Why does this board hate Marxism-Leninism so much? Liberal infestation?

Why does this board hate Marxism-Leninism so much? Liberal infestation?

It's the only real scientific socialist ideology that has a track record of working.

Anarchism, Trotskyism, Social Democracy and Left Communism are all infantile and useless.

Because it would require for people to actually do something.

Most kids here are comfortable with doing nothing, following liberal Reformists or LARPing as the nemesis of trashcans.

Once you admit that ML actually achieved something, you'd have conclude that change is possible and you'd have to move out of your comfort zone and be politically incorrect.

Because marxism-leninism only created criminals, injustice and gulags. We are peaceful left.

It is insurrectionary, therefore has managed to grab power in a handful of countries. But by no means has had the staying power, no stayed true to communist ideals. Furthermore, it has distinctively and repeatedly shown how suspect it is to authoritarian tendencies.

Weak bait. Here is your (you)

Because Marxism-Leninism isn't Marxism or Leninism.

Because capitalism is not at all authoritarian, is it?

If Stalin installed some halfbreed democracy in the USSR everbody would speak German there now

I'm criticizing ML on its own merit. Not by comparison to capitalism.

And you keep wondering why reactionaries always make that joke and that you never know how to react to it.

sasuga tankie-kun

Because fuck your shitty 19th century planned economies

Your marxism-leninism is a bait. Its not even socialism.


Marxism-Leninism is a fucking insult to Marx, and Lenin.

ML is reactionary and tried countless times leading to failure so it's considered failed theory. Now give the others a chance to try.

That's intellectually dishonest since I don't recall any long-living attempts of Socialism besides ML. It's like saying "I'm not comparing Usain Bolt to a snail, I'm criticizing Usain Bolt by his own merit".

Because $MUH_IDEOLOGY is shit-tier


And you keep wondering why reactionaries always make that joke and that you never know how to react to it.

My entire life is an attempt at socialism, I've never made it happen but neither did Stalin.

They never do and when they do they impotent

This is just not true though, for instance, all the people who have so far agreed to try and organise with me have been anarchists. I say you put your money where your mouth is and join too

I know exactly how. Throw you larpers under the bus because you are the sole reason anybody distrusts socialism.



You're the dishonest one here.

You're basically calling every other attempt at socialism from anarcho-syndicalism to council communism a failure, because they did not create gulags and put millions of people into tank production. The only measure of success being, of course, an industrial war machine to defend its borders.

Pic related



man I LOVE slave labor and death camps and wish we could do it all over again

learning from your mistakes is for losers

Says the class collaborationist…

look if Lenin had actually carried out what he said he would do in The State and Revolution you would have a case. But he didn't

Well then tell me, what alternatives do these tendencies offer after the revolution? What would you have done 1917? Criticizing everything from an armchair is dishonest if you can not bring concrete solutions to the table. And don't even imply that there wasn't heated discussion amongst the Bolsheviks, even under Stalin

Oh how's that worker ownership of the means of production going?
protip: the state is not the workers :^)

In my country "ML" just equals edgy liberals who like the colour red. The biggest achievement they have is making songs about revolution and then voting for the liberals.

also you never answered my request, if its only you tankies who act, then why not organise with us?


State and Revolution was rushed and isn't very good, he just published it because his party was in need of an official doctrine

I was asking for concrete solutions not bullcrap like "read Bookchin". Theory doesn't tell you how to put butter on your bread.

I'm not American and the Antifa in my country has been COINTEL-PRO'ed.



except neither of those happened

anti-MLs literally spout the same lies fascists do

Even tho you are correct, you spooky definition of state as this malicious entity is an absolute strawman

The fuck??!?

Know what else never happened? Socialism.

Yeah. Welcome to the wonderful legacy of marxism-leninism in the west.

Because they're mostly nationalists or socdems justifying their favorite state's treatment of the working class with a flawed understanding of the critique of political economy. They're opportunists.
Read Marx and then Bordiga tbh.

True that never attempt

so, you're saying that one of the primary theoretical works of ML isn't very good but we should still hold to the doctrine why?

Not talking about antifa fam right now we are gathering together like minded people online for direct action, there is actually a few of us now too rather than just my autistic sperging

strike breakers


fucking scabs

Socialism as in worker ownership of the means of production my dude.

the defining characteristic of socialism is the withering away of the value-form. And hun, that definitely didn't happen in the Soviet Union.

While Lenins doctrine was very good, it's just not a very good book because it was rushed and tried to appease Mensheviks. And this is just my personal opinion.

You don't have to be a good writer to have good theory.

If you show a fruitful event with like-minded people I will approve of it or join as long as I am in geographical proximity. I'm not the one who is dividing and splitting dude

Because that's so fucking easy to do, huh?

or rather the dotp. I'd say that communism and socialism are actually the same thing. Communism describes the *movement* as well though.

The truckers union was being paid off by the CIA to cause turmoil and confusion in Chile to prep it for the coup. Read a book.

it is a none sectarian thing fam. We are trying to keep it as tight as possible so you'd have to drop me a mail and we can discuss if you would fit.

I'm not trying to be an asshole I just like debating.

It is my personal opinion that Lenin wasn't as bad as all that and was kinda pushed into not doing what he wrote, still an anarkiddie though.

I'm happy to have whoever fight capitalism with me [email protected]/* */

Coops aren't socialism.

Because the 20th century is over and the Soviet Union, the entity that primarily presided over the ideological proliferation of M-L, is dead and buried. It has lessons to be learned from, but from a practical perspective it is rooted in conditions that have come and gone, as well as being a largely unmarketable variety of "socialism" to the existing working class. That's not even including the actual critiques to the theory itself.

To be fair, that's a pretty equitable compromise in permitting workers strikes while also not letting the strike put other working people's lives at risk. A strike like that still stood to disrupt other parts of the production-consumption cycle, which would certainly exert pressure to bring about negotiation over the strikers' demands.

the AI is still not there yet, it's baby level

wow, I wonder why

Decentralized planning when?

Yeah but I have a cheetah, so fuck you.

And ML got nowhere except every time creating a new ruling class and proles getting wasted worse than they were under porky.

Except it never did anything except set up corrupt dictatorships that subsequently collapsed.

The truckers had no real demands. They were given 2 million porky points by the CIA to go on strike. Look up the "September Plan".

I know but it's not an impossible pipedream.

You asked me specifically for workers control.

You keep on shifting definitions left and right only to end up in a circular reasoning

It isn't specifically anarchist and its a whole lot less larpy then doing absolutely nothing.

At this stage we are simply recruiting and building with like minded individuals who want to take action.

So at this point it isn't really anything influenced, although it is directly democratic.

Socialism was achieved during Stalin's leadership of the USSR.

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was the closest we have ever to stateless communism.

oh and I didn't make clear that it is totally non sectarian, unless you are going to directly attempt to subvert the democracy

Improving living conditions, not getting their surplus of labor extracted by captalists, ending war and free education is not in the interest of the working class because some competent people leading the state hurt your feels?

Because vanguardism does not create a path to socialism. National liberation and welfare states are nice, but I've never been shown how a bureaucratic and necessarily alienated state power can ever abolish itself, especially when that state's survival also usually requires strict surveillance, censorship, and police terror. And while so many people here will endlessly argue that there's no point in feminism or anti-racism because without capitalism these things would not exist, so many of these states were deeply anti-semitic, racist, and sexist, just like any other country. And what country that has been put through Marxism-Leninism has not capitulated to global capitalism?


I used to support it but researching Soviet Union and maoist China made me into a libertarian socialist.

tankfam what are you saying? Drop me a little line, come join ?


No, Based Tukboi would have rolled into Paris.Stalin's purges have to be the one thing that caused the defeats of Barbarossa.

dissolving the state while imperialist and monarchist armies swarmed Russia? yeah, no

you need a strong state to achieve socialism

Bullshit. The USSR had gender equality, divorce, abortion etc decades ahead of the Western crapitalists states

I'll take that as a no then?

Liberal mindset identified

I like that you actually wanna do shit and I might give it a try? Just really busy but screencapped you. You are a based Anarcho-Nihilist

Yeah, maybe before those things were rolled back when the whims of the vanguard changed.

Sources? Pic related

If you don't intend to win World Revolution, what are you even doing?

You non-sectarianism is "non-authoritarian Left only" kind of non-sectarianism. This pretty explicitly excludes Vanguardism.

Also, Anarchists not only oppose Marxist paradigm, they have a high chance of joining counter-Revolution.

Four: Laos and Vietnam too, not to mention Nepal. And then there is a bunch of guerilla/terrorist groups active in Peru, India and Bangladesh, but I'm not sure if they should be considered ML.

A spectre is haunting this planet. A spectre of Soviet Union …

Because 90% of Holla Forums are autistic edge lord Stalinist man-children who don't know what communism is.

Marxism Leninism didn't work

Poor ancom, the marxists really fucked him up

this is the most confused post I have ever seen


If we are pretending that Capitalist economy is Free Market, I'm allowed to claim Vietnam as ML.

Stalin won after 4 years and the fascists taking most things east of the Leningrad-Moscow-Stalingrad line. Ofc, industrialisation only could have occurred under conditions here the most experienced officers of the civil war were purged. That is naturally the only way the war could have been won. If it wasn't for Comrade Stalin's personal guiding hand, no T-34s would have ever come into existence. I mean come-on, without the purges we would have had socialist republics from Lisbon to Laos.

Khrushchev > Mao and Stalin

best cornrade

This is your mind on Marxism-Leninism.

Literally no Marxist-Leninist claims to emulate the conditions of a quasi-feudal country onto a post-industrial condition one fucking hundred years later.

But nice bait.