What are your thoughts on Bill Gates? Would you say that he's /ourguy/?

What are your thoughts on Bill Gates? Would you say that he's /ourguy/?

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He supporters proprietary software and private schools. He deserves the gulag.

When we make slavebots we'll upload his concousness to each and every one. One eternity of gulag isn't enough for a man that vile


No, if anything Richard Stallman is /ourguy/.

Where do you think we are???



Yeah, No. The Gates Foundation only 'gives' to it's slaves.


Based Billy deliver us from the command line and come thine powershell amen.

If I was him I would have acquired one of those small African countries and turned it into a neofeudal paradise.



Seems like a nice guy but I'd confiscate all of his money and give it to the state if possible.

Praise be to the blessed job creator!

On top of being as loathsome as the antichrist, he's responsible for Halo existing.

That might be the most disgusting picture of the 21st century.

That feel when he's lowering the fertility rate of Africa and India because he knows the world is fucked if they multiply too much

And they think that he's "helping" them LMAO

He's basically a white supremacist. You guys were right, the rich ARE on our side.

"every white person is my friend"

Indeed they are.

But he isn't doing that though. There are only two ways to decrease fertility rates non-violently: educate females (and allow them to engage in wage labor) and establish a public pension/retirement system for all citizens.

It's what he's trying to do, at least.



He compared Donnie to JFK so no
He gets the gulag and gulliotine

He does, but that's not why. He gets it by virtue of being the ultimate porky.

Oh yeah that too
I forgot to include that
Thanks comrade

You don't have any friends :v)

Do you have any opinions that aren't terrible?

So in your opinion, Bill Gates spawning the xbox as a product (which above all other platforms the military flocked to for whatever bullshit they were producing primarily for the console) and Microsoft, are actually good.

I don't get what I said that was disagreeable. How is "Bill Gates sucks cock" a controversial opinion

I agree Bill Gates gets the wall I was talking about Halo.

This doesn't make you a white supremacist

Vidya is nice, and art, culture and entertainment are human rights.
It is asinine to hold Gates personally responsible for the military propaganda which eventually and inevitably seeps into the world built by the labor he controlled. Propaganda expands into every medium there is. What, do you hold the fiddlemaker responsible when a nineteenth century confederate band plays "Jine the Cavalry"?

No, I hold Bill Gates accountable because another company, forgot the name of it, had its own software and programming DOS rights, and was in it for a deal with IBM.

Self made man owned it, just like Gates, a genius, extraordinary in his field.

Well, he made the poor mistake of celebrating his wife's anniversary, or birthday, I forgot which. But he took holiday off and said we'll schedule next week.

Well guess who already contacted him behind his back before hand. Our man Bill Gates. And that, is a big reason how IBM and Microsoft became giants, its how MSDOS was born to a giant market, instead of the other DOS program.

But what happened to the man who got cheated by backroom dealing?

He never achieved the same success as Bill, became an alcoholic, his wife divorced him, and eventually, he shot himself in the head.

But that's just capitalism I suppose. Sometimes you have to go behind someone's back at risk they'll never be the same again.