How can Holla Forums collaborate with japanese leftists ?

how can Holla Forums collaborate with japanese leftists ?

i mean we've got some anons working with russian lefties so why not japanese lefties ?

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how relevant is the japanese communist party anyway?

do any of us speak Japanese?

Keep Japan pure.

Refugees NOT welcome here.

does 2ch have a leftist board? If so we should go exploring.

Hai hai. Demo amari nai desu ne

They have been getting over 10% of the vote and have about 350,000 members.


My Japanese vocabulary consists of desu, baka and senpai.



What do you use to study japanese?

i remember seeing someone post about it here

forgot what it was called though

It's relevant electorally but its probably the most revisionist party in the developed world outside CIAUSA.

Japan is a very conservative society, and arguably Japan has never gotten over the fascist period in its history. That means that if we make links we'll either make them with some milquetoast succdems trying not to get in too much trouble or to look to "weird" or we'll find some real OG prole leftists who are sick to death of living in such a reactionary society.


tae kimもいいよ。


Isn't the Japanese communist party just socdems who like the color red? Shame really Japan just might be the most classcucked nation on earth.

Japanese are reactionary scum by nature. Never trust the Japanese.

t. Mao Zedong

Surprisingly. But they're pacifist reformists so they'll just turn into SocDems the moment they get anywhere near power.

I spend some time studying it, but then I remembered I was an autistic loser with social anxiety who never speaks to anyone and stopped. then came to regret stopping when I got into anime and eroge

Seems like a trendy new start up that doesn't do anything

Decided to study in uni, it's hell, but I expect to be fluent soon.



baka desu senpai

that's chinese you dolt

its clearly japanese

link it next time you fag


Sounds spooky but they're pretty damn classcucked and reactionary a lot of the time.
There used to have pretty radical groups in the past, though.


Yeah, especially on the Right.

you can tell by the eyes, its japanses


kunio bando looks cute

I'd say both. The country was more radicalized. The videos I posted are from leftist groups. Today both sides are dead. There doesn't seem to be a rise in fascism like in the west, at least, but the left is as dead as ever too.

you need to watch less anime

He is still at large too. It is impossible to find any in-depth info on the JRA but i read some of them are still holed up in the middle east.

antifa's protests could be a lot more fun to watch

I know one Japanese leftist but when he types it looks like he's smashing his face on the keys so I doubt anyone would want him here

I don't know if Japanese leftists would be interested in help from the rest of the world, considering that the world's "help" usually consists of screaming at them to ban everything triggering.

isn't that a tad bit of a simplification ?

Because they know what happens to communists in this country. Go ahead and try though, we still have plenty of steel left to run you through with.


That is written in (simplified) Mandarin Chinese and it depicts Japanese vilification of China for demanding Japan recognize its violent acts on its land, showing the flaming aftermath on the Chinese side with Mao trying to pull everything together from the ashes…


You can't stab ideas, faggot. Keep whining all you want.

No. wasn't an endorsement of Japanese fascism, merely an observation.



JCP has taken over the mantle of the former giant JSP as the left party of Japan though, and it appears they are quite pragmatic in their parlamentarism. They are also relatively "untainted" by SU or Chinese influence, for those of us critical of the aforementioned states.

they are one of the most well organized communist parties we have right now.


Badass tunes tbh.

He's right though, japs are fascists fuck them

Japanese so-called leftism is insanely cancerous and needs to be extirpated completely if a genuinely emancipatory movement is to takes its place. The Japanese Left is literally just epiphenomenical of the post-war Americanist superstrcture. They claim to oppose American imperialism, but are also violently hostile to nationalism, national feeling, and cultural confidence, which is simply incoherent and incongruent with their support for Asian nationalisms in the struggle against American imperialism. As it was for China, Vietnam, e al., nationalism is the only way Japan can possibly free itself of America and restore its national subjectivity, which is a necessary precondition for individual subjectivity, which is a precondition for authentic political consciousness.

When you look at their criticism of the occupation regime, their only point of departure is that the American imperialism didn't go far enough to reorganize Japan on New Deal lines. They aren't anti-American; they are ultra-American. Even now, they make common cause with neoliberalism by fighting to open Japan's borders to foreigners and erasing its national consciousness completely.

The only Japanese leftists worth a damn are those like Shimizu Ikutaro (pictured), who started out as an intellectual leader of the Japanese Left, but later realized that his opposition to America was not complete without a nationalist alternative. He is often to said to have "converted" (転向) from the Left to the Right but this is utterly false: he maintained that he was just as staunch a communist as ever; he just got over his irrational allergy to Japanese nationalism. For committing this crime, he has been completely erased from Japanese intellectual history.

oh shit there's a slight chance his katana might be better than just display-quality :^)

Perhaps because their indigenous governments were far more repressive of socialist ideas than the MacArthur-imposed regime.

You know what the difference between Japan and China/Vietnam is? Japan was a minor imperialist country, CN/VN were some of its victims.
Nationalism in Japan is generally extremely right-wing and parochial in nature, it is no wonder socialists consistently oppose national symbols.

And yet they were the engine behind mass opposition and demonstration against laws allowing for american intervention against internal politics of Japan, laws that were obviously made to allow for invasion in case of JSP or JSP/JCP electoral coalition victory.

Foreigners coming into Japan is inherently a bad thing? Is ethnic Koreans ((在日) getting citizenship also a bad thing? Is this Maoism or some other monstrosity?

Nosaka Sanzo argued for the retention of the emperor system under communism. Why? Because if a nation has a history of bad nationalism, then it should be replaced with good nationalism, which is done by reconciling nationalism with the emancipatory struggle, thereby contributing to the potency of the latter. Nationalism is one the most powerful weapons in history, and to reject nationalism altogether for fear of fascism is a fundamentally liberal-conservative, not revolutionary, position. It is the ideological equivalent of gun control.

Japan *was* a minor imperialist power. Now it finds itself in the position that China and Vietnam formerly found themselves in, and there is no reason why its solution should not be same, unless for fear of fascism Japan ought to remain an American satrapy.

And their efforts totally failed because they refused to promote a nationalist vision that arouses resistance to imperialism, thereby performing the invaluable role of the impotent opposition. They have continued to refuse any change in strategy, and devote all their energies to dismantling any source of cultural confidence or national feeling that might be used to restore national subjectivity, instead importing absurd American moral fashions like "diversity" that do nothing to challenge the neoliberal superstructure but do intensify Japan's state of intellectual subjugation. They are cancer and I hope they are liquidated for treason.

As long as the capitalist superstructure remains in place, immigration is inherently unsocialist and therefore bad. The most enthusiastic proponents of increasing immigration to Japan are capital-holders, who want to tap their reserve armies of labor to drive down native bargaining power, which inhibits the capacity of a developed proletariat for political consciousness.

Socialist nations were in practice mostly closed to foreigners, so I do not know why this should be so unthinkable. Migration as a phenomenon only exists today as a result of the massive destabilization, inequality, and war caused by capitalism and it is sick that we idealize it.

And the last thing Japan needs are more liberal white Americans who come to Japan to assert their muh privilege by decrying the racism practiced against them and demand that Japanese society be transformed around their American concerns.

Approximately a third of Zainichi Koreans already have Japanese citizenship, and that percentage increases every year. The remaining ones refuse to get Japanese citizenship because they have sentimental attachments to their North or South Korean loyalties, which is fine. Or are you suggesting that Japan allow for dual citizenship, like America but unlike every existing socialist nation ever?

They used to actually do terrorist attacks but they turned it down a notch because it did more bad than good and it worked out well for them.

Or rejecting nationalism is based on its power to divide the proletariat both internationally and intranationally. Socialist movements in Austro-Hungary or the betrayal of the social democrats in 1914 are suitable examples.

This requires one to define nationalism STRICTLY as French Jacobin-style nationalism.

If gun control prevents brothers from shooting one another, then yes. See: Sino-Vietnamese war.

Japan as an American ally (proxy) isn't comparable to actual colonial control, like in French Indochina.

Except Japanese anti-militarist constitution providing safeguards against capitalist interventionism remains unchanged due to mass (mostly) left protest.

I did not refer exclusively mass immigration.

Higher wages for the proletariat and a economic status closer to the middle classes makes them MORE class conscious? Seems anti-intuitive, expand please.
Also the impending Japanese demographic catastrophe motivates the bourgeois government to entertain ideas of immigration.


What is the point you are trying to make here?



Yet, every postwar socialist movement came to power through nationalist struggle. Hitler was a nationalist. So was Castro.

Nationalism is a weapon, not a comprehensive ideology that can be called good or bad. The point is to instigate people to action. Reject it, and it will be used by your enemies against you.

The cucking for the constitution is the paramount example of what I mean when the Japanese "Left" exists to support American imperialism. It is the constitution of a conquered nation. It should torn up and replaced with an indigenous socialist constitution. Socialist constitutions do not constrain the ability of the nation to make necessary war.

Yeah, imperialism through ideology is much more stable, opaque, and resilient.

Okay. Immigration is beneficial so long as it is controlled in accordance with the requirements of socialist harmony, i.e., it provides only for immigration between socialist nations or to socialist dissidents fleeing capitalist regimes, an approach exemplified by the actually existing socialist nations.

The golden age of socialist activism took place during a time of rising wages and falling prices. Economic security provides the worker with the ability to take risks by making demands of his employer. You can't afford to be a socialist activist if every employer has seven billion foreigners that they can threaten to replace you with. Of course, low levels of labor immigration is not a sufficient condition for class consciousness, but history suggests that it is a necessary one. Even if there is labor upheaval in places with high concentrations of immigration, it will likely manifest as a fascist, reactionary movement rather than a socialist one.

lol it's literally true. They demand to given dual citizenship because they refuse to give up their Korean citizenships. The Japanese government would be happy to assimilate them.

My point is that you seem more interested in defending liberalism with American characteristics than defending actual socialism.

This is mainly because no organised movement apart from socialism would support anti-imperialism. Ho Chi Minh became a socialist in France because it was the only movement in the Metropole that supported liberation of the colonies.
Are you suggesting Hitler was a socialist?

Nationalism is literally about dividing people into nations, championed by disaffected petit-bourgeoisie. It breaks a chasm in the international proletarian struggle.

Agreed, but Japan isn't and never has been a socialist country. Surely you must see that it is in the interests of socialists to limit the destructive excesses of the bourgeois states. I can't see how an "uncucked" constitution permitting military interventions wherever LDP or their American allies require them would in any way be better before a socialist revolution.

But Japanese bourgeois is free to exploit the proletariat, compared to a full colonial state, where only the coloniser is the exploiter (including local princelings propped up by the coloniser).

Can you give concrete examples? The notion that revolutionary movements only form if the proletariat has enough wealth seems anathema to classical marxism.

Socialism and liberalism share a trait: universalism. That is what I'm defending against parochial particularism and nativism, embodied by nationalism.
Nationalism is useful for turning subjects into citizens, but it cannot turn citizens into comrades.

Always been mildly torn on the Narita thing.
On the one hand: Cool, successful, property-damaging leftist protests.
On the other: I like Airplanes.

It's one of those situations when you realize your normally benign interest (that's the planes, naturally.) is the bad guy. (Well, I mean technically they could put the airport elsewhere or something.)

Who is she

"The Japanese are a disease of the skin; the communists are a disease of the heart."
-chiang kai-shek

The bastard straight up ignored the invasion and gave standing retreat orders to his forces to he could fight the civil war. It got so bad his generals kidnapped him, delivered him to Mao, and forced him to sign a peace.
He also made a law outlawing inflation.
China has faced worse

What does Haruhi have to with Mao?

They're both retarded.

Kikuchi Makoto, from Idolm@ster.
Trash tier waifu tbh
Miki best

Embrace the disease, become weeb communists



Nationalists go away, you will never be socialists

what do you guys think of jon doe ?

It's almost like high Autism Level ethnically homogeneous capitalist societies are ideal and no one wants to change them except neurotic kikes.

Nice to see that he has finally moved beyond his idpol liberal stances.

he used to be idpol ?

i just started watching him tbh

Why would we want to do anything with the filthy japanese fascists?
No, there's no such thing as Japanese Leftists, Japan is inherently fascistic in it's traditions and culture.

Holy fucking shit.

what's with the jcp's mascots ?

they seem kind of odd



I want to believe.
China, Argentina, Mexico, The US (foreign policy-wise), Syria, and Iraq (Baath)…
How many more countries have to fall?

They are cute.

Stop being weebs

stop being a slav boo

JRA makes my dick hard but the JCP are actually full on revisionist

what makes the jcp revisionist ?

the only revisionist thing i see of them is that they are pro peace no matter what

Communism is on the rise in Japan

i hope so

Japan is the home of weird, how would the JCP be less weird than the rest?



Let's be honest.
You want the Japanese, because they have the Animus.

Nah, I like not having a tiny dick more

I want the Japanese to stop suffering under their corporate masters.

We could extend this offer to the Koreans and the Chinese.

Them too, especially China. Mainland China looks like a dystopia with villages being made as garbage dumps. Hell, all of Asia needs a revolution.

Unknown to the Western world, there are actual union uprisings in China going on.
The party is forced to cave in, in form of cosmetic changes (Communist party memebers are forced to address each other with "comrade" again) to labour reform;
which brings another set of problems with them, starting with foreign companies outsourcing their outsourced sweatshops to even cheaper countries.

The West, who is all too keen to look at China when there are protest against "the failing communist regime" are all to willing to look away, when protesters are even commier.
Just like they did with Russia and recently in France.

Hopefully progress can be made to return China back from it's shitty Capitalist state to a socialist one with less authoritarian governance.


The problem is, make it less authoritarian and Western fund liberals will jump up from their hole to take a mile.
The unions need to make sure that leftism is here to stay and that they can do so without Western money. It seems to work so far.

Nigga you know I didn't mean that.

I thought liberals went as far as posting on social media.

Japan has its own 2chan just like the Russians, i will try to link up with them.

2ch and futaba are the originals though.

Scroll up, Kenmou was already posted.
Futaba has a single politics board but it's pretty right-wing I think.

What Anki decks are you using user? I am currently using Core6k. I took 2 years in college and have a pretty good grasp of grammar, so i'm just building vocab and practicing reading easy nhk article for now

They have nowhere else to go, capitalism erodes nationalism.

Civic nationalism maybe, it needs ethnic nationalism to divide and conquer

Any nationalism. Unless they are okay with the government being extremely corrupt, being exploited as slave-subjects, and starting imperialistic wars that will likely end badly.

Uh, currently an N5 vocabulary deck. When im all done with it, I intend to add an N4 deck, and so on.
I only have a basic grasp of grammar, too, up through the bit of tae kims complete guide with most of the verb conjugations, then a little bit more (´;ω;`)

It’s important to help out your comrades regardless. OP probably is a weeb though.

This needs to stop, obviously.

Why don't Western leftists wear helmets like this?
Seems like a good idea.
Is it illegal or something?

Your ime has direct input and nonwide latin modes, doesn’t it?
It can probably be said for OP and many here, including myself, that they're just in support of helping their comrades for the reasons thats actually a good thing, but they're only interested enough in japan to help out japanese comrades in particular because they like otaku stuff.

I already am, partially at least

I'm learning, but I'm never sure what resources to use, which is pretty much my biggest impediment to both learning the language and learning my unrelated course at uni.

This is quite cool, wasn't expecting there to be fellow leftists on here learning Japanese. Though I suppose it is too much of a niche thing to crop up often.

Good luck with your studies!

We could try to convert so jap leftists