So what's the difference between Anarcho-Communists and the Anarchists who just use a full black flag with no red?

So what's the difference between Anarcho-Communists and the Anarchists who just use a full black flag with no red?

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Nothing, both are impotent and ineffective

Absolutely true tankrade.

The plain black ones aren't specifying what kind of anarchism they like.

Latter is petty bourg while former are actually tolerable

Black flags don't think communism is the inevitable outcome of anarchism, just one of the possibilities. I think.

I feel more drawn to NazBolism every day

To the surprise of absolutely nobody.

There is practically none; the different flags are for shitposting/aesthetic purposes (especially "anarcho-nihilism" and "anarcho-authoritarianism", if you couldn't already tell).

Anarcho-communism is basically the only theoretically relevant political anarchism, and while there's others they're either outdated and ancom continues upon them or they're so snowflakey and out there that it's practically not worth mentioning them. Example: anarcho-communism once mobilized millions into nation-wide revolutions, while post-left anarchism manages to make five human beings fit in the same dumpster through its lifestyle science.

You're always welcome comrade.

whew somebody gets all his info from Holla Forums

It is an an Ancom Flag.

It is this flag but without the skull and crossbones. The black flag was flown by the army of pic related.

Its all aesthetic really. I think most anarchists use both flags interchangeably.
As an anarcho-syndicalist, I generally fly the ancom flag. Though, wildcat flag is pretty cool too.

Anarcho-whatevers are generally used to express secondary ideology. All anarchists are anarchists foremost, but sometimes its important to let someone know that one is a transhumanist, environmentalist, egoist, nihilist, or whatever else.

tankie showing his true colors

Anarcho-Greenie/Transhumanist/Nihilist/etc aren't actual ideologies though, they are just memes.

quelle surprise


I'm a socialist, I just don't care for anarchist utopianism

I was an anarchist long before I was a commie but I think communism is a much bigger priority. I am happy to support attempts at communism that aren't anarchist because even failed attempts are better than capitalism and it pushes us closer (people get real life examples of not-capitalism). Ultimately I don't think we can achieve lasting classlessness if we don't get rid of coercive hierarchy in general (people on top will have an incentive to protect that position) and globally, but along the way I think we're going to have a lot of revolutions that ultimately fail. It really comes down to capitalism being bound to fail and us trying to spread experience of socialism while also heightening the contradictions of capitalism.

Ancoms are infected with marxism

red/black is more "we dig kropotkin & bakunin more that the other guys" thing


Bad post

like well meaning centralized planners and leaders?

about as utopian as benevolent monarchies tbh

The poverty of philosophy is autistic screeching that has no arguments

You must have confused it for your own posts.

You're right, you guys don't have no ideology. You have PURE IDEOLOGY.


das rite

anyone who tries to subvert planning was quickly removed

centralisation is a fact of life if you want to rapidly change society. the ussr wouldn't have survived the civil war and ww2 were it not for centralisation

monarchies were based on birthright and blood, not proletarian consciousness and adherence to strict dialectical materialism

Where are those states now?

Because they're retarded. A propper anarchist doesn't add anything, there's no need.

In graves about 90 years younger and ripe with technological and political advances more than the grave of anarchism.

TFW hate Stalinism and """Marxism"""-"Leninism" and its lasting negative effects on the international worker's movement but it at least has a legacy worth mentioning unlike anarchism.

Nice failed states, most of them are incredibly right-wing now, congrats on that

In the meantime Spain has one if not the biggest workers co-ops in the world

Come on, keep embarassing yourself even further, now label the warsaw pact as "nut reel soshiaulism" despite worshipping them right now

The problem is that anarchism gets buttraped from the outside by imperialism. We need cooperation between anarchists building actual socialism and MLs building fuckhuge militaries so the "communist" countries can steamroll capitalism and then have room for the state to wither away, and a ready contemporary example for where to take society courtesy of the anarchists.

Bummer, meanwhile worker co-ops and mutual banks working along Proudhonian lines still exist today

Tough luck :/

Founded by a Catholic Priest under Franco's conservative dictatorship. Thanks anarchism? Also,

Why wouldn't they just use their militaries to crush you also? Marxists and Anarchists don't even get along on this board where all interaction is limited to shitposting. What makes you think they'd get along in international politics where things are actually at stake?

Anarcho-communism is redundant. Communism is literally stateless as it is.

Anarkiddies aren't even meant to be taken seriously. They're now just a bunch of idpoling thugs who can't even go after the big pigs on wall street but reduced to street brawling like thugs with other thugs(as if they were anything else) that does nothing to create a stateless society.

Anarchists in spain had a lot of involevemnt with the co-operative movement during Franco

So is a planned capitalist economy run by the state like the soviets had


>heh, your legacy is advances in space exploration, science and engineering
>mine is a large national private enterprise that got sanctioned by Franco while it gave him the OK to slaughter anarchists, nothin personnel kid

Maybe try not shunning proper organization against it in the future. It would both help in immediately having a proper repellant against counter-revolutionaries, and you'd also save yourself the hassle of ultimately making a state but not calling it one.

10/10 utopianism.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but I think they specify communism to distinguish themselves against other social libertarians (socialists, communalists, syndicalists, etc) also in the tactics of getting there in the first place


So it's a failure, but a better failure because instead of suffering a military defeat withing a decade it took decades to collapse? Quite an achievement.

You can still replace ancom ball with ancap ball and the meme will still make sense

Its the anarchism part that is retarded

>I do what big porky mags like Forbes advertize for; I'm a real revolutionary with my ethical capitalism
And I wish I was kidding:

10-dimensional starcraft, those cooperatives are. The law of value will fall when we expand Mondragon's headquarters out of Spain. Let's ding 5000!


Porky is now profiting from space exploration technology created by the soviets btw, literally cucked kek

My job is done. The meme has been uttered and butthurt has flown.

Stay derelict, anarkiddies. Adieu!

Thats nice, too bad planned production also exists under capitalism

Folowing your logic, planned prodiction is also capitalism

Here, have an article posted on Forbes worshipping economic planning and noting thqt it is not any different than market economies haha

As expected

Planned production is not socialism, you can see Forbes worshipping its modus operandi here


Read the Organizational Platform of Libertarian Communists
and this
and this

Mondragon isn't a worker's co-op lol

amazing how anarchists spread the same shit capitalists say about the Soviet Union

Kronstadt was good

This meme is so fucking dumb. Those events took place decades apart under completely different circumstances and had nothing to do with each other. It's like making an American meme saying "when you starve the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears but it's okay because you won WW2"
And I don't even like the USSR.


let me guess Stalin killed 50 gorillion?

That's twice now that you've used the argument "The Soviet Union had a crappy capitalist economic system so that justifies me advocating capitalism as well!"

I never implied 50 million, keep grasping at straws

Ahh yes, the usual " My economic system is too obscure and you have probably never heard about it before"

Tell us more about your economic aystem that is controlled by the state but isnt centrally planned

There's nothing wrong with organization. You just can't whip it up as fast as you can when you have hierarchies.

OK I'll post again when I have.

Can we just agree that both anarchism and Marxism-Leninism had their flaws? The only way we can move forward is to address the reasons behind their eventual collapse, and use that analysis to make something better. Anarchist Catalonia and the Eastern Block are gone, and are never coming back. The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we can move on and make a communist ideology that actually works.

Anarchist catalonia is irrelevant, its merely the tip of the iceberg in anarchist practice, marxists use it as a scapegoat because they are illiterate about the rest

They have equal blame since marxism had a strong pressence in spain anyway

people die under all systems user, sadly

Some systems kill more people than others

We could, but too many seem to think arguing over whose failures were better is more important than establishing socialism that doesn't collapse or get destroyed.

Why can't I be a State Socialist and not a repressive asshole?

whats wrong with killing people?