"Steve Bannon thinks there’s “no doubt” the US is headed for war in the South China Sea"

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I want off this ride.

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I wonder how Eric Prince feels about this. Almost all of his business is done with the Chinese now.

Why is China devoting so much attention to building up its forces in the South China Sea if it can just bypass sealanes entirely by developing and completing that "New Silk Road" through Central Asia?


The sad thing is that I can't even laugh at you when it happens because these nations are sufficiently influential that it'll fuck every nation on earth

t. Holla Forums

This is how they will spin it too, capitalism is so degenerate at this point that proles are fighting one another for jobs.

Shillary or Trump, in the end it made no difference. WWIII here we come.

Trade routes, fishing and mineral routes in both the East and South China Seas are valuable to them

also, it also them to force project

American workers have always had the "fuck you, I got mine" attitude. Read about every one of their "proletariat riots."

*it allows them

More like Top Kek.


Hopefully they try fighting Iran first and realize they aren't ready for a conflict with China.



You imply that Holla Forumsacks view drone strikes as bad.

Steve bannon isn't doing shit

Is bannon a Zionist shill?

Drone strikes are bad. When you kill a man you should be close enough to him to see the life drain out of his eyes as he dies.

yes, he wants a "world war against Islamic fascism"

That's kinda fucked up

B-but Holla Forums told me Islam was the sword of Judah.

No what is fucked up is sitting 200 miles away pressing a button the murders several families attending a wedding. Seeing death take the one you kill and having his blood on your hands afterwards puts things in perspective. It makes you appreciate life more.

So back to melee combat and ramming ships?

please don't shoot up your school user

I never said this was any better.
Or you could appreciate life without having to kill someone in the first place.

Well one, because it's theirs as they see it.
The issues of territorial sovereignty all along the Pacific have been basically papered over for the last 100 years. The international solution in this specific case is useless: "they aren't islands actually." and all they do is offer up cause for war instead of providing a path to a legal solution (actually, they explicitly shut down diplomatic alternatives). Tbh almost everyone has decided that as long as the U.S. Pacific Command is willing to intervene there can be no agreement among inter-asian states regarding the sea

It was merely a choice between Russia and China

Friendly reminder that this guy literally believes in ushering the end of the world because he thinks it means Christ will return.

Source? I knew he was a nutcase but didn't think he was an apocalyptic type who literally wanted to end the world to make Jesus come back.

It's why everyone is engaging in a big naval buildup over there or flip flopping on who they side with like the flips

In a hypothetical war between Russia or China, you picked China.

You should have picked Russia, now you're fucked.


He's a Duginist and immanentized eschatology is basically the core of Dugin's philosophy now.

Well, if China can exert power over it, it IS theirs. This is why we're about to fight China.

There's no choice between one or another.
If murrica attack Russia, China will side with Russia. If murrica attack China, Russia will side with China.

is there any evidence that he is actually a Duginist or is it just a case of ideological convergence? i was under the impression this Dugin fellow was sort of a meme.

What if Dolan is trying to bring Russia to the Western side by lifting sanctions and turning a blind eye towards Russian imperialism in preparation for an attack on China?

Russia isn't that stupid, nor will they ever trust the US again after the fall of the USSR and the violation of the NATO agreements

Thanks anons

The national alliances in that part of the world are fascinating.
etc etc. what a clusterfuck.

Dugin is definitely not a meme. He's basically the dark wizard (literally and figuratively) behind the alt-right. He's also one of Putin's chief advisors in a somewhat similar, though unofficial, role as Bannon. Richard Spencer's wife is also a Duginist and has translated almost all of his work in English.


He most certainly is
He no influence inside Russia and parrots geopolitical theory that's been known for hundreds of years

he's not in favor with putin or the kremlin anymore and i don't think he was ever one of his chief advisers. he even lost his job as a professor a couple years ago.



shut the fuck up lol

You're really bad at stirnerposting m8, you should stop

I actually really love this meme. I hope to see it materialise.

Dugin, is that Russian Soros?

says who?

most of the alt-right has no idea Dugin even exists

I can't read the article. Says the server is down

The person you're replying to, idiot.

And what authority does he have?

The Sunni-Israel-US alliance is the worst shit in the world. Literally just helping Salafi Jihadists commit genocide while pretending to be against them at the same time. Also the fact Israel allies itself with open anti-semites kek. Surely an alliance made in Hell.

Moving volumes overland is harder.

That's literally the reason.

Are you the same person who said in another thread that Bannon does chaos magick?

Do you have proof of any of this?

Phd in Stirnerology

I have a PhD in German Ideology kiddo

With the way Trump is antagonizing Iran, and with what Rex Tillerson said at his confirmation hearing, Putin knows better than to trust Trump. If the US tries to start some shit with China but turns out to have bitten off more than it can chew, Putin won't lift a finger to help the US. He'll just wait until both sides have done a ton of damage to each other and then make a move to enhance his own power.

Not I. But I do think Bannon thinks magically about America in the same way 20th century fascists thought about their respective countries.

As long as we will not have to rebuild China from the rubble I'm okay with it.




in any situation one side looks like the losses are too much they press the bug red button and it's over
This scenario shows all out war,and in a situation there is no way one side wouldn't eventually use nukes

Any war with China will go nuclear.

Not that this is a necessarily bad thing mind you.

you think non burgers and chinks will be fine?or will everybody go full retard and nuke everything

Aside from resources, buffer zone against American encirclement, aka Obama's "Pivot to Asia."

I would think MAD still applies and using nukes would be too politically risky tbh


It also shows one where literally the whole world and all of Asia except for NK will be okay with providing logistical support to US planes bombing Chinese cities. Pure ideology of the World Police. There are certain assumptions that can't be taken for granted.

I think if it comes to the point people start lobbing nukes around "political risk" pretty much becomes a non-factor.

Exactly. Especially when China in this scenario carries NO POLITICAL RISK. Apparently they have no allies and the entire international community has abandoned them to be massacred by the U.S. What do they risk losing, politically?

What about Russia?

Forced to trade due to external circumstance is not a good basis for a solid alliance.

they have NK to some degree,and Pakistan

Shits going to get real before nukes come into play tbqh. Maybe things are a little different now, but part of the reason Mao's score was so high was because China is so thickly populated, if things aren't run to an exacting degree then millions of people die. Things are more developed in the East, sure, but the Western interior is still vast, rural, and undeveloped (for the most part).

And of course, all the people the US kills will just be more "victims of KKKomunizm."

Chances are they'll be busy in the west. NATO has been steadily building up in the Baltic states for the past few years. Last I heard Russia was renting space in Cam Rahn Bay (sp?), though, so I'm sure they don't intend to just sit idly by.

feels good living in fucking argentina far away from the future nuclear war

Probably a dumb question but does China know?

can't wait

dumb? is the most retarded question I have ever saw

gotta make hay while the iron's hot user

SCS has been a hotspot for years now,China has built Islands to extend sovereignty over it

TFW you live in one of the most populated cities in the world that is a NATO nation

If it goes nuclear then the US wins there too.

The US has enough nukes to turn China into a parking 100 times over.

Even if Trump didn't want to use nukes he could hit the Three Gorges Dam with conventional munitions and kill 25% of the Chinese population just by popping the dam.

While it is illegal under the Geneva Convention would anyone really care if nukes were exchanged?

His score was actually pretty low compared to emperors and warlords who ruled China before him.

That many nukes in the sky will make early warning systems in every single nuclear armed country in the world panic and launch their shit.
It would be a massive nuclear shitshow.

Holla Forums betting pool:

When is the war declared
1. A war in 2017
2. A war in 2018 - 2019
3. A war in 2020 - 2022
4. A war in 2023 - 2024
5. A war does not occur

Bonus: Who the USA declares war on
A) China
B) Russia
C) Iran

Bonus: Which major defence bloc starts it
i) NATO (excluding Turkey)
ii) Russia (Syria)
iii) Israel (United States)
iv) Iran (Russia)
v) Saudi Arabia (NATO)
vi) China (Vietnam)
vii) South / North Korea (United States / China)

Runner up prize: When does the US formally withdraw from the UN
- 2017
- 2018
- 2019
- 2020
- 2021
- 2022
- 2023
- 2024
- Never

I think perhaps the user has it the wrong way around, despite having the right idea. Killing someone from far away makes life and the lives of individuals seem insignificant.

Put me down for 2017 and Trump pisses off all three of your options.

as they see it

1. C. iii. Never

War in 2018-2019, USA declares war on China.


Guess the Fed's policy to retain USA's hegemony is set in stone.

Trump is just one man.

May god place Bannon on his holy course.

China could hit Yellowstone and wipe out 80% of the US population.
I like the fact that the Chinese public were pro Trump till recently though.

mate volcanoes don't go boom if you nuke them

nah it's like the continental version of shooting gas tanks in movies, everyone knows


Actually, I'd like to revise my prediction. Change China to Iran. I think the US will fight Iran first and then later fight China. I think we can view Dolan's protectionism as part of a military buildup strategy for a large-scale war against China, so they probably won't want to engage them right away. Maybe during Dolan's second term.



This is good shit we should have a betting thread

1,C,i,2018 after Trump wins the midterms

Oh, hey, all 3 guy here, if I had to go for the Bonus, I'd say NATO. Runner up prize - 2020, it'll be Trump's last parting shot.

If pakistan or india start shit we all win

could probably just post it at the end of the day of every daily news thread

All three
China, USA's hostilities will be undeclared

t. globalist manifesto

lel but Hilldawg isn't doing that

she's… doing…. what is she doing?

What a great idea!


She's trying to escalate war in Syria to prevent Assad from trading oil for Euros.

No chance of that now. USA's days of hegemony are numbered.

Iran ( C )will be invaded in 2019 ( 2 )over some arms test, with the Approval of NATO ( that's i) )but not the UN, like with Bush. Hezbolah will retaliate and join the fight, Israel will falseflag some terrorist bombings and use them as an excuse to invade Lebanon and annex a big portion of the country. Assad will be assassinated Gadaffi-style and Baathist rule in Syria will fall, pro-democracy and Islamist forces will duke it out over the years, Rojava will become independent so NATO will act like they were the good guys and completed their mission.
I believe Iran is too politically isolated to lead us into WW3 though. China and Russia will protest through the UN but will not get involved, they'll send supplies at best.

The US will not leave the UN, although they will hate them even more.

Have you considered making it into a video game

Has to be 2 or 3, the US needs at the very least 9-12 months to build up a sufficient force

gonna be Iran

NATO and Israel

Gave you 2018 - 2019
ill check the thread tomorrow for new additions

2. 2018-19


iii) Israel (United States)

Israel and US both Withdraw 2018


and they withdraw over another resolution on Israeli settlements in the west bank

Just end it already tbh.

H.J.Res.10 - Authorization of Use of Force Against Iran Resolution



actually change that, iii) Israel (United States)

China can't even project power beyond the south china sea

Number of troops doesn't mean shit

Does this mean he's calling for war, or just suggesting there COULD be a war?

Just introduced, doubt it will pass. There are still some neocons war hawking as usual, but now we have a decent amount of respectable republicans.

Also, about Bannon, the media may be blowing this out of proportion as usual. Just because he suggests there may be a war does not mean he wants one to start. I doubt Trump is stupid enough to engage China either (hopefully).

2. C, V, Never

Trump will just make it an executive order, it doesn't fucking matter anymore does it?


China know Iran is just the stepping stone, and they say they will back them up