>alt left

Am i an alt left?

there is no alt-left

No you're a social fascist reactionary faggot who belongs in the ground.

Too spooked. I recommend putting on the Nazbol flag.

why not?

Doesn't exist.

You sound like a genric liberal with a neocon foreign policy. You're the status quo.

I want to fuck burd.

The majority of Holla Forums are alt-left they're just autistic over admitting it.

there is no alt-left

No you are a generic liberal retard.

The alt in alt-right signifies that they are breaking away from the establishment right wing. There is no establishment left wing to break from. It's a useless term.

this is now a fucking get thread

respect these digits, bitches

Historical guilt is retarded.
History is a spook.

gets are meaningless on a low energy board like this

So close.

you're a little bitch that hates fun

haha. ha. haaaaaaaaaaaa…..

once socialism has been established, there will be no more dubs

We must preserve the qt jap waifus

Idpol is cancer