Chilling effects

How many fash do we have to bash until their movement is driven back into obscurity because they are afraid to come out in public?

How many website owners do we have to bash until they no platform fash? Which website owners are in need of bashing? Where are their offices?

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Nah you need to assassinate

I know but I thought the mods would remove my thread if I said that. Thank you.

The white race will not go the way of the native American peacefully.

I think you already do with drug overdoses and suicides
All of these, symptoms of capitalism

This is the human trash removing itself anyway. Those who don't regale themselves in escapism see the bigger picture.

What I would say about the Richard Spencer punch thing is that it really did humiliate him. He went from being an edgy, 'sophisticated' right-wing strongman into, basically, a creep with a frog badge who was decked by two scrawny anarchists practically over night.

The image in the heads of patriarchal white nationalists is a clean-cut, middle class white man who can 'take out the trash', not some dweeb tearing up over a bloody nose given to him by a protestor. Shattering white machismo one punch at a time works.

You are classist trash
This whole "whíte genocide" is fake
Even those who don't do drugs move past your garbage

Wrong.. Just because you circle jerk around violence you are losing morally. People see Richard Spencer as someone who is attacked because of his beliefs and see him as a victim. Yes, you might think it humiliated him, and you could be right. Nobody wants to get punched, but now he is being made into a martyr by the right, and the avarage fool thinks left is immoral.


Burgers have thought the left was immoral since the red scares for fuck's sake.

Good luck there, chief

The thing is, in the mainstream press, for the 'avarage fool' [sic], it wasn't covered. Most people don't know who he is and didn't hear about the punch. Most of the right don't have any regard for the guy at all. The fringe political press used to put out articles about this 'sophisticated', 'respectable' head of a neo-fascist thinktank; but those have stopped now. Frankly, you don't build up the political programme of a Master Race by martyring a dweeb who was taught the meaning of chat shit, get banged while explaining his dorky meme-frog badge.

Not the guy your replying to but big Pharma and the CIA-ran drug cartels are killing hundreds of thousands of workers:

To say nothing of big alcohol (#3 cause of death for adults between 21-33) and tobacco. Capitalism is killing off the white working class to some extent because it is immiserating them even further.

I don't believe in a "anuddah shoah" conspiracy but do I believe that the bourgeoisie doesn't give a fuck about white workers and portrays them as ignorant racists who are dying out in order to make themselves look good? Yes, I do.

Stupid cunt. No moralism is not borgorous. We live for humans and not materialism.

This morality is borgorous meme is excactly something idpolers would be saying.

And that's the reason why left is so degenerate and incapable to actually do anything. Most leftist politicians are just helping capitalist by pushing neoliberalism and liberalism in general.

And because of this moral dilema of the left we are unable to gather workers. The avarage worker doesn't give a fuck about some communist larper/satanist telling about morality being borgorous.

The way left was hijacked was by immorality and moral relativism by the liberals.

No, people all around the world know who Spencer is. The world is watching american elections and even normies have heard alt-right. People like Spencer are right behind a corner to be discovered, and you fools make him a martyr.

The avarage worker doesn't want to assosiate with immorality and violence. You can try to play this off, but the right wont play it off. They will capitalize on it. The left is totally lost while this "morality is borgorous"-meme is going on.

Nah. The decline in life expectancy of men is across class lines. Here's a question for ya. Why are men today so much more likely to slowly kill themselves?

And my point was those who do aren't the ones you want in your revolution, which ever side it comes from, as they are weak anyway.

Full disclosure, I've been killing myself with booze for the past 15 years. Hasn't fucking worked yet.

A 'martyr'. He took a weak scrappy punch to the face and whined about it on Twitter. Hardly 'martyrdom'. The 'average' worker (if there's such a thing), frankly, doesn't give a shit

Look, every act of violence that is not supported morally will be seen as immoral. The more people see leftist immoral the less people will want to join leftism.

Not sure if Holla Forums or newfag

Keep being an edgy teenager all you want, but you wont never gather enough people for a revolution if you insist on immorality.

Well sounds like a shit "revolution" if you gather moralfags and other worthless emotional morons



Lenin was based

You'd need to wipe out their vanguard.

As it turns out, it actually gives them more attention and sympathies.

If that's your goal, gg. If this is a false flag to invoke wounded gazelle gambit, you totally fell for it.

Just stop and think for a moment.

That is why normies are morons, punching him is a good thing, but instead of merely punching him they should have beaten him up, only to later make it look like this was an alt right group behind that act trying to gain sympathy and the left exposed it.

Why havent people learned how to abuse "leaks"

We should not, fascist love obscurity because it allows them to swim in false conscience.

Don't punch fascists, take down their websites and their videos, force them to go outside and socialize to wash the fascism off them.

Untrue. I used to believe people were inherently good, but then people peacefully protesting at Trump rallies would get socked in the head and mobbed by right wingers. If antifa fought for what we believed in it would not hurt our message. If anything if appeals on the same level to the base instincts tapped by Trump, but to the left-leaning instead

we need to go full black panther and just start walking around with machine guns.

we should do the same thing with muslim homophobes, just walk through yheir neighborhoods with guns on our backs


isn't it convenient that we live in a system where capitalists will do this if we complain enough? What would we do if we couldn't get their videos taken down?

Muslim homophobes are more dangerous than mostmodernist leftists like you. We will kill you, and the liberals will defend us for it.

Soviet Union in a nutshell

Don't you have a plane to crash?


You're a big bolshevik.

Hey guys, social liberal here (not convinced capital isn't the best system for widget-making, although I think it's absurd that healthcare/military/prisons/law enforcement/prosecution isn't 100% socialized). Don't mean to be a dick. But can you guys ignore whatever my Liberal shitheads think and keep doing exactly what you're doing? It's perfect, we get to dismiss you as "not us" because you're all scary and taliban'd up and say "as liberals we believe in rational discourse!" and in the meantime the Nazis still get punched.

But anti-imperialism is literally moralism.

Congrats, you're giving porky an excuse to crack down on actual socialists. Gotta fight "extremism" ne?

(/r/socialism types are fine though I'm sure)