Stop being left communist

Stop being left communist.

Start being an actual communist first.

Stop being left communist


Stop being socdem

that's a great pic of max stirner

stop being obsolete, all of you


Stop shitposting this guy already or write a post justifying why he's worth bothering with.

You all should stop. Enemy of your enemy is your friend. You all should unite against a common enemy, which is rising fascism on the west.

I can see the appeal of left-communism tbh

anglos were a mistake

You know it.

Porkies everywhere
This whole thread is Porkies


This. Once we capture the power of the state, putting all the narchos into gulags will be very easy anyway.

Stop making excuses to not go help the kurds, me.

And this is why elimination of racists is important.

seems like I'm level 2 leftcom even though I don't agree with level 1's statement

It's cool, I don't work with liberals anyways.

Yeah, we should definitely shift our attention away from the enemy towards a convenient distraction

As is the mass walling of all liberals.

Yeah, these memes are always dumb. With the tankie version I also find #2 far less objectionable than #1, as contesting the Ukrainian nationalist masturbation fest that is the modern image of the Ukrainian famine requires far less apologia than the blanket statement that Stalin was a good guy.

t. Noam "fascists should have free speech and free expression" Chomsky

1 and 2 are literally true though

Juche and the Khmer Rouge aren't/weren't ML


Considering the CPUSA exists I think I can call em liberals and get away with it.


Here's how much faith I have in them.

I can hear the inferiority complex from Britain.

stop being a dumbass tankie

Holy shit that word has literally no meaning anymore.

Stop being state capitalist

Stalin was a fucking retard who should be condemned for his sheer incompetence in handling WW2 if nothing else. 2 is mostly true.

open a history book

Stop doing drugs


Stop being noble



How will lelninists ever recover?

t. armchair historian

Stalin was enormously popular amongst the allies after the victory at Battle of Stalingrad, his namesake, but you decades later who had nothing to do with WW2 condemn him. Good one, idiot.


The Khmer Rouge were a maoist abomination.

Never was a Holla Forums fag, I don't get this meme.

It never really did tbh


Plays on old ideas of Perfidious Albion and the scheming nature of the British Empire

Tankies hate the khmer rouge, shit inaccurate meme



damn man, this almost convinced me

Uphold Right Communism


Can't tell… You referring to tha Nazbols, comrade?

Panel 1 is stupid since it is supposed to be the "first step" toward "left communism", represented with bordiga, and lenin criticized Bordiga as much as he praised him. And bordiguist never really called themselves left communists. The people Lenine only had criticisms for were the dutch communists à la Pannekoek. This is like saying Lenine criticized Rosa Luxemburg so autonomists claiming her heritage are necessarily anti-leninist.
Would people in this thread stop acting like Bordiga is the main ideologue of left communism. The shitty left communists we have nowadays are all, or mostly, council communists. This board really is "internet tendency politics" in action, you're mixing everything up.

NazBol isn't Communism.

Fair point. Then what the literal fuck is right communism?

The faction of Bukharin and Rykov within the Bolshevik Party which promoted the continuation of the NEP. I suppose you could consider modern Market Socs their successors.

Stop being a genocidal statist

Poor Nikolai.

Nice Fingolian waifu

now we need rule34 of Leftcom Cat doing just that

Holy shit, that's amazing.


mahnigga lost access
but stencil will be applied