Shaun King thread

Is Shaun King /ourguy/?

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reddit pls go.

Why because Holla Forums hates him?

He's a race baiting liberal retard

The kind of moron that thinks problems disappear with ethical consumption or "supporting black businesses"

I would personally throw this stupid fuck in a gulag

That's ok. I go a few to throw out.


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He is the typical American leftist I picture in my head

Utterly unbearable

Will need to be gulaged along with the other black nationalist clowns

Nothin better than having nostalgia for something you were a never a part of or understood from a real perspective.

To be honest, I cannot think of a single guy who is more idpol than Shaun King. He lives and breathes it.

I'm usually not a fan but he's been pretty good since Trump became president. One of the only liberal journalists focusing on important shit instead of the retarded Russia shit that the rest of them love.

Liberal pacifist copcuck. He has cop dick so far up his ass it sticks out his mouth.

Uncle Tom to the core.

In this article, he treats pigs like they are an oppressed victim group

don't get me wrong i think he's an idpol fag as much as anyone, but this just seems like pointing out conservative hypocrisy when they talk about caring for cops

No. He's a liberal race baiting cunt


He's a fraud who steals from charities and his politics are liberal with an extra large dose of race baiting.

The man should be hanged desu.


But seriously you have to be a fucking moron not to game the whole AA system that the bourgeoisie have set up to combat the radiclaization of POCs.

Shaun King is one of the most genuinely hilarious and sad things to come out of American racial politics.

Imagine one of those Holla Forumsacks who constructs his whole identity around being TRU NORD only to find out later that he's half Turk or something and is completely unable to process it. That's basically Shaun King.

yo really? tell me about this

Shaun King is 100% white though. There are pictures of both parents who he resembles as well as childhood pics where he is white as fuck. Honestly it's one of the strangest things that he has a fursona of a nigger and everyone just accepts it. Here's hoping his midlife crisis is him transitioning into a woman


That's what I mean, he's constructed this whole identity around being an oppressed black man when he's as lily-white as my irish ass and just can't accept it and surrounds himself with people who'll participate in his fantasy.

Also love his MLK moustache and how he flairs his nostrils for photos lel

There was some hoax going around that the money he was collecting for the mothers of the unarmed kids who were shot for himself never went to them. It was proven false.

He honestly doesn't look that white, idk what the obsession is with proving he's secretly full white is anyway

It's not like he would be less full of shit if he was fully black. Then you open yourself up to implying he has a point if he definitively proved he had a black parent. Which he still wouldn't