Chelsea getting ready to enter politics


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Holla Forums, there's nothing shameful in admitting your fear of new powerful woman in politics.

Please fucking fuck off with your shilling and shitposting.

She has zero charisma or intelligence. She was getting paid almost $1 million year by some hedge fund as an "advisor" or some stupid made up shit so they could get access to her parents. I guess now that her mom is no longer important all that money has dried up.

Chelsea Clinton/Michelle Obama vs Jeb Bush/George Bush 2020

at least Hillary was cute when she was young

Does anyone else think that it is strange how capitalism seems reverting into a form of merchant feudalism? I mean now families are becoming almost as important as institutions.


My main worry is that she will have a rough start. Hillary didn't rise her political career in a state ruled by fascists.

Your ideology is a walking shitposting.

Livercuck detected

Medieval Kings were right.

You have to kill the whole bloodline.

This is why the Romanov kids had to die

I hope Chelsea runs for president after she does a slam dunk job in congress

That has been the case since the 19th century. Which is why conservatives in good consciousness started to believe in capitalism, since capitalists are the new aristocratic elite


Hey Holla Forums

Oh look it is the nazi I mean nazi "socialists" acting all pol/yard again

Holy fuck, that's her? She's so fugly.

And how many speeches and she giving to bankers and Wall Street relative to her mother now?

That was always the original plan. Those times were the best for porky, total and absolute control.
Some of the rights conquested through the XIX century and XX century are being erased in the space of the last 10 to 15 years.
A major civilizational set back is on course since the 1980's.


You expect the nepotism to end? Liberals and neoconservatives dream of dynasty.

kill them

kill them all

Do you really think feudalism ever went away?

I'm not quite sure, is she qt?

My hate for Clinton is more fierce than my hate for Trump.

Trump is an idiot; a smart idiot, who convinced the people that he, a fucking billionaire, represents the average Joe, but an idiot nonetheless, he can't help himself.

But Clinton. The end justify the means, but the end never came and she's stuck with the means. She is responsible for Trump. She had nothing to offer, expect that she was better than Trump and it was her turn. Not good enough. And now we see they have nothing learned AT ALL.

PURGE or we will get another 4 years.
Right-wingers are not the main problem right now. It's the fucking liberals we have to deal with first. They need a bashing more than anyone right now.

Whose arm is that doing the Nazi salute?

She is p cute

Democracy yay!

not really

Nobody represents the "average Joe" right now. Hillary herself has a networth in the tens of millions and the Clinton family supposedly hundreds of millions if leaks are to be believed. She burned through billions of dollars like an idiot as well. Remember, this is the creature who Author Ronald Kessler claims in book agents confess that being on Hillaryโ€™s security detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service. Arriving at a 4-F Club in upstate New York while campaigning, Hillary saw cows and farmers and became enraged. She asked a staffer, 'What the fuck did we come her for? There's no money here'. And that's the reality of it.

Not going to even start with Hillary's leaked speeches to Wall Street. She was objectively worse than Trump for the working class and that's why the working class rallied behind Trump and to be honest, he isn't doing too bad a job right now. He cut TPP (and Bernie praised the act) when Hillary would not despite lying so during the primary just so she can beat Bernie, he's going after Big Pharma, he guts NAFTA, he's making it harder for corporations to exploit third worlders and immigrants for profit, he's making it so nobody under 25k USD has to pay taxes, encouraged numerous corporations to domestic hiring despite the kick to profits, etc. For what he is, he's doing exceptionally uncapitalist things and I welcome it.

Fuck unity on the left, liberals have been preaching unity on the left for decades and all it means is get behind our neoliberal agenda, support our censorship and social control or you'll get a Republican. And they just have the greatest faith that we'll bend over and take whatever they want to give us to prevent that. Fuck those people. They want my support they can do something actually leftist, I don't give a shit about their idpol.

fuck off back to reddit

She's our girl

Fuck off back to stormfront.


Can she smile without looking like she is in pain? Also that is airbrushed as fuck.

Not with that face. Seems like all the photoshop in the world couldn't save her either and looking up her pictures just encourages vomiting and reminds me "yep, this is the face of a liberal".

She's a Clinton.

And that's not even half of it.

But how are you supposed to collect million dollar cheques like Chelsea or Hillary written by Wall Street?

fixed her ugly face

From all the comments here this one is the most offensive.

And Holla Forums is with her/them always.

When I first saw this thread I thought it was referring to Chelsea Manning and I got kind of excited :

No. Fuck off.

You are the problem.

What the hell is happening to this place? Muke and mods are faggots.

When's she getting out? We should have a big godamn party, she's one of ours imo.

you are the problem

Now that's a good looking ideology I can get behind. Unf.

she is cuter than your gf

Really? Where's the speech telling people to seize the means of production?



please use a trigg*r warning next time

You first nazi

I meant ours in terms of being a confused and disaffected youth who grew up in the internet age and ultimately decided to fight back against an unjust system. Deeper bond than which books she likes imo.


b-but she doesn't spout socialist catchphrases like Holla Forums while doing literally nothing to fight the state, therefore she deserves the gulag :^๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

I agree wholeheartedly though. I will definitely be celebrating when she gets out, which is supposed to be in like five or six months I think.

Another title for that book could have been "wrong choices"

Hum she looks like nic cage

Half of the /reddit/ turds from /r/socialism voted for Hillary, they'll do the same with Chelsea and you'll never have a coherent left in the US.

Everybody is saying that her face is busted, but for some reason I really like her face. I also like that she doesn't really remind me of either of her parents. I would make a cummy in her if I could.

Former Clinton supporter here. Not gonna lie, it's pretty funny watching the Clinton's dynasty crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let Bernie take over the Democrat party.

Some people are attracted to that round, blob face kind of white woman who seems kind of shrill and stupid. Kind of like a meek but religious or prim british housewife fetish.

What you really want is to fuck porky though

We're on Holla Forums, we don't have standards


It's true, I want to fuck some rich 50+ year old guy's under 25 trophy wife.

You should take ironic flagposting a whole lot less seriously.

It might actually happen, in the middle of all the drama around immigration reform and refugees the Trump administration has been firing and pushing out some of the key Clinton supporters in the justice department and state department. These were the people who previously prevented the FBI from conducting a full scale investigation on the Clinton foundation and their backers. If they're gone and Trump is in office we can assume the leash is off and the FBI loyalists are in the middle of trying to roll up the whole network. If they are successful the Clinton dynasty will at the very least lose all its backing and be finished politically. If we're lucky they'll nab some of the backers too and the network will collapse rather than just shift to a new figurehead.