go make it, if not sit your ass down. I won't be criticised by people who have done nothing themselves

but that was anti-imperialism

Typical fucking Trots/Anarkiddies.

eh i kid i dont know that much about the soviet intervention

I'm just programmed to think all western involvement in the middle east is with evil intentions now

Shouldn't MGSV also have featured the (US-backed) mujahideen? Ocelot says in the first MGS that he fought alongside them. Of course, much of MGSV was cut by Konami being fuckheads, including possible appearances by Gray Fox and Sniper Wolf.

Didn't the game have 'resistance fighters' of some sort? Like isn't that who the Honey Bee (I like how they worked that plot point in) is delivered to?

mujahideen were in the game, the anti soviet stuff you do is being paid for by the CIA to help them and you can recruit a few of them, though of course only a filthy reactionary would


There was a comrade here saying he was assembling a video on socialist vidya. Dunno his name tho.

it's me nigga didnt you see me post the list

got about 5 games recorded, though not in order because i'm an asshole. I need to play the bottom half of the list and all the 'maybe' games. Even then I'll probably forget something but whatever


true dat

Guy who played the game and knows the lore, I guess you can say it's anti-capitalist/imperialist when you head to Kashyyyk to kill Trandoshan mercenaries holding Wookies to be sold into slavery, everything before is a regular wargame. Anything set in the prequels is Progressives vs Ancaps though. If you want a more anti-imperialist game set in Star Wars, Rouge Squadron series or anything set in the original trilogy.

Granted, in the US it basically is what rightcucks think real life is like with South Americans ruining everything just because they can.

anyone here played kaiserreich for darkest hour ?

it's really fun

I fucking love crushing Canada under a unified CSA

kaiserreich owns

Every single day I see retards going off about idpol in my games.

DF truly is the only full communist game out there. Maybe Banished, too.

How about Papers Please?

I like the aesthetic a lot and the game is fun but it's really just a liberal circlejerk about how bad gommunism is

Basically this.

but you ain't seen nothing yet

what autism is this?


What is the potential of revolution in that game? Am I stuck in the first world or can I choose another nation in South America, Africa or Asia?

The trick is to do something else until you get the craving for vidya again. Then again, you might have just lost interest entirely.

Do other hobbies too to vary things up, and play the games you loved from your childhood/teen years. They really were better.

It's bad man. It's really bad. Soviet City is gonna be in my video for sure but if you can't wait I invite you to torrent it yourself, it's a real shitshow haha.

You can choose any nation you want to (well, nations that existed at that time)

Maybe. Nothing new really grabs my eye

I was thinking about getting lots of cheap old games

We meant not related to gaming fool. This is what I've been doing

And trying to make a video and write stuff

Defiantly get some older games. Also do what said and get another hobby.

I meant as in if I can start outside the first world and get a revolution going in these nations. For example, playing as MittelAfrika and fueling a civil war to rid of German control and siding with the France and Britain.

I've found the socialism/communism route to be the easiest to maintain public order while maximizing production tbh fam

This is based off Tropico 3 though.

Good list. I see Mercenaries 2 is on the list, but Mercenaries 1 should also be added for the pure sake of being able to work with maoist China….at least the developers make China out to still be maoist

Don't forget Tetris, it was Soviet propaganda after all.

GOAT anarchist game

That War was imperialism.

Ahh, old #GamerGate. Those were the days.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if Afghanistan had be a secular socialist republic for the past thirty years?

Truly you're afflicted by an infantile disorder if you support the jihadists unironically

Installed governments without the consent of the populace can never work though

Truly you are brainless tankie if you support the way the afghans were implementing socialism, when they were not massacring villages and being corrupt they were purging themselves and splitting into factions.

This is your brain on trotskyism, where implementing socialism wrong is worse than Islamsim, poverty and barbarity

It wasn't an installed government, they came to power independently the US started funding the Jihadis and then they went to the soviets for aid

I'll keep on carrying the name for as long as it triggers SJWs.

They seem to like talking about gamergate though, they keep going on about how it was foreshadowing the rise of trump

Well yeah, but they still hate it, they just bring it up to whine, and more importantly, to redirect the blame for liberals' astounding failure to anyone but themselves. So why not make them whine and point fingers more often?

i also enjoy shitting up the vidja thread with tankie v everyone else slap fights