Theresa May Hates You

Theresa May is the worst PM we've had since Thatcher. Prove me wrong.

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I have an idea for her nex campaign:



I'm gonna become porky I'm a genious


I kek'd


That only works if there's no argument

shame on you, FOI request DENIED

Cameron was worse. Prove me wrong.

Make an argument for it!

I'm pretty sure she IS Thatcher.
That old hag never died.

Rebel Absurdity is the worst shitposter we've had since Checkers. Prove me wrong.


Might join a party

become a leftcom

that's an achievement, I'll take it

But I want a glorious socialist republic

then…become a Marxist-Sargonist!

Are there any good ones near you? A local Anarcho-Syndiclist party has been putting stickers up everywhere near me.

You should fight muke.


Porky spotted.

Hands off my flag if you're going to shitpost

Margaret Thatcher was one of the greatest Prime Ministers of the twentieth century, if not in all eternity.


Blair was worse. Fucking opportunist and traitor.

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted" - Margaret Thatcher

Corbyn please meme this.

Not that I know of, sadly. I've no interest in joining Labour or the Greens.

What's the Anarcho-Syndicalist party, SolFed? Anarchist Federation?

that's fucking awful m8

Cameron facefucked a pig and May tried to make Britain into a full on surveillance state yet somehow people in the UK think Calais migrants are a far bigger problem.
I hope trident suffers a horrible mechanical failure and accidental nukes the entirety of our country.

delusional corbyn supporters smh

I hope Jezza is hiding his power level

depressing how well the Tories are doing in the polls

I think a lot of Britbongs just hate themselves

who's delusional? wanting him to win and thinking he will are two different things

shy communist effect incoming

Corbyn's biggest mistake was not purging the heads of New Labour after the first coup.

yeah last chance is brexit turning everything to shit and the blame landing on the tories

otherwise uk will remain cucked for another generation or three

Honestly there is nothing Corbyn could/can do; most Brits are just too stupid to realise that the Tories are fucking them in the ass.

I thought Corbyn was a good guy, why is he wearing a hate symbol as a lapel pin in that gif?

entryism requires 20 levels of irony at any given moment, comrade

if you mean the red poppy, there's a massive industry surrounding it in Britain. the right wing media shills for imperialism and attacks anyone who opposes it (like Corbyn) as some sort of traitor to the nation

every november the same crap gets spewed

Tbh I prefer her to Cameron so far. May seems like an unscrupulous opportunist, whereas Cameron seemed like a brainless conformist who never had an original thought in his life. I can't fucking stand people like him.

I'm not a funny guy.



lib dem or UKIP?