Holla Forums: Guys how do we stop fascism from rising?

Leftism is not liberalism with soviet aesthetics, whats so hard to understand?

this is your brain on anarchism

And you will stop one fascism from rising, and help another fascism.
You read books to prevent second from coming, not to destroy the first.

some guy shot an antifa in seattle and you lot didn't do much about it

I didnt make this thread so retqrds like you cam to embarass thmselves


Assaulting Nazis is good when it is tactically sound to do so.

Committing autismal acts of random violence because an internet troll is giving a speech to a room of 50 asthmatics is not tactically sound.



The antifa shot the guy in the face with a paintball gun first. Also punched him. It's why it was ruled as self defense and no charges were filed.

I'm sick of this dogmatic hatred of leftcoms. Not all of us are incapable of action you imbeciles. Pic related is me…checkmate…

This is the true force of ideology



Punching individuals will not stop fascism from rising. That said sitting in your armchair is not enough, the left needs an actual organization and not scattered parties or antifa hooligans.

He's making that face because he only came to talk about theory and nobody is listening

Got a source?

Is this a joke or do people actually believe this about Soros?

Yes I went but getting out of my armchair was perhaps the greatest ordeal I have ever lived through. I crawled on my emanciated legs which crinkled and crunched with every step. I found some tape and taped my torso to my trusty armchair. Thankfully I have a car which nearly didn't start after two decades of sitting in my garage. I drove to the protest and was carried by two anarchists who were almost rendered speechless at the sight of a leftcom outside his home. When the rally was over I realised I was 100 metres from my car, I dragged my limp body over, my legs had been broken in multiple places due to a lack of use. Overall I'd give the rally a 3/10. Next time there should be mobility scooters provided so more leftcoms can participate.


First we should organise.
Going full GTA will just end up getting you killed



Actual leftists: 'no fuck off'
alphabet soup: *spits out donut* 'REEEEEEEE NOW I GOTTA DO MY JOB'

I'l just say this - its very "interesting" you guys are so quick on protecting Soros, and violent riots against Trump. Hillary and Obama is your loved ones then, "fellow communists"?

A lot of people on this board of late seem to be cryptoliberals. I warned you. You are being enslaved by globalists right now to do job for them. You aren't going to install socialism. You are going to install corporate slavery.

This, violence ought to be used surgically and tactically. Wanton displays of mindless destruction like what we saw at Berkeley will only push normies to the right by making us look like retards. In addition open chaos on the streets will scare people, making them easy prey for people promising security, like fascists. Antifa ought to be sneaking into Richard Spencer's house and leaving horse heads in his bed, not sperging out in public.

Just because you just downloaded a pic of lenin doesnt mean we cant see its you pol

Just because you call me Holla Forums, doesn't mean i can't see you are a capitalist scum.

Only a capitalist would defend private property

We are not protecting him, we are simply astounded how you make him to be any different from the others of the ruling class who only care about their self-interest. Now go away Holla Forums

Okay but what's the point of stopping the second one but not the first one.

By stop openly discussing them giving them attention. Getting them banned on social media and making them so irrelevant no media wants to report on them. Make them look like idiots without making yourself look like one. Redirect media attention to totally differentiate locations with big demonstrations so they don't report on them.

This mostly. There is something to be said though about using strategic displays mass violence (rather than strictly small surgical moves) to garner attention to the struggle. It is of my opinion that the protests on Trump's inauguration day did not hurt us in the long-run; liberals may be outraged for a week or so, but the images of fascists getting suckerpunched and limousines being burned with the words "we the people" will carry weight for much much longer.

That being said, we'd still have what I believe to be far to many people among the left complaining about the use of violence regardless of how surgical/pragmatic the action is, and we'd still end up at this junction in terms of internal discourse. The general populace would certainly be less hostile however.

Liberal pls.

The real issue I'm concerned about is how we can use violence without making ourselves look like a danger to the public at large, and as such pushing more people to support fascism for the sake of security. I would advice everybody to read up on the rise of Nazism and Weimar Germany, we need to understand where the KPD and SPD went wrong. We're at a critical juncture here, we can't afford to make mistakes. From this point on it's either socialism or extinction.

newfeds can't greentext lol

Funnily enough the limo owner was a muslim immigrant

It doesnt matter if he is muslim or and immigrant
What matters is that he is ruling class

Try being less fucking stupid, pol

And Fascism isn't fucking institutionalized. Even if it was close to taking over the government it still wouldn't be the problem because it is fucking nothing without the state, but the state doesn't need it to be oppressive, which it already is. People should be more concerned with destroying the state rather than fighting the fascist boogeyman, which porky would love that you focus on rather than focusing on him.

Yes, and? Neither of those things are meaningful on their own. Muhammad Ashraf at the end of the day is a porky, and the loss of a single vehicle means nothing to him in the long-term.

Fascism is the consolidation of state power under bourg control. Fighting fascist IS fighting the state: it's fighting the rise of a kind of state that will gladly strip us of whatever rights/ability to organize and resist we currently have. It's system is unsustainable, but the success of a fascist state can kill the momentum of our movement for decades to come.
Besides, you seem to imply that you're either anti-fascist or you're anti-state, when the reality is that many many people are both. When it comes to the fascists, there really is only a select few occasions where meaningful action can be taken to undermine their platform; it's not taking anything away from the struggle against the state currently in power.

Socialism or extinction and the entire world is drifting right…

Terrifying times loom ahead.

The world is drifting right, because people are sick of the centre.
It apparently requires heroic effort to overcome the us vs them mentality. Something idpol uses in full force.

And as bizarre as it may sound, Holla Forums is the only idpol free leftist space on the internet. We are the vanguard.

Not anymore than fighting neoconservatives or regressive leftists.
If the state wants to do that, it will regardless of some movement asking for it. The state mutates however it can or should to stay in power, sometimes that mutation is Fascism, sometimes it doesn't need to mutate. Regardless, it shouldn't be necessary for a Fascist state or its possibility to exist for you to finally come to action, and that action shouldn't involve getting into gang wars or policing what people can say.
If you are focused on ending the state then you shouldn't waste your time getting into street fights with skinheads or damaging the movement by acting like authoritarian moral police and rioting because an internet troll is saying shit you don't like.

For a private individual, he has a good track record of effectiveness at overthrowing governments in favor of neo-Notsees.

Also, he's been meeting too much with the Democratic Party leadership of late and therefore is probably running the color revolution script here.

So just focus on smashy teh state and liberals and the press will treat us like saints and reactionaries will just give up and totally not defend the state or try to make a new state amirite?

We need professional assassins

Good things: my tribe
Bad things: other tribe

What? Don't call me fascist guise!

Probably not, but more people will response positively to a group that tries to violently take down the state than a group that acts like retards and chimps out because of what someone said.
They might, but like the majority of people they will never act on their opinions. Once they put up rifles then violence is an option, but until then it's just thought policing, driving people away because they think you're belligerent SJWs, and radicalizing your opponents and making them more set in their opinion instead of possibly being able to persuade them to your side. I wasn't always a leftist and if some group waving a red and black flag beat me up when I was a rightist then I could possibly not be one today.

Wow OP, if you feel that strongly about it, why don't you stop bitching about it in every thread and go out an do it, you fucking pussy? stop trying to rope us into this trying to turn this board into your smashie torture chamber.

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This is your brain on liberalism.

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