Someone explain nazbol to me

Someone explain nazbol to me.

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They are basically just tankies but with more Stalin devotion and less theory. They aren't fascists regardless of what their flag looks like.

Any community that gets its laughs from acting like idiots will be eventually be flooded by actual idiots who belive they are in bad company

Good company *

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Meme ideology that basically is Stalinism that has abandoned all pretense of Marxist theoretical tradition. It takes all the dogmatism of your standard M-L for the namesake leaders and applies that to Stalin in isolation, essentially wanting to expand upon his highly authoritarian and nationalistic stylings while abandoning all remaining vestiges of proletarian internationalism and transition into communism.

why not just into bunkers instead then?

The only reason Stalin had to be so authoritarian was because American imperialists and traitors within the government were working extremely diligently to derail and threaten the socialist project. This is basic stuff.

OP again. Why pick such a shitty flag though? Seems to completely misrepresent the ideology.

They have brain problems

The flag is cool though.

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Makes it seem like they're trying too hard to be edgy. Why use the design for a flag that represents an ideology that is the polar opposite of yours?

National-Bolshevism = Völkisch Nationalism + Stalinism

I like the qt Russian nazbol girls

Me too.

So… is this not direct contradiction to traditional communist ideology? This is just first time hearing of National Bolshevism/Nazbol etc. Seems like Nazism but somehow communism?


What do you belive is "communist ideology"?

Except capitalist infiltration was never the reason why socialism was not established in the USSR. That was the given reason why anti-democratic measures like taking political authority away from the workers councils occurred; the refusal to move from state capitalism (be that in the form of the NEP or post-NEP soviet economy) was attributed primarily at the time to a necessity to more rapidly build up industry. This was essentially accomplished by no later than the onset of WWII, and had no reason to not transition to workers control of the MOP after the post-war national reconstruction was complete.

As others have pointed out, it's edgy. Additionally, it's almost indistinguishable from a Nazi flag from a distance; we are already demonized enough as it is, we do not need our imagery reflecting this idea many people have that communism and fascism are both sides of the same monolithic boogyman threatening to wipe out "the free world."

Marxism is what I refer to as basic communist ideology.

So it is just diehard Stalinism?

Hegelian dialectics

Read this shit as a Starter Kit.

It's an irrational hodgepodge that de facto rejects most of the core tenets of Marxism including proletarian internationalism, yes.


Holla Forums shitposters

Name the last time socialiem in one state worked

Nazi Commies



It did work. That's why America and western imperialists had to invade so often.

Considering it didnt work in one country precisely because of that, yes, we should go bigger now

All you need to know about them right here:

it is a gigantic contradiction, that's the idea

From my findings I have concluded that Nazbol is fucking retarded.

I heard that some of them glorify Hitler/ are somewhat sympathetic toward Mussolini. I think it depends on which nazbol your talking about cause there's a decent range from tankie to neo-nazi within the group. On the tankie side they just use "Leftwing" nationalism a means to unite the people wherever the revolution happens I think

I run a turd positionist community outside of Holla Forums and I don't think I've met any nazbols/turd positionists who glorify Hitler (except to occasionally be ironic) or to shit post. I've talked to a few who might be somewhat sympathetic to Mussolini and Mosley and I've talked to others who lean more towards communism. So yeah, it's a spectrum, although that spectrum usually ranges from fascism-lite/proto-fascism to communism.

Russian Punk. + Russia (cannot be understood by the mind alone 🍀🍀🍀)

Assuming is broadly accurate.

It's like you REALLY are the brute animals porkey makes out proles to be


care to join?

What a bunch of retarded flags

Wow, that shit on scientific planning is great. Solid find.


this is fucking idiotic, how is possible to connetc rational and materialist, subtle philosphy of marxism with naive, irrational nazi fairy-tales about hollow earth, black sun, giants living underground, Adolf Hitler on UFO saurcers that will come back from Aldebaran?

i can't even believe this is true