Its been over a week and I haven't seen a thread on it here. Kinda disappointed

Its been over a week and I haven't seen a thread on it here. Kinda disappointed.

How does Holla Forumsfeel about the Justice Democrats?

Will it work?
Are they hopeless reformists?
Will they even get anyone elected?

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Stop pushing your shit here. These guys are still capitalists and are nothing more than appeasers. Get the fuck out with this shit, nigga.


I dunno homie what you think? Get this Dem shit out of here.

More "progressive" idealism

Well intentioned but useless really



Duplicate thread.

Wtf guys.

You were all over Bernies dick when it suited you and now you shun these guys. Honestly I don't think they are the ultimate answer but they have the potential to make life better for the average person and make our shit system only kinda shit instead of total shit. Which is way more than anyone else is offering right now.

Fuck off faggot.

What the fuck are you offering? Where is this massive socialist movement I can join to make things better because if there was one I would join it. The justice democrats are the best possible option right now given our choices and I for one am not going to shoot myself in the foot and work against my own best interests in order to appeal to high minded idealism when I could actually support a movement that has the potential to actually, you know, be effective.

Holla Forums is literally incapable of defending their contradiction on this point.

Effective towards what? What does that Mazda video have to do with this?

Nearly all their policies are something to be expected from liberals, at best perhaps dumbass social democrats.


Dude they're like getting money out of politics!! It doesn't matter that the capitalist system by design will always give minority control of the government to the bourgeoisie regardless of whatever legislation is put into place. JUST DO STUFF!!!!!!

More like we have four fucking threads in the catalog on this exact topic already.




I thought a Trot would like SocAlt

Congrats OP on your garbo thread. Here's the wiki link for anyone interested

I'm just saying the second this starts to get off the ground all of you faggot will be fawning over it the same way you did over Bernie and SYRIZA only to then avail and cry shouting "THEY BETRAYED US!" when they do exactly what they said they were going to do from the beginning instead of making everyone literally worship stalin.