Smashies, antifa and college campus liberals absolutely BTFO

Smashies, antifa and college campus liberals absolutely BTFO.

he's right 100%

Fascist americans need a reminder that left isn't powerless. Hit nazis first, think how to reform government later. Because they right now feel comfortable being in power.

This. He is absolutely fucking right. I wish there was more talk on actual organization that isn't just marching around and how to build that. Because honestly I have no idea what that looks like or how to build that. Adam Curtis mention the same thing about the Left's refusal to deal with power.

I'm gonna go ahead and make a discrepancy here.

The Democrats under-campaign local elections.
The left in general is eclipsed by the DNC.

If you look at less major American left parties, their local campaigns probably actually amount proportionally to their membership and funds. It's the DNC who decisively focus on presidential elections and undersupport everything lower level than that.

Smashies are unrelated, and political violence is not something the left has a monopoly on at all. I agree that the "real left" is filled with egos, and it's annoying as fuck and misplaced. But the competition that's being lost is largely between the DNC and Republicans.

DeBoer is pretty much right 99% of the time, the remaining 1% being in regards to Gamergate. I tried shooting him a couple of e-mails to at least chat up one of the few intelligent lifeforms left in the American left, but alas, his calls for liberals to open up to dialog don't seem to extend to him.

DHS are the fascists. Punch a DHS officer every day.

Let's start targeting shit to smash, then.

is she for real?

Attack the DHS. Attack cops. Bomb federal buildings. Assassinate politicians. More violence. More blood. More fire.

Where were you when the right won

What the fuck is wrong with the American left?

You think fighting fascists is bad and women wearing hijabs is good

I like how you think.
Let us unite and show them our power! We must take our value from them!


He's not saying smashie smashie is wrong, but just doing smashie smashie is wrong.

Reminder that the revolution will not be successful without the eradication of smashies and anarkiddies

What about us tankies?

Absolutely BTFO.

Proper politics or bust. Get out with your pseudo-activity.

keep crying socialists, we're gonna fight fascism and there's nothing you can do to stop us.

From what we've seen, antifa is motivated entirely by idpol. I can't even find a single instance they went after a wall street exec.

Oh and look what they've "accomplished". The FBI is going to investigate their retarded rioting and violence now and Milo just got a fucking invitation to the White House, proving antifatards played right into his hands. Then there's the working class, who polls show stronger solidarity with the right than they have in decades and this is entirely do to liberal failure, and antifa ARE liberals no matter how much they deny this, otherwise they'd be going after wall street execs or liberals themselves who keep hurting the cause and not be literally funded and supported by porkies.

tl;dr We fucking told you so.

"Tankie" is just shorthand for "actual well read socialist"

You're getting your shitposting flags mixed up, champ.

Was that a slip of the tongue where you confounded proper politics with socialism, or did you just outright admit that you're not a socialist and you're just a useful idiot for liberal democratic interpellation?

thanks comlad

i'll gulag you last

What's with the recent use of the PCd'I/leftcom flag for baiting tankie shitposts?

Have the few leftcoms on the board finally become notorious and unfuriating enough to warrant their flag's use as a symbol of bait? Feels good.


Literally in the name. Yes, they primarily go after the social/national hard right.

If you were paying attention, they almost certainly already were investigating it. Hell, they could be ~behind~ a lot of it depending on who you ask. We're talking about the same agency that had like a 300 page file on Phil Ochs.

Milo worked for the Trump's right-hand man. The definition of "sooner or later it would have happened."

And you liking sucking cheetah's dicks. Shit, can't dig yourself out of this one no - you're a zoophile no matter how much you deny it. In fact, everyone I disagree with is a zoophile and not pure and true like me.

Right, they'd alienate less people by attacking liberals and rich guys than they would attacking the hard right. And that wouldn't play into Trump's hands. Ok, right. Because it would play into literally everyone's hands except antifa and undermine any pretense they had of attacking extremism.

Your suggestions for improving their stupid break stuff movement only makes it even stupider and fails to understand a very simple underlying concept.