Gamescom 2017

It's in 2 days. Anybody excited for anything? How is this show still relevant?

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The Muslims need a video games trade show, too

I'm excited for how ridiculous it will be.
stuff like is genuinely what I look forward to seeing. It's more of a joke than anything.

Ace Combat 7, Ni no Kuni 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mount and Blade Bannerlord, and Kingdom Come Deliverance, that's pretty much it.

And there's Merkel who will probably be making a little speech that creating video games that cater and will be free to the poor rapefugees will lessen the amount of crime in Germanistan.

You serious?

Because video games can be used as a form of propaganda by that commie witch.

Yeah, on the firest day which only has invited guests and the press.
There are supposed to be some other party members in some kind of arena later on where they play against each other, but I already forgot the detail since it was plain fucking retarded to even think of something like that.

it will be the first time people will be able to play MH world, so yeah, looking foward to the info people get out of the game.

Hopefully we'll get a Nintendo Direct or something

Germany is the authoritarian as fuck when it comes to vidya, the fact that they're letting her show up is laughable.

I'm not saying gamescom would be a good place for something to happen to merkel

Super Mario Odyssey will probably be the only thing worth seeing there.

I'm going and I'm going to fuck merkel up
enough is enough

t. euranon


shchengen zone means no border control so I will take a gun from switzerland

Hopefully dubs mean that you won't puss out like Ren

Is anyone actually following this or doesn't Holla Forums not talk about video games anymore?

xbox "presentation" was a fucking disaster
fucking pathetic
the only worthwhile thin was cuphead and that barely got minutes of screen time

I'm interested to see what Star Citizen will pull out of their ass, I think this is the moment that makes it or breaks it completely.
Hopes are low the game can be saved, but maybe, just maybe something good will come out of it.


Ren was a no-show, Euroanon will do the same.

Why don't you do anything about it and lead by example?

I don't even play the virtual jew, I just want to see leftists get massacred and this pozzed hobby disappear.


That's enough of your blueballing, Ren.

May Kek light your way

If dubs the convention gets a visit from the Religion of Peace.

Damn, better luck next time.

what is a gamecom?

I don't know what it is.

It's a German video games convention you newfags.

Bring your "boar" shotgun user.

I'll try again for you.

If dubs the convention gets a biological agent used on them by Islamic jihadis.

Thank fuck.

Is sega gonna be there? I just want them to announce more PC ports already.

Probably something about the Shenmue Remasters besides Sonic and Total War.

If Bonerlord and Cyberpunk aren't there I don't give a flying fuck about Gamescum 2017.

Unlike E3 it still manages to be about games, so I wager extremely relevant to anyone who is actually remotely interested in vidya.

They are releasing rapeplay to rapefugees for free in Germany?

I saw it on Twitch and it was impossible to troll in the chat (limited to people who are subs for more than 30 minutes).
Old men, fake geek girls and fat woman with dyed hair… what a shit show.

Excited? No way but it is has the most vidya content of all the gayming "conventions".
I could go pretty easily but why the fuck would I expose myself to this shit country if any info is online 3 seconds afterwards.
I guess any shekelcitizen stuff could get funny.

rapes, I mean games, for everyone!

why the fuck would merkel be there?

In about a month germany has federal elections.
That's the only reason.

Expect Chris Roberts to make an ass of himself again, they always make a huge show of Star Shitizen at Gamescom because germans are the most hardcore simulation autists and they eat that shit up. They're gonna have a livestream of their latest carefully prepared tech demo to convince people the game is real and will actually release one day, but their garbage ALWAYS crashes or has some kind of technical difficulty live. They release a cleaned up edited version on youtube later. Pic related, their demo machines.

I am looking forward to it. I am a local and have tickets, hopefully I will have a good time.

I'll report you to Maas

Anyone going should try to have a go at AC5, they'll have a demo for it.

How's AfD doing? Do they have a chance of winning?


They are currently at ~5%.

Correction: 7,5%.
Doesn't really change anything though.

What are the chances Merkel will be removed or will being replaced by rapist aloha snackbars be the future Germany chose?

Heres some meaningful non Holla Forumsshit of whats actually going down at the show:

-Jurassic World Evolution: Its a spiritual successor to JP Operation Genesis
-Age of Empires 4 and 2/3 Remasters
-Final Fanatsy XV PC
-New Shenmue 3 teaser
-Biomutant: An Open World RPG game starring a furfag
-Trailer for Gravel, an Off Road Racing game

There, you can continue to talk about Mudslimes and Commies now.

Don't know, don't care. I'm just going throw my vote away for some small party that's not going to make it into parliament.

safe for Holla Forumsshit

Fuck that. Who would want to watch such a bitch ruin vidya?

Anno 1800 just got announced
Also new AC7 trailer

I was there 2012 and 2013.

It was nice. You had no long waiting times and it was not as full as i thought it would be.
When you went there after 16:00 almost all kids where gone and you could have some nice talk with devs from smaller games

Full as fuck. Too many people everywhere. 6 hour waiting at almost every game.
No time for some smalltalk with the devs.
Also they increased the prices for eating and drinking. Not that 6€ for a 0,5L bottle of water are cheap or the same price for a bun with sausage and some ketchup.

My personal recommendation is to not visit the gamescom without a press pass.



(checked and heiled)

2013 was also the beginning where you couldnt purchase tickets on the day ya went there. I believe it was the year where the current gen consoles where released/announced.
Also the amount of green(12-16yo) wristsbands was fucking embarassing last year.

will it bring back the glory days of anno 1404? probably not
i know i wouldn't want to grapple with the uplay client to play it anyway.

Do we have boots on the ground?

Jesus fucking Christ.

We get news from Egosoft about X4

I need bleach now. Is the rest of Gamescom this shitty?

Can someone TL;DR me what has been announced and which companies have stuff to announce


Anything good?

We have this furry rpg that looks ok I guess.



Fucking kill me now please




New Butterlord Gameplay, Shenmue III trailer, new Ace Combat 7 Trailer, trash from Ubikike, EA and Micro$haft as usual. Not a lot to write home about but a lot more games here than there was at E3

Considering how much they burnt the old fanbase with X:Rebirth (they basically told them to go fuck themselves and tried to appeal to the normalfag mass market), Egosoft can go suck muslim dicks in hell for all I care.

At least they are respecting the robot

Ace Combat is on now.

I just want to play videogames!

What did they say?

release when?


Ni no Kuni 2 looks comfy, fite me

I don't think I will be able to play that, especially with VR.

Already better than E3

>don't forget to preorder the 200€ (((collectors edition))) with the season pass, stupid g…, I mean valued customer

Level 5 is a good dev, Bamco hasn't kiked too hard lately and the game looks good.
No thanks

it's not Chinese


user please

No wonder Germany is a shithole, they don't even speak God's language.






Youre forgetting that a high majority of those homicides are niggers shooting each other up.

Remove non-whites, and we're on par with Europe while having infinitely more individual rights, but you already knew that.

If you want to be on par with europe, you have to import a shitton more of "refugees".

Like being free to not bake cakes for gay communities.

The percentile of Illegals in the US is bigger than the rapefugees most of Yurop is taking in.

Heres a close estimate of what France currently is sheltering in comparison to its population.

Thats 0.075% of the population

The US has 3.4% of illegals as its population.

Like being able to legally respond to a home invader or assailant on the streets with deadly force. You cucks can't even put up barbed wire without being held liable if a burglar injures themselves breaking into your home (see Occupier’s Liability Act).

I think you're talking about (((western))) yurop

Thats the only thing you got going in non commie states and most Nordic and Slav countries already have that covered.
You fags can't even drink in public

New Bannerlord footage.

This tbh fam.


Free to deny services, yes. What's wrong with that?
Oh, I get it. Forgot that europoors are subjected to orwellian doublethink. You probably think that having the state force people to do things they don't want to is freedom.

With all that feigned intereset, one might think elections are around the corner .. oh wait

Migrants don't have any rights, though.

huh, made me think

Play stupid all you want Americuck.


In what fantasy land do you live in? Sure, you're allowed to deny services so long as the one you're denying them to happens to be white, male and heterosexual.
So how are you enjoying your non-political games goyim ?

What ? Veganism trumps semitism ? The author is clearly unfamiliar with the situation.


Some people never learn.

Fucking kill all journalists already

Did Sega show up yet?

Trump actually has an official video game so he wins by default.


You're not going to do shit.



Du bist ein großer Kerl

Fuck, everything is garbage

Good to see Chloe is still a remorseless cunt.

How long will this continue and is there a list of companies that will announce stuff?

That actually looks quite fun. It'll probably be shit, but I'm pleasantly surprised tbh.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't tragic at the same time…

I was surprised to see Monster Hunter showing up at all. Really happy about the coverage it's getting.

Für dich.


can't make this shit up

I don't know what to expect with this

Steamwrold Heist was pretty good so I'd assume they'll step up

Dig and Heist are two pretty different games, you can't really base expectations on one based off the other, outside of the fact it's the same universe/art style maybe

I'm just saying I never expected the dudes who made Dig to have made Heist, so maybe they've gotten gud or maybe not.

Thanks user

I mean, that's exactly the sort of thing the pope SHOULD say. And the government is supposed to completely fucking ignore it because they're not supposed to worry about foreigners' well being.

Blizzard presentation starting in 8 minutes

didn't you just create your own thread for this shit? just fuck off and kill yourself already you shill

Really, a fucking musical number for a shit Pay-to-win Whale-filled card game

"Please clap for Eva"

Why don't' most game companies turn into part time animation studios since they seem to put more effort into that than the game?

Those awkward pauses for applause, jesus, Blizzard is floundering.

So, fucking nothing? And you wonder why people are talking about other shit?

The Pope isn't from Europe so he doesn't give a shit.

I really am digging the drinkingbag goodie you got from playing Ace7 Skies Unknown. also the game seems fun.
Ni no kuni was without a doubt the best the shitshow had to offer there.
Gwent is cool.
Also Battlefront 4
i had fun playing it

All the USA's shitskins are concentrated in city slums with hundreds of miles of white territory between them. Meanwhile each European country is the size of a US state and the cities are closer together, so you can't escape the rape by just going somewhere else.

The Pope doesn't give a shit because the majority of Christians aren't white, and just like any other good Jew he knows always to go after the group with the most shekels.

Illegals tend to keep their heads down, and being Catholic believe rape is wrong. SHitshin mudslimes however consider Rape a weapon of Jihad.

Wow. It was fucking nothing. Lore dump and awkward pause for applauses. There was evne a mention of a 5 part episode for some Thek-whatever he's called guy from warcraft. The only time it seemed like they cheered of their own volition was for a Overwatch short for Mei. Also, was I the only one that laughed that she made hot coffee for her dead tumblr portrait friends?

Kill yourself

learn to read


And how does that imply a purchase of Battlefront 3?
You DO realize this is a Gamescom thread and EA has a booth with Battlefront 4 where people can play said game and make comparisons to a roughly 10 year old game and then post a few lines of greentext mocking the trailer where the devs proudly say that said project, wich just claims to have the same content as a 10 year old game, is their most ambitious yet?

My mistake, I apologize
did you bring a firearm?

Blizzard won Gamescom 2017

No harm done.
I'm a kraut; the only question is what will come first: Sharia or ban of butter knifes?

I hope everyone who plays this garbage gets cancer.

Pork ban

so was it literally anything besides cringe so far?

It's just a question of time when the Oktoberfest will follow suit.

We got 10 minutes of Butterlord footage.

Thats about it

I don't believe you

While I am glad I didn't fall for the Kikestarter, this is not helping my thirst for turn based tactical Mech action, nor my growing concerns with this being vaporware. Battletech is a tabletop game, it shouldn't be that hard to just port the fucking rules.

New MHW demo, Barioth and Diablos.
Barioth is still Barioth.
Daiblos is still Diablos, but more stupid.
Guild girl is still not cute and a pain in the ass.
Glider capes.

I'm sure it has to do with them being sued


Oh yeah, apparently Tropico 6 is happening. They had a small booth set up.
Also Ancestors. Had mixed feelings about that one

Tropico 6 was at E3

I didn't even realise this show was on.

2017 Holla Forums

Why was Kamen Rider Ex-Aid even there?


2007 Holla Forums was fucking horrible as well faggot.
Go look at an old 4chan archive and see for yourself.


Christ, get this 2012 meme out of here.

Anything of worth thus far?



Oh I forgot this trainwreck appeared at gamescom.

But they're not even porting the rules and stats.


Because he is a hardcore gamer.


Do it, faggot.

German here, it's true