What do all of you think of Iran?

What do all of you think of Iran?

Yeah, they're a far right theocratic authoritarian country. But apparently they are one of the only countries in the world without a Rothschild controlled central bank along with Cuba and the DPRK. Also they don't seem to have any imperialistic ambitions and they don't promote terrorism like most Sunni countries (most notably Saudi Arabia, who they don't like at all). They hate Israel as well and clearly did not commit any crimes to the extent that Israel has done. Not to mention they are the longest existing country in human history, and they have a vast history/culture.

I personally support Iran.

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An impressive country that annoys imperialists and capitalists constantly, just by existing.

Plus they support Assad.

They are shias who are murtad and should be killed. Their opposition are a bunch of atheist liberals who should also be killed tbh

Make Iran Sunni Again

This is pure ideology. What does modern Iran have in common with the state of Cyrus the Great? Language? Nope. Culture? Nope. Religion? Nope. Social organization? Nope. Genetics? Nope. Writing system? Nope. Etc, etc. The only way this works is through some absurd Blut und Boden mystical nationalism.

It's not ruled by the Tudeh party and fights against the PJAK so it kind of sucks.

We may be half Arab and half Mongalian, but we are 100% Persian

Worse than Mullahs tbh

I don't support them but you make some good points, they're clearly not as shit as the Saudis.

Saudis are actually not that bad, by Arab standards.

All Sunni countries need to be ruled by Erdogan.

You need serious re-evaluation of your standards.

Erdogan is a fucking moron. Fuck him. He literally wants a Neo-Ottoman Empire with him as the Caliph.

How is a communist party worse than Islamic theologians?

If a person does all of those things, changes the language the speak, changes the way they live their life, converts to a new religion, etc, they are STILL the same person in essence.

That's why I regard Iran as the same entity as ancient Persia.

They should really give up Islam but it's not their fault. Iran is literally the posterchild of a country fucked over by capitalism. Look at how they fucked over their chances of secular progress with that fucking capitalist motivated coup.

By that logic, everyone in Canada and America is really an indigenous Native American.


That's true though. There is nothing differentiating the Indians from myself. "Native" Americans are merely Asians who migrated to the North American continent. North America has zero human origination. Before the Indians showed up it was untouched wild land.

This is the point where you're wrong.

Mind explaining? What do land does Iran want but doesn't have?

I like Iran as well. They are a country filled with history and they have their own culture.
USA attacking them it just shows the inferiority complex against a country that refuses to have McDonalds and Coca-Cola there.

Iran is in competition with the Saudi/Israelis to see who gets to be the regional power in the middle east

Well even still, if Iran ever has defacto control over the Middle East that wouldn't be that awful imo. Far better than Saudi or Israeli control.

Arabs, in general, are always going to be subhuman, even if they became atheists or whatever (seeing how pathetic and Westcucked Arab atheists are, I finally realized why Muslims kill apostates).

Turkey is an example of how good the Middle East can be if it were not for Arabs

That makes him a genius, not a moron

I wouldnt mind if Iran was nuked tomorrow tbh




Turkey is the only good guy in the Middle East

Literally perfect

nice bait

Mate, Iran is a capitalist nation state. Look into the history of revolution and counter-revolution there; the ruling class of Iran are capitalists like any other nation's.

It's people are exploited, living without genuine workers' democracy, and meanwhile a bourgeoisie creams huge profits off the labour of the others. And the state, like any other capitalist state, backs this and legitimizes it and facilitates it. Do not support any capitalist nation state.

AKP shill pls go

That's up for the people in Iran to decide if they like their rules or not. Not you american turds always meddling on the affairs of other countries.

Are you serious? Turkey is in no position to be claiming any territory.

Arabs are the problem, not Sunnis

All states are capitalist nation states tho

No, he is our future Caliph, inshallah

They can in the power vacuum of Syria. Local Sunni militias are too retarded (because they are Arabs), ISIS wants everyone to hate them, and Assad is not even a Muslim, so he has no place ruling Muslims (as the Sunnis would admit).

Iran also recognizes transgenders and provides financial assistance for sex change operations. Although they reject homosexuals.


And that would alienate his Russian and US/EU allies. Erdogan is all talk like most ineffectual strongmen.

Finally a nation that gets it

Turkey has no allies, only interests

He has also hosted over a million Syrian refugees, far more than any other nation has. He is a friend of the ummah

I'd rather see the restoration of the Byzantine Empire

What the everloving fuck is this muslim posting?


You could say that about almost any country. The fact of the matter is that Erdogan currently sucks US and Russian cock so he won't be starting a revanchist campaign any time soon.

Armenians wanted a Christian state but were cucked by the Soviet Union anyway.

Islam is the only functioning ideology that is resisting liberal capitalist hegemony. Everyone else is ineffectually shitposting

Ah so you're a retarded troll

Wait till they get nukes.

Arabs need to submit to the Ajam. Arabs are basically children that need us to take care of them.

Everyone on a chan board is either a troll or a retard who takes it way too seriously

I assume you mean apart from funding terrorist organizations?

I have mixed feelings tbh. They have a really good welfare state, and they make it a first priority to get everyone off the street. I was there for a month and a half and I saw no beggars or homeless people at all. Quite a feat tbh

They are a theocracy, and that's terrible, but I don't feel that most people notice it.

I suppose if you're a regular person who is at least casually religious it's a great country. Not so much if you're gay or hate the government. Then again it's pretty easy to hide your homosexuality since holding hands and kisses are socially acceptable between men. And they won't hunt you down, but if you're a gay activist or something, you're fucked


Nope. Traps are cross-dressers and/or "genderqueer" so they are classified as homosexuals. Iran only recognizes fully changed trans-men and trans-women.

Like that horrible Hezbollah who dared to defeat America's greatest ally in the middle east
and the terror state that Assad runs :^)

Post should have ended here tbh.

I only like passable traps too.

Non-passable traps are a crime against humanity

So ask the Iranian workers' movements if they like their Iranian state…


I don't care either way. I wish them well though.

Well, I don't want to butcher them and turn over their land and sovereignty to Israel for ethnic cleansing and mass theft of land.

They only accept SRS because it's seen as treatment for homosexuality, just Saiyan.

Ultraspooked government that's just barely tolerated by its own population. To be perfectly honest, everyone would be better off if they had a minimally competent bougie government.

This is how reformist "lefts" are born

I'm not saying it's the best thing, just that it's better than what they have now.

I don't support their ideology at all but I do support their right to defend themselves from imperialist scum.

Why even engage in lesser-evilism. It's such a classcucked, liberal thing to do (and I never use the word classcucked)

Backing Clinton because she's not as bad as Trump, that kind of shit. And I don't mean in your vote - that doesn't matter nearly as much as the discourse you contribute to.

Why speak up to argue in support of a lesser evil, when you could speak up to argue in support of a radical socialist alternative?

a country isn't a person hth

Redpill me on the Middle East,
Holla Forums. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

everyone else

Isn't Israel a goodguy (relative to the region)

they're all pursuing their own national interests, no such thing as a good or bad guy

Its about time our resident JIDF showed up.

They are also very opressive to sunnis in Iran. They kill someone as an apostate if they become sunni. I know some sunnis from Iran. I just pray they are safe. Also they are helping the Shi'i death squads in Iraq and the Assad regime who is by far killing the most civillians.

Honestly Erdogan is better then all the turkish leaders since the ottomans fell. The turks were extremly hostile towards islam. For example they banned the athan in arabic, changed the scripts from arabic to latin, forced people to adopt a western lifestyle.


You do realize being left wing in Iran is punishable by death right?

Consume less propaganda that lionizes the Kurds, and more about Kurdification.

PYD, PKK, PJAK, MLKP, Other underground Leftist groups

Literally everyone else.



Murtad means apostate, it's used against Muslims who are too secular. Shia are Rafida.

Then Iraq is the oldest country in the world.

No love for the HDP?

Killing people to maintain dominion has been a thing since forever and if you need to kill a lot of people to control a large territory then so be it and the fact that it upsets some kid on an imageboard at a later date is of no concern whatsoever.
Come back when you've run your own fiefdom you gutless narcissistic libshit.

So you support Fascists massacring and raping leftists by the hundreds of thousands?

Iran is a fucking Islamo-Fascist state. Fuck the Government of Iran.

Rich coming from a stalinist

If America insists Iran supports terrorist organizations, then at that point you can be sure they don't.

Don't forget, Dubya called the new Axis of Evil consisting of Iraq, Iran, and the DPRK.

They do fund groups that use terrorist tactics, though. Just not against the West, but the Sunnis.


Like I said, the fact that it offends your delicate sensibilities is irrelevant.
What's so hard to understand about that?

For fuck's sake, I'm making throwaway posts in a Malaccan tapdancing imageboard. I'm not contributing to anything, let alone a less-evilist discourse.

Iranian black metal if anyone is interested.

Sucks what happened in the 70s. Maybe without American meddling they would have become an example of Islamic secular socialism to the rest of the world.

You don't have to be a ML to agree that Iran is Islamo-fascist cancer.

bullshit, Iran would've been fine under Mosaddegh

this is how lifestylists are born.

Iran is short for Islamic Republic of Iran. Whether Germany would be fine if Rosa lived or not is irrelevant to the claim that it was fascist afterwards.

You're a fucking retard, go back to playing Sid Meier's Civilisation


Come back when you've run your own fiefdom you gutless narcissistic libshit.

Wow. You're a hard nosed realist.
Why should we support the government of Iran?