Full retard difficulty spikes and yfw


It's still a pretty good game from the sum of its parts despite all the bullshit and I masochistically enjoy all kinds of challenge that seem fun and intense, but this boss needs to go in a hall of fucking infamy. This is literally the hardest thing in the entire game and it's the very first mission you have to do unless you want to grind for your health upgrades.

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I actually like this.
Ninja Gaiden does it, what else?

Puyo Puyo Tetris had a lot of moments like this. I went from amateur to advanced thanks to this game.


just park your tank on her fucking head

I thought I had just gotten done with the annoying shit.


Git gud

Valkyria Chronicles sounds lovely.

Aztec Falcon isn't even that bad.

Some of the later bosses in that series are far worse, ESPECIALLY if you're trying to 95%+ A/S rank the game or on hard

Nigger I was ten years old when that game came out and did just fine, if you can't beat that boss as an adult you need to step up your game.

Fucking this. Lure her near the ruins so on the incline so her FOV's limited and block her path with the tank. Just don't let her get near it's backside and she can't do anything to it.

The game's actually pretty fair for the most part. It's just this mission and the one following it kinda throw shit out of left field at you with little margin for error. Nothing that can't dealt with with the right tactics though.

It actually is a really lovely game.

I did git gud after that, I was just remembering my first time with it. Looking back at it now it was a hell of a difficulty spike right out of left field.

mostly because none of your lancers have good accuracy that early in the game so shooting the guns is an absolute pain in the ass


The rest of Zero honestly seemed fine in comparison, just hard and really needing good reaction time. I literally didn't have near this much trouble with any other boss even before stuffing a couple Cyber-Elves.

Also, I was thinking in terms of the average Joe or Mary who likes videogames and casually picks it up for themselves or their kid while at Walmart, but for some retarded reason didn't fully specify.

People who play games, especially people who loved X, are going to naturally be more used to the shit that gets unexpectedly thrown at us and better adapt to it. When you think about target demographics for what something gets marketed towards, imagining just how rude of a surprise stages and bosses can get since anyone can buy it becomes hilarious.


I guess you do lol.

Rulue kicked my ass at least once every time I fought her in 20th's story mode.

I really want to pick that back up, but I've thrown myself at that mission so many times and come so close that it stresses me out thinking about trying again.

Forgot pic.

What exactly is it? It's obviously nothing like Advance Wars. I just know it personally doesn't appeal to me with its aesthetic and military school setting. Not enough color bloom for my autistic ass, I guess.

And hearing a wonderful superpowered Christmas Cake gets fucked over,mwhich I hear pissed off the nips as well, does no favor.

Don't listen to those plebs user. The game's trash. It's full of scripted bullshit (without which the mission in question would be trivial, but that's far from the only time heavy scripting will kill your fun for no reason at all) and the class balance is ABYSMAL (scouts are game breaking). Nevermind the multicultural tolerance sub plots regarding some of your crew members, that's just the icing on the turd.

I once went full autist over how bad the game was, but it's been so long since I've played it that I can't recall it as accurately anymore.

What a fucking casual faggot

How bad are we talking? Can't damage this literal god of despair in a tank boss until a unit goes Super Saiyan and curbstomps everything at Lv. ???+ levels of shit?

Precisely. It's absolutely ridiculous levels of bullshit, plot armor, plotline deaths, etc.

The only way it could have been worse is if they took the controller out of your hands and punished you for touching it.

Don't know what he's talking about. After a hard-fought battle against a nigh-impenetrable tank, an enemy's SSJ4 enemy jumps into the fray and starts murdering your dudes as you dash for the exit.

I forgot that commie shit.

Context is everything. If the challenge of a story based mission with those kinds of lore elements was to survive a brutal hopeless assault by the enemy long enough for something to kick in f
or at that point liked characters, it would be enjoyable and cathartic to turn the tables and enjoy carving a path of destruction and lights through a battlefield of grunts before being able to fight the big bad villain and boss of the battle on equal ground.

And even then, that's entirely dependent on how that's done.

The battle is very heavily scripted. First, a certain base will always be lost on X turn. Next, 3 glowing weak spots need to be destroyed on giant enemy boss. Then, when the 2nd is destroyed, godmode NPCs with ridiculous dmg and mobility spawn out of the blue and start killing everyone (and unless you knew where they spawn you may very well lose over half your soldiers that turn). When you break all 3 radiators you need to destroy the giant enemy boss in question with you own shitty tank and shitty anti-tank units with limited mobility that were likely already wiped out by the NPCs on steroids.

Oh fuck also I forgot the whole ranking system being based almost entirely on SPEED alone. So all tactics boiled down to scout rush with near total disregard for safety the likes of which are akin to pure suicide by any other standard. Naturally, when you use those tactics on that level, as soon as the giga niggers appear, it's already over.

If I recall correctly the plot was full of retarded shit as well. They drove a tank underwater, no one (including the enemy) had any idea of the depth of a river surrounding THE FUCKING CAPITAL OF THE INVADED COUNTRY. Anyhow, after crossing the river in the cover of morning fog (because the whole point of this was to make it a surprise, not that a fucking tank engine would give it away or anything), the fucking MC fires a flare and then when the mission starts no one even knows you crossed the river.

Everything that happens in the ruins during the giant enemy boss chapter and the surrounding ones is pants on head retarded. Three guys including the unit's CO walk into some fucking ruins that they have every reason to suspect are occupied by enemy forces with no backup or anything. Then, the enemy's head honcho, as in the general of the fucking army, appears. This smug motherfucker literally walks up to our merry gang of fuccbois (literally to stabbing distance) and has a dandy little dialogue with them. Of course no one even bats an eye or anything, they don't attack, call for reinforcements, or anything like that. The whole game is plagued by this abysmal writing.

Scripted events like the tank fight draw attention to that awful fucking script. Someone in your crew thankfully dies later on and there's nothing you can do about it, even though she's surrounded by your crew and they're capable of first aid, which is a game mechanic. If you watch the cutscene in question you'll be thankful she died and will be wishing everyone else did as well.

Man I know the game was full of bullshit and I wish I could muster up my memories, but I don't think I can do its bullshit justice with these blanks.

Thumper, 6-omega boss.

For some reason the Z Saber did 3 or less damage a lot of the time for me and it was at fucking Lv. 3 and I made sure I was hitting the head or back.

I'm here to make you suffer

Lel, you've now made me hate that game.

By unmodified car they mean non race ones, you can still plop parts on a car and have it run this race, in fact you really fucking want race tire.
Or be a fagget and use the LeMans NSX-R

I know, but there's always that faggot sanic fast ZZ3 getting away.

git gud, faggot
Aztec Falcon is a piss easy boss; holy shit is this your first megaman game?
as for embed related, now that's some fucking bullshit
I heard a rumor that Phoenix Magnion was originally gonna be the final boss of MMZ2 but they changed it

Say what you will about Heatnix, you're meant to cheese the stage with giga attacks and shit.
But this fucker's stage.
God damn


Come to think of it Phoenix has information he really shouldn't be privy to, nobody else (up to and including Zero himself) really knows about his past while Phoenix is summoning up phantoms of Bit, Colonel, Agile and Vile. I could buy his being the final boss.

The only missions that have scripted encounters are the ones at the end with Alica in Valkyria mode or the missions where the Valkyria with fat tits appears.
Unless you have knowledge of the map, Alicia's potential that resists crossfire or an equivalent, or advanced scouts good luck with just deploying scouts
oy vey




it's like you've never fought any version of Alma before

Sounds like something a Darcen would say.

He's the first true boss that will fuck you up if you're not prepared.

People say Hino-enma was the spike, but she's honestly easy as hell.

Another spike would be Muneshige; he's your first real human duel.


The tutorial in the witcher 2, rest of the game is easy with the exception of the first leto fight. Truly amazing how they managed to make the tutorial the hardest part of the game

No, I've beaten the first 3 X games, ZX Advent and Zero 4 and 1.

I still don't know what people are talking about. Yes, he has a handful of attacks. From my experience, he still clips you easily by changing direction as you're jumping over him or dodging another attack and he'll suddenly jump towards you or send quick pulses of lightning that likely hit you if used after he sticks rods in the floor and wall.

All of the Mavericks were enjoyable and had reasonable difficulty and predictability. All 4 Guardians were fun and a cakewalk compared to this, especially Harpuia. Copy X was fun and not hard to dodge and his final form was also frantically enjoyable to outspeed. No boss gave me as much trouble as Aztec Falcon.

Also really looking forward to fighting this guy.

get the fuck away from me casualfag

I played it first because I wanted to save ZX for later, which I already loved just from trying out without saving and getting Model ZX. I completely hated Advent and knew I made the right choice from what I tried out and felt bored with the entire time. Also hated the music except for Grey's theme, Ashe's theme, Mysterious Lab, Prometheus & Pandora and Albert himself off the top of my head.

One of the most dissatisfying games I've ever played in every single way.

How do the Zero and ZX games differ from X anyways?
I do recall having plans to marathon them since I was on a MM marathon and those two series are the ones I hadn't played it, but my controller broke just around the time I finished X8

Well, they're easier than Zero anyway.

Zero is more focused on melee combat and moves at a slightly faster pace than X did, especially from X4 onwards.

Oh shit the psx trilogy is my favorite
I have to get a decent controller.

ZX is more difficult than all of the Zero games except 2
In terms of difficulty:

Zero is thematically centered around melee and the series expects you to git gud with the Z Saber.

ZX is more along the lines of that, but seemingly slower pace and more of a return to using the Buster.

Is the controller they advertise on the back of the actual case itself any good or just a straight up lie?

Please nigga, ZX is basically like the Zero games
Using the buster is more of an handicap if you aren't using Model X

You put the signs the wrong way you sperg.

If you enjoyed playing X4 as Zero there's a good chance you'll like the Zero series.

just noticed it, sorry senpai
I should really stop masturbating four times a day

Model ZX alone is definitely more fun that anything in the entirety of Advent and you get the cathartic joy of uniting X and Zero's power at the real start of the game in what's basically a "have fun" successor sequence. I saved the actual intended trilogy for after beating Zero 4 because I absolutely hate the change to home base and overall smaller feeling game and it was never supposed to exist in the first place like X6 and it shows in all the differences between it and Zero 3 aside from finishing off Weil and laying the groundwork for a bright future.

And you're never fapping enough until the dick says so.

The past is known in MMZ, it's just not publicly known. Neo Arcadia keeps records of the past in a library. Elpizo discovered them, which is why he defected. This is covered in the drama tracks. Translation never ever.

It's because humans are the only really challenging opponents in the game and the prologue has the highest density of them, all the monsters are homogeneous encounters of either weak fodder or slow shit that telegraph massively while humans mix crossbow guys with shields and longswords that each require different approaches.

And bullshit one at that. This is when the game checked my skill and made me resort to understanding pathfinding regarding AI distance and obstacles around me, and to gain an understanding of AI reactions based on certain criteria. Seriously. I had to play that fight maybe 30 times, and the only reason I won was because I figured out parry and riposte properly due to that fight alone.

Muneshige is bullshit. He's fast, has infinite stamina, is much larger than you, therefore more reach, an assload of health, has reactions to attacks that are faster than your recovery out of said attacks, does an assload of damage, and has a move set that you could only dream of having that early in the game.

It severely soured me on the game for quite a while until I played it for another region and realized things were A-okay until they started throwing two tengu at you at a time. Man, fuck that game sometimes.

It's not even really a crutch. The sprite and the girl are at their best potential when they get their magic, and without it, they're just extremely shitty fighter characters.

Secret of Mana is full of plenty of bullshit moments like that. The combat system is broken at its core with enemies that have invulnerability briefly after being hit, but damage being queued on your characters as you're hit, and frequently stunned, nevermind the ally AI being absolute trash. Let's not forget that the North American community didn't know how to get the last seed to fully power the Mana Sword without the use of Game Genie or a glitch for 15 or so years.


More like it expects you to know how to play the game. Most people say you need to grind in RPGs but it turns out most people simply don't utilize all their tools and make stupid decision in battle. Essentially they're not learning how to actually play and will try to brute force everything with just healing and spamming their strongest attacks with no thought of resource management. I have a feeling Final Fantasy taught people all these bad habits. But watching people made me realize why so many hate turn based combat and want so many Action RPGs. They actually have to think and can't rely on reflexes while also having stats carry them through their mistakes.

Once you know the timing of the ball throw he's pretty damn easy.

This game throws a ton of annoying shit at you that's unavoidable. It comes to the point it might as well be a turn based RPG.

that DLC is being very unfun so far , what do ?

Make your weapon oneshot everything

But at that same time action RPGs offer more agency from the player and if you get your ass kicked, it's because you didn't dodge attacks well enough and didn't attack enough. That's why I like them. I hate sitting around waiting to take turns with characters with weapons and numbers in fantasy settings instead of strategically commanding units or better yet monsterbros with lore explanation like programs or magic chess because I feel like I'm missing out on more enjoyable fighting the game could offer.

it almost always does (battle rifle) but i feel like i have no bloody ammo at all so im stuck with pumping the enemies with sleepytime

user why. What level are you and why did you drop caps on Sleepytime?

I found hanumachine and its niglets worse, ganesha's e. honda slap was annoying too for doing nothing but wasting your time.

You can still cheese the fight by attacking with charge attacks and using the pistol as sub weapon to trigger his counter attacks.

I like both but it really depends on how a game handles them. Like Tales of Symphonia has some pretty boring combat for an Action RPG. For something like Demon's Soul and Nioh could work just fine with no RPG elements and a balanced progression system that doesn't rely on levels. Hell it can be like Devil May Cry and you upgrade your weapons/styles after/before every stage. Though I did love Tales of Graces F. Game is way too fun with friends.

As for turn based RPGs, it feels more like I'm solving a puzzle. The enemy is throwing a variety of problems at me and I must get through them with the tools I have. The higher your level the less severe your problems are. The better your build is the more tools you have for certain situations. So beating a hard boss in a turn based game feels like solving a difficult puzzle.

Yeah,if he wasn't FUCKING teleporting all the time
I've played all the four Zero games more than 5 times and my consensus is that nigger is the hardest boss in the franchise

hanumachine is piss easy if you're not doing a non-elemental run
A charged saber equipped with electric elemental chip will stop that nigga right in his tracks and cancel whatever action he was doing

When I think of "Tales" as a series I want to see more "shovelware" at least like I solely think of Abyss, Vesperia and Xillia. Nice big open scenery to run around and dodge or prepare attacks or carefully keep distance between the big bad boss and with your party that needs support.

I was honestly let down when I found out Hyperdimension Neptunia wasn't like this at all and it killed my interest in the franchise entirely with the colorful designs and cyber themed transformations.


I got you bro youtu.be/8x2ZzMo2UdE

Dante from Devil May Cry 4 featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Dante was hard, but fair. Focus on cleverly chaining into Devil Bringer in Devil Trigger and you'll beat him before he does you.

God fucking damn why are the X games so good? For all their flaws they still manage to make me love every single second of gameplay.

I'll be honest, I tried playing X4 a few days ago. It was fine up until I picked that fire level. The boss handed me my asshole, and nothing I did seemed to do any better. Is there a fundamental thing I'm missing? Most of my experience is with the Zero games and the SNES X games, but I didn't think it would be this different.

Magma Dragoon? It should be a simple matter of avoiding his projectile patterns, the only attack that's hard to avoid consistently is the meteor shower. If he's really giving you a hard time I believe it's the only fight in the game where you can wear Ride Armor into the boss room.

Magma Dragoon is pretty easy on X, just kite like a motherfucker and don't forget you can dash under his high hadoken.
As Zero it's a bit harder since you can't really kite him that well. My strategy is try and dodge as much as possible while air slashing as much as possible. It works for nearly every attack besides his shoruken which almost always clips me, but it works anyways.

I still don't know why X is so fucking good. It has countless hours and days of replayability for their diverse stages, bosses and upgrades on top of the great, versatile control and movement with the dash mechanic.

I'll give it another shot, thanks. I really want to get through the series eventually.

Using Ride Armor sounds like a bitch out to me, personally. I'm looking forward to a actual fucking duel as Zero and hopefully X with something more physical.

If they allow you to bring it with you, that has to speak volumes about the challenge.

Sleepytime is the best and earliest way to murder casino employees and grab their gear to sell. If you're doing the optimal start with 8 luck, it's not a huge chunk out of your savings.

Unless you're literally still in the starting bunker, you've already missed two sniper rifles, which outdo your battle rifle solidly. You should also be selling off your fully-repaired nailguns to buy something useful. If you're too low-level, kill the Gomorrah cash room guard and take his riot shotgun, which will do you fine until you hit the deathclaws. Also, satchel charges are the best mines in the game, pound for pound.

>died twice to colonel
Is it possible to die of shame?
Zero's a bit hard to play in X than I remember, mainly because I want to go fast and I find myself using nothing but the spinning slash, but I also want to be stylish and use the other weapons too.
Does Zero play exactly the same in MMZero or is he more fleshed out there?

ALso I wanted to ask if there are any decent romhacks for x4, x5 or x6.

Magnon stands perfectly still in the center of the stage doing nothing almost indefinitely if you don't attack him. He only teleports once an attack comes his way, and he will only teleport twice, the moment you attack him, and once again after he finishes his attack to return to the center of the stage.
I'm not even good at megaman games and I can't even s-rank any of the zero games on normal, let alone hard, and I'm pretty sure magnon is by far the easiest boss in the series to fight (at least without element chips, since with element chips you can stunlock half the bosses to death right off the bat so technically they're easier)

You are likely right about Final Fantasy being partly responsible, as I think they are the ones who have bosses being immune to debuffs. Its generally the smaller franchises, at least smaller in the west, that allow debuffs to be used against bosses. Nocturne just works on opposite logic of most rpgs of the type since unwise leveling is a detriment, and honestly, that type of thing would work better with enemy models on the map, rather than random encounters. And what do you have left when you get rid of buffs and debuffs in that kind of game?


What a nigger.

Execution is what I focus on. It doesn't have to be an asspull so much as something that actually had buildup like something growing through effort or spirit.

Zero plays way faster in MMZ

X looks much more speed focused to me. Probably the difference between PS1 and GBA power that makes things less chaotic and fast paced in terms of battlefields and bosses.

Hold on to your ass when you get to E2M8

And then there's faggots who think Souls games are hard.

Thank god you can fight some bosses out of order, but even as the fifth boss this guy is an asshole.

Fanboys of that shit game tell you that you're supposed to get fog breath for him. To get fog breath, you buy a particular magatama from a particular store and then grind with it until it gives you the fog breath skill. The game doesn't tell you that that particular magatama will give you that skill until you've already bought it and leveled it up enough to be one level below giving that skill. IIRC it doesn't even tell you what the skill does until you've already overwritten another of your skills with it. The game doesn't tell you that an evasion fuckery boss is coming up. Hell, if I'm not mistaken you can't even relearn a skill from a magatama if you've already learned and overwritten it or declined it; you have to learn or ignore it when that magatama reaches the right level.

To know ahead of time that you have to buy a particular item and grind it enough to give a particular skill to deal with a boss mechanic you have no idea is coming up (and that still relies on RNG like the rest of that shit game) is what Nocturne fanboys consider to be "gitting gud". They shit on people for not going through the game with a fucking guide. I've never even heard of them suggesting a way other than fog breath, but even if there are other good methods it's the same shit: you're expected to know ahead of time how to build to deal with a boss that you don't know is coming. To say that these people are beyond stupid is an understatement.

I'd say you have some good points, but this is press turn. You don't need to know an evasion boss is coming to know sukukaja is something you want at all times.

Fog Breath takes up WAAAAAY too much MP anyway, if you take it, your guy can basically only use that and nothing else, gimping you out of a healer, and since Matador can just negate it with Red Capote anyway, you're literally way better off with the basic Sukunda and Sukaja to reduce and increase evasion. On top of that you need to pack Dekaja and demons that can actually do good damage, and since Fog Breath basically takes up enough MP for two goes, your dude is basically limited to basic attacks and low accuracy physicals outside of passing your turn, using them can cost you the fight.

So you either overgrind over a shitty huge amount of time, or you learn to fuse your fucking demons and actually prepare for a fight. That shit doesn't teach you to pack Fog Breath, that's a beginner's trap, that shit is telling you to get your monsters in order.

Non-retard just have inugami in their party by that point whether because he knows it's the best choice or because he experiments with the game systems.

Well an non-retard will just recruit fucking everything and try to fuse fucking everything and obviously uncover the skills on demons in general because you canyou can more easily reset to something you like in case you fuck up, and that's if you refuse to just reload a save to begin with..

So is Shin Megami Tensei actually monster taming unlike Persona, which is character and relationship focused?

I really want to try out the series, but I also need to know if Atlus shits anything up.

this is the worst meme. I beat him on my third try. he's challenging, but you can adapt and beat him. Uzume gets mazan (which he is weak to) and media, and possibly a buff spell depending on what you used in fusion.

This, entirely.

Pretty sure Inagumi gets fog breath but you don't even need it. debuffing too hard encourages an early red capote and iirc inagumi was weak to Matador's attacks.

You want the sekrit technique, faggot? it's fucking try harder holy shit


He is but he uses force more rarely than his physical attacks so it's not that bad.

He's really just poorly designed since the only safe way to do the fight involves sitting and waiting for huge stretches of time for him to do a chain punch while he's to the right which can take forever, and then yeah the second phase is basically just a DPS race because of those retarded steam vents. In general I think most of the bosses in La Mulana are designed pretty poorly with a lot of their attacks having heavy RNG elements and long waiting periods.

The game is a recreation of "fuck you" difficult MSX games, and the original mother fight or how you have to escape through Mulbruk's place in the remake make this pretty clear. That said, I don't remember large waiting periods from many other bosses. Bahamut maybe if he uses that fucking fireball attack three times in a row, but the others can be attacked safely almost all the time.

It's not retarded to only recruit monsters you like because you'd have no interest to do so otherwise.

The difficulty curve running into these guys if you have no prior knowledge of the game is like trying to climb Mt. Everest on a unicycle. In a blind play through, almost no one is going to get Dragon Kick for free, or have enough money to buy it.

I dont know how but I somehow managed to beat those fags blind on my first playthrough.
I quit at the 3rd level though

I was expecting something extraordinary after OP's wailing, but that just looks like a standard X-style boss fight. Boomer Kuwanger is more intimidating.

You can just use shurikens or the gun if you're that impatient, holy shit. The faceplate has a very specific hitbox for projectiles, but it's hardly immune to them.
The fastest way by far to kill him is with the knife, which you can spam at his face like a machinegun, if you're not shit at judging exactly where the hitboxes are. Then again, I expect if you tried you'd just cry about how "unfair" it is because you're too shit to judge the hitboxes and keep walking into his face.

Git gud until you can beat it flawlessly - only then will anyone give a fuck about your crying.

Boomer Kuwanger wasn't at all hard and was actually predictable for me to an extent as far as "don't let him teleport on you or grab you".

I still don't know how people had no problem, especially that videos with no upgrades to the Z Saber. I know for a fact my experience was his AI reacting faster than I could and didn't take as much damage from each slash.

vanilla doom is pretty fucking hard on nightmare/uv-fast difficulties

you're either bullshitting or are probably a save state scummer
embed related is how an fight with that boss goes if you've got average skills and have played more than one MMZ game

Difficulty spikes, right?

That's not enough

VC2…Fuck you Baldren.

It's more putting up with monsters' shit to get them on your payroll and then getting autistic with building the right demons with the right skills and the right resistances.
It's not absolutely required, you can also get the most powerful demons at face value and get by, but really going full 'tism can break the games in half.
The problem with matador is more that he was a bonus boss for the redux edition (the only one the west saw) and he shows up for your Sukukaja exam in the middle of a completely nondescript corridor. He isn't impossible if you already went full accuracy to take advantage of the press turn system, but he definitely does feel like gratuitous bullshit.

He's easy on Devil Hunter but a fucking pain in the ass on DMD

Jungle Joyride in Sonic Unleashed, but it was a good warmup for Eggmanland

I don't understand what you're trying to prove here, he charged the z-saber while using the pistol to proc the teleport, than countered him with the charged saber, if he was willing to clear it much slower he would have had plenty of time to complete his charges properly and wait out the lava streams while magnon just watched him stand around in the centre.
Maybe the issue is that I was so incredibly bad at the games at first I had to fight every boss dozens of times to beat them, so a boss that lets you stand still and think about what to do next was easier for me than a boss like the snakeman or the panther that just keep attacking you until you stop sucking. From there it still remains the easiest boss for me even now because once you know his pattern there's little room for suprises like snakeman deciding to hover in the middle of the stage instead of trying to grab you, just as you get caught on a part of the wiggling platform and jump to get over it, or the panther deciding to do the electrify attack causing you to bump into him as he moves to the center of the train, insstead of him jumping right over you.
For reference the first time I beat the electric panther I had to resort to using the gap in between the trains to hide from him and pop out to use charge shots, which I had grinded to max level using only the intro stage, I was that terrible. Perhaps you're a half decent player so you cleared every boss on your first or second try, meaning that exploiting magnon's ai wasn't as apparent to you as it was to me, giving the impression that it was a more difficult boss.

It's almost like basing character progression on time investment is bad design.


Blade Wolf in Metal Gear Rising
Except this is a case where the difficulty spike is necessary for you to really have fun in the game. Learning to parry is essential.

Is there any case where a difficulty spike has actually been beneficial?

On the subject of Megaman Zero, I actually really fucking love the Shield Boomerang. I understand why everyone hates it and thinks it's shit, but it's defensive offense strategy and tactical wait-and-see charging implementation of the weapon presses all my buttons.

I just wish it could do even more. Like maybe even absorbing energy shots and building up power for a burst that momentarily deactivates it to reboot.

I love the idea behind Blade Wolf's boss design. Just genius.

Trust me the Ride Armor helps as you can tank the shit out of his attacks whilst dishing it out. On average before the ride armor blows up The Boss should at least be at half health and if you have Storm Owl's ability the fight is just a breeze. Just be sure you avoid getting smacked with his attacks.

I absolutely love Doom, but I can't call it hard without gameovers.

Blade Wolf's who execution is pure art. The music symbolizes him and the fight so well, how he appears, and how he summons the grunts is exquisite. The battle teaches you as well as hiding itself from it being a tutorial from the difficulty. On higher difficulty with upgraded everything it's a breeze but


Maybe you use quicksaves too, you filthy casual?

No, I literally can't fail at the game because enemies retain the same health and I hate that. Why aren't I at least forced to start the stage over after a number of times?

At least, that's my impression from BFG Edition.

Nigger I was referring to the original Doom, not the piss easy dogshit that was Doom 3 & 4. In the original doom you start the whole level over if you die.

this game was pretty interesting, but i feel like i missed some trick when fighting this guy, the shooting sections really dragged on

Edge was really fun although easy to cheese

You know if you're at S-rank when fighting all the bosses they get a special move.

Also ZX's omega is fucking brutal

Not exactly on topic, but because I had a pirate-friendly PS1, Spyro 3 threw some odd curveballs at me. The second boss was the hardest in the game by a huge margin, and he didn't have an intro cutscene. He was the only part of the game that activated the antipiracy system so he had something like triple the health, twice the speed, and the things you needed to actually hit him almost never spawned, and all of his attack patterns involved extra attacks, making them even longer.

I got to these fuckers and they jumped down and I immediately got sent to a cutscene where they instantly killed me.

Start the whole level over without ammo or weapons, you mean.

No, I played Doom from the BFG Edition and every time I died I just lost my weapons and started at the beginning. All the enemies were still dead or didn't even regain health.

I'm really hoping the original wasn't like that or it's just restricted to co-op. Where's the intensity and feeling of challenging danger aside from not wanting to lose your beloved shotgun otherwise? I love Doom and hate that I apparently can't lose in it.

I was hoping there'd be a lot more shit blowing up and maybe even some combos thrown in you can't escape like how Fefnir can launch you into the air then blast you down.

It's a fucking secret boss. I want to get ripped apart as flashily and stylish as possible with raw weapon skill or imaginatively combining while retaining enough health to accept defeat for that attempt, take my hands off and at least enjoy watching the fireworks.

Does Bayonetta's optional boss scratch that kind of itch?

not hard, just requires grinding for uzume (or something else, I can't remember)

Thanks for answering. I somehow completely missed this.

I know, I was just trying to show that faggot how difficult a boss Phoenix Magnion is; as in the player is a pro and finishes the fight before it even starts

I'm not saying Phoenix Magnion is unbeatable, I'm just saying it is such an increase in difficulty that it seems unfair
There is no strategy against him unless you attack him in the middle of his attacks
that where it gets a little bit easier but still it's difficult as the guy has a 50 chance of avoiding your attack
also, it's infuriating on hard ode because you can't you charged attacks so no elemental attacks

He seems to move pretty fast. Can't you just carefully jump over everything that isn't that lava attack?

The reason Aztec Falcon kept kicking my ass is I swear he wouldn't stop suddenly changing direction and jumping just as I was trying to do just that or leaping at the exact same wall or side of the stage I was currently dodging attacks.

He actually flinches even without a charged attack. He's the only boss that does so. You can even see it in the video posted, where the player is playing on hard (or at least is using the proto-form, which is effectively the same thing).

The only really pro thing he does there is consistently land the saber hit while jumping over the tracking charge attack instead of using the ledge to get over it. Every single attack that magnon does is extremely simple, his attacks are simply designed to be mis-directing and confusing, however take away the parlor tricks and the core mechanics of fighting him are incredibly simple. There is definitely no '50% chance of avoiding your attacks' unless you're referring to the four clones attack, in which the real body always flickers noticeably just before he attacks. I don't really see how he's a difficulty spike any more than any of the other first four bosses, but I guess any of the first four would be considered a spike in difficulty after the stage one scorpion boss.

Iudex gundyr

you don't know shit, faggot
from your posts I can see that you must have played the game years ago and also on level F via savestatescumming
Try playing it again and see for yourself

I got F just for getting 2 little health upgrades and getting a Sub Tank. At that point I just decided to get another one.


what the fuck

t. casul

Please find a cold pack for your inflamed buttocks and consider if you really need to insist on projecting your insecurities about savescumming onto others.
I played the game originally on gba quite some time ago, and replayed it through the jap nds compilation version (through select mode and not marathon mode of course), which I keep with me and still play occasionally (I really liked mmz2 and I'd like to clear hard mode on S rank some day). I also have a vc inject that I can playthrough if you don't believe select mode on the ds compilation is proof enough.
Whatever the case I just played the stage starting with an s-rank right now and I can confirm that he stands still for at least a whole minute (I didn't feel like waiting any longer would be meaningful) as long you don't either a: attack him or b: stand too close to him. I also confirmed that standard saber attacks (I forgot to test for buster shots) will stagger him out of any of his attacks except for the flaming charge (and of course the A+ rank move where he's completely invincible) and cause him to teleport back to the center. Honestly even if you don't just interrupt him he leaves himself open and vulnerable for like 2-5 seconds after most of his attacks. I only got a 94 though, so it wasn't an s-rank clear.
I don't think that magnon is an easy boss but it's not like it's a huge spike in difficulty unless you pick him first out of the first four stages, which would be somewhat unlikely since he isn't positioned at either edge of the stage select list and again, any of the first four bosses is a difficulty spike compared to the first stage.

Getting used to the ps1 games is harder, considering how tighter the level design is and how bigger X's sprite is.

What does that even mean? I just have more than one save file for if I want to go back and enjoy certain sections, cutscenes and bosses of the game.

Fucking hilarious. Come on, just analyze their patterns and look for openings while dodging.

I'm talking about saving and reloading like you're playing Kaizo Mario or something.

Doing a KMS run on level Die and goddamn these guys are a nightmare. I always end up just having to get lucky with item spawns. Seriously, it's the first boss, why'd they make it a dual boss? Fighting 2 guys at once in this game is always so much harder than 1. It's also the only boss with an enemy gauntlet you have to get through first.

Who even does that? You run out of lives, you go back to the start of the overworld anyways.

The only thing I'd save state for would be if I was trying to make a TAS video.

The shield boomerang its alright, at least its not mobility spear/chain/tonfa that are only useful against specific enemies.

Triple Rod and Chain Rod could have been decent if they weren't so fucking stiff and stopped movement because then you could impose an interesting challenge on yourself to beat the game with that more unconventional weapon compared to the Z-Saber.

The latter is the most insulting because looking at the art of Zero with it you think you can do some absolutely addicting and high skill ceiling Castlevania shit and then it just grabs on to shields and the environment.

How funny would it be if devs actually caused more pirating by making their games that hard as a measure instead of just making it unenjoyably unplayable like Mirror's Edge?

Spyro 3's antipiracy is just cruel.
Insomniac was savage.

Is there any SM64 autism for the first 3 Spyro?

It's like you don't know how to swallow dive

Borderlands 2.

UVHM and OP8 are horseshit. Try doing those without any crutch weapons (grog, norfleet, dpuh, rubi). Everything is a bullet sponge and it sucks the fun out of the game forcing you into using crutch weapons to health gate. t. user who never uses moxxi weapons

Borderlands 1 did it much better. At least craw wasn't a fucking bullet sponge with 2.5 and required legitimate skill and strategy to kill. There was no crutch weapons in it either. Craw could be wasted with a white quality shotgun. The same could go for TPS as they nerfed the crap out of the moxxi probe and now there is no crutch guns. The scaling in TPS is much better than 2.

I appreciate that MMZ is getting attention, but I beat Aztec when I was 13 years old and did fine. practice and get better at the game, also make sure you're playing on a good controller [old GBAs will cramp the fuck out of your hands, emulate it with a third party controller or use a DS]

L and R buttons are finally working perfectly on my DSi after enough blowing and carefully fiddling dirt with an old tooth brush and Zero feels wonderfully natural and manageable with it instead of trying to assign dashing to X or Y.

I just wish the battery didn't drop all the way down to literally only lasting a half hour at full charge before flashing red. All I ever did was charge it while still playing and that never fucked up anything's battery I owned.

Aztec just gave me the most trouble out of anything in Zero. From everything about my experience I analyzed I legitimately thought he was the hardest shit.

Is Dark Souls III easier than the first? I just want to know which game has overall more enjoyable content and gameplay.

I'd say its harder than 1, not because of good game design though

III is more action than thinking on your feet, isn't it? That's my impression from clips of both.

Nigga explain.

It's easier in the sense that the gameplay is a lot slicker, but it doesn't have pve-trivializing weapons like 1 and 2 does. But I played it with experience in the series, so I can't say whether it's harder from a complete newbie's perspective.

Try a russian stalker mod, faggots.

Git gud. The only difficult DLC in that game is Old World Blues, and that's only at high levels where all the enemies spawn in with .45-70 firing weapons that shit on every armor possible.

That is such an easy boss you seriously need to get fucking good if he gave you trouble.

wow the SNES version looks shitty… I only played it on the sega once, then my aunt got mad because "this game is too violent for kids"

Alright, who do you think is a hard boss in Zero aside from Phoenix Magnion?

Does Devil May Cry have any bad difficulty curve in bosses?

DS3 and DS1 are about the same difficulty level. 3 has better mechanics and 1 has drastically better design. 1 is my favorite.

The combat is a tweaked form of Bloodborne combat put into DS.

Actually, the non-GOTY or whatever the fuck it the time had a few missing things in it including the second boss cut-scene and the final boss music, which is why the Sunrise forest's music is used. Also the GOTY edition doesn't have anti-piracy for some odd reason.

What's the thematic differences in game design between them? That's what I want to know about specifically.

III on paper seems apocalyptic and in its darkest hour and meant to be conclusive, meaning with the advances in technology there'd likely be more enemies and overall overwhelming action to really give a sense of the world ending threat and I could see how that might put off fans if things don't stay faithful enough.

Falcon is hard mainly because he's a crash course into playing zero the right way. With X, a lot of bosses gave you a lot of breathing room and easy, telegraphed attacks. Falcon bum rushes you the second the fight begins and there isn't really much of a safe strategy besides "pelt him with charged shots when he's doing his ground attacks", but that takes too long and is kind of boring. He teaches you how important dash wall jumping is, he teaches you how important going fast and dodging is(considering now you don't start off tanky as fuck like X does) and most importantly it teaches you how much your hands and shoulder buttons are going to hurt playing the game.

I'm gonna try fighting him again on a new data and maybe record what I do to find out where exactly I was fucking up.

What the fuck. I swear he was way faster and spergy than that before and barely took any damage from my Level 3 Z-Saber. Yet every jumping slash did 4 damage now and he basically never did the shockwave attack when he spammed the fuck out of it every other attack.

OP accepts they're a faggot. Just not gay.

DS1: World is much more accessible, the majority of the map is open to you if you know how to get there. Firelink Shrine connects you to several areas and there are shortcuts between those areas to each other which in turn can grant access back to Firelink. It's all interconnected, and once you know the layout you can get anywhere pretty fast. Say for instance you want to get to Lower Blighttown from Firelink, the main hub
Option 1: Firelink Shrine- Undead burg- parish- Lower undead burg -Sewers - upper blight town -lower blight town
Option 2: Firelink shrine - New Londo - Valley of Drakes - Lower Blight town
Option 3 Firelink Shrine - parish - Dark root garden- darkroot basin - Valley of Drakes - Lower Blight town

All three of these options are available from the beginning of the game if you took the Key as your gift. If you didn't take the key, 2 of the options are open and you can open the third option via the second. I actually totally missed upper blight town my first playthrough because I discovered the valley of drakes via Dark root basin. I love that kind of level design. No matter what gift you take, if you understand the layout of the map you can get to the point you want to pretty quickly.

3 in contrast is much more linear. Teleport to location A, run through A1, A2, A3. Teleport to location B, run through B1, B2, B3. There are shortcuts between A1, A2, and A3, however location A and B are totally separated. In DS1, there are shortcuts from A2 to B3

Thanks for explaining. What's the actual concept for the area and combat differences themselves?

From what I've seen of my brother enjoying it, it seems more geared towards dark and eerily quiet dungeons, caves and gloomy forests leading underground into a merciless overrun abandoned prison. All complimented with the sound of dripping water.

Honestly, he's got NOTHING on Ellmac. You go near him, he charges at you. You throw shit at him when you change elevation? Your projectiles will miss.

Sure, Sakit with his missile arm and the attack where he retracts his arm does hefty damage, but there's a rhythm to them both in terms of dodging .

Matador isn't weak to force. He resists it.
To defeat Matador you only need to deal 1000 damage.

Hope you like performing like a circus seal. Maybe today you'll get past the first screen.

DS1 is much more diverse in terms of areas, but DS3 has things DS1 did not, DS3 combat is faster than 1, less "weighy", you can chain strikes much faster

man fuck that

you're not wrong

Reminds me of the EX mission in Digimon Net 0rder

Granted, he's technically post game boss.

Pac Man World

What's even funnier is that the rest of the game is not even hard, just long winded and forcing you to take your time or wait for shit.

But what's the creative mentality behind it in comparison?

I love that he fuses from Myotismon and Piedmon as if some kind of unexpected nostalgic reference for longtime fans. It just triggers my autism that it's from an Ultimate and a Mega.

Should the first mission of Circus Park from Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg be considered fake difficulty? I just find it harder than most other Elders.

There's a project in progress for fixing some shitty things about X5 and otherwise leaving it intact.

>hot bitch comes in
That was magical, in a way. I'm sure I would appreciate it if I was on the other side.
But I wasn't.

Real life.


It was not particularly hard, but it was bullshit.

it was about as bullshit as any chase mission. I would say the mission where you steal the tanker for the first time was more bullshit than the train mission. The train mission was pretty damn fun compared to playing Pilotwings with shitter controls. That game is my personal 10/10 goty but the flight controls are FUCKED.

I didn't have any trouble with the tanker. Maybe I just got lucky. I recently bought it on steam.
Are there any good mods for it?

just download CLEO and the one mod that is like the unoffical oblivion mod. I forgot the name but it's just a bunch of tweaks that fixes the base game. Also, if you are playing on PC then make sure that you keep the frame limiter on because if not then it tends to break the driving, swimming, and flying physics.

It's like a flooded Dorf Fortress gone horribly wrong.

That fucking shit was downright nightmarish, right up there with the second ping pong level perfect.

I fucking hate the driving missions in San Andreas. I just like cruising around relaxingly and immersively through cities or neighborhoods at dusk on my way to the destination while getting exposition.

So with that said, how much even worse is the "flying school" to the driving school shit?

it's not bad when you figure out the controls but the flying controls are FUCKED in any GTA game. That said, flying school is a lot easier than driving school because the flight school just asks for the basics while driving school wants you to become the fucking matrix and and make perfect hairpin turns at max speed at some points.

I'm never beating the first mission of Driver.

>fortunately live in colorado

how has this not been posted yet beat him on my like 4th or 5th try but even still shit was hard as fuck

It wasn't like that. You restart the level from scratch, with everything alive and at full health, but you have no weapons except the pistol.

The bayou broodmother really surprised me because I haven't played any good old games in the recent months and have forgotten that bosses require effort to beat. In this case it was to strafe around and hit her teeny tiny spider legs to make her fall down and then deal some real damage. You use up all your blood rage, all your ammo and all the walking bloodbags that might still be in the area, and if you try to run away she'll just catch up with you and destroy any boat you're standing on. Beat her on my second try, but still, I got used to bosses not being challenging at all too much.

medium difficulty
goddamn it leon you suck



All this trouble just to get the Hand Cannon.
But worth it.

So glad to hear that.

So is it exclusive to co-op then? Or is that shit just there and can't be turned off in the BFG Edition?

Have you ever played DOOM offline?

I've unfortunately only known that game from the BFG Edition because of poorfaggotry. If I can get autismbux and get a computer, Doom will be one of the first things I get on there after whatever software I need to make a monster taming or 2.5 action game. Then Driver just because the fucking berserk, suicidal callous cop AI makes sure Survival never stops consistently being one of the most hilarious things ever.

You'll probably stay poor because of your retardfaggotry.

No, I've never touched Steam and despise the idea of digital games. I thought that was just for PS3, so I didn't specify to another intelligent human being what I thought was redundant.

I'm well aware I can get vanilla and whatever tweaks I want to in a few seconds of enough looking.

Even have that one OC about mods and the original saved.

Well she's the bonus boss, but it's still incredible how she's exponentially harder than everyone else in the game, no matter the difficulty setting. The encounter in the sequel is child's play in comparison, even in Lunatic.

I just hauled ass to destroy the tank.

Cute smug anime girls can be hellish bosses?

It's manageable on normal mode when you can charge your weapons, but on hard mode it becomes a nightmare.

Why are beetles so easy to look so damn cool?

Probably because they look like they're wearing armor.

Wasn't Hunk supposed to be some kind of enigmatic, faceless badass one man army, which is why they made that one parody about him?

Is it bad that I'm almost as worried for the alligators?

If it weren't for the diseased water, I'd imagine they're pretty happy about the situation.

you bet.

I thought console Megaman were hard back when i was a filthy pleb, then i tried the handheld Megamans

Isn't there just the Zero series and ZX?

Is Battle Network any difficult?

I have been playing this game on and off almost 20 years and I still can not figure out how to kill this motherfucker.

switch the controller port to the second one and he can't read your mind anymore

if that fails shoot the bust until it breaks and then fight him "normally

not a boss buut
fuck chrysalids to death specially on that first terror mission, really easy to get a full squad wipe if its your first time playing and dont know whats coming

You're not serious.

Where are the Habbo niggers when you need them?

I don't follow. And nice trips.

Nigga shit play BURL TUMD or Faspons or something. he only hard thing about Brutal Doom is that the hitscanners are bullshit.

So why exactly do people hate Brutal Doom?

I heard and saw that it's Doom with modern sensibilities, but not any cover based bullshit, just much more chaos, more bloody detail and much faster and intense. That doesn't seem like any casualfag shit, it seems closer to what Doom would have actually looked like in real time without making it obnoxiously "realistic" and trying to add some neat things about FPS since then without sacrificing the relentless rocking action Doom is meant to be.

Highly vocal purists is why.
Personally I like it better because having hitscan in a game about going fast to dodge projectiles and shooting demons is fucking gay.

Brutal Doom has hitscan you mong, they just also attach tracers to it.

Are you talking about bullets or some other projectile?
Also you shouldn't go around insulting people just because mummy didn't love you. You might find people will like you more.

Insults should be used only depending on accuracy to tone, quotes, personality and shit actions that deserve it.

Bullets you dumbfuck, jesus christ. Any and all attacks that were hitscan in vanilla are still hitscan in brutal.

Unless it's just shitposting, of course. If you're serious and stubborn, it just makes you look like an obnoxious arrogant voluntary retard if it's obviously wrong.

I've dodged bullets before playing Brutal Doom.
I've also walked into the path of the Tracers and taken damage before.
Take the stick out of your ass instead of whining about how I want a little clarity you vague jackass.
Now if you've got some lines of code that prove your point or something feel free to continue to insult me.

check'd and kek'd

No you haven't, and I can actually prove it through code analysis. Don't talk about shit that you don't understand at all.

TNT1 A 0 A_FireCustomMissile("YellowFlareSpawn",0,0,0,0)
PISF A 1 BRIGHT A_FireBullets (2, 2, -1, 11, "HitPuff")

FOR FUCKING EXAMPLE,: The pistol's firing state.


So is that for Zombies or the Player? I am willing to accept that the bullets are hitscan but the Tracers are trying to give the impression that they are not.
Insulting stupid people for being stupid rarely produces any results much like berating some one for being ignorant and then not educating them.

Even rocks know this one, mate.

I've legit never seen the word Habbo before in my life.

Personally as far as a e s t h e t i c goes I would say DS1, while varied, has a sort of mystic early middle ages vibe, ie lots of ruins and foilage/natural growth (often intertwined) of all different climates.
DS3 while having similar appearances in armor, weapons and (generally) characters, is different in that a lot more of the architecture is gothic and the world doesn't seem quite so ancient, more kept up maybe. Although the later stages of the game are very apocalyptic.
Makes sense in the context that Lordran is a land that the pantheon of "gods" literally left behind unknown millenia ago whereas Lothric is more of a kingdom on the edge of ruin.
Dark Souls definitely has the superior world design in appearance and functionality but there are some breathtaking views in 3 as well. Pics related, first 2 are 1. Last is from 3

It's not even like that. To make it even more insulting, grinding is made to make the game easier as you should naturally get to the correct level the game wants you to be at if you don't run from battles on your way to wherever the plot wants. People are given a bunch of tools in RPGs and then get upset when they lose while not using them. They refuse to properly manage their resources, heal only at the last minute instead of keeping their health high so they don't fall into a die - revive - die cycle. Most RPGs past the NES don't require you to grind and bosses are made easy enough to the point where many builds and party compositions can work because they don't want the boss fights to be "Use X or you're fucked".

I had to make this Disgaea post a while back because people kept assuming you had to grind to beat any Disgaea game when it turns out that they were just not playing the game properly. You can beat the whole game without repeating a single stage for extra levels. And for post game when you do need to grind. It's about grinding smartly and not brute forcing it. In Disgaea 5, you can go from level 100 to 1000 in less than an hour if you know what you're doing.

FF6 actually lets you use many status effects against bosses. Same with 12. FF10 at least allows for many debuffs but not status effects on bosses.

I've played Brutal-DOOM and I can tell you the Zombieman pistol and shotgun rounds are not hitscan, they are just fast projectiles. In the original game they were hitscan.

That series had a GCN spinoff that lays more like classic Megaman, and I've heard it's pretty comparable to the GBA ones in terms of difficulty.

Thanks so much, I was waiting forever for an answer to that kind of question.

Never forget Whitney and her fucking Miltank.

Skullgirls has a retardedly steep difficulty spike in Filia's story mode with the final boss.
>Figure this must be some bullshit regarding wonky AI behaviour on the GNU/Linux port, just like HM2's
Quite possibly the only boss that has forced me to really git gud so far.

What about porn games? I'm slapping myself for not asking this much earlier.

The tutorial level in cuphead, the first obstacle is easy enough to jump over but then I get immediately confronted by a bigger obstacle which I cant jump over. It's bullshit I tell you

Which Souls game is this?

The game gave you so many options to not get fucked over by Whitney, the only people I see who complain about her are the people who complain that they can't solo everything using Typhlosion/Feraligatr.


It's from Nioh. Its a decent game, better than DS2 and DS3.


Brutal Doom is my favorite Doom mod brah \m/! *sips redbull*


Fuck, Marie herself is unbearably difficult for the simple reason that you can never see her projectiles until they're basically in your face and if you're playing with a character that has no long range attack you're fucked. Funny how Peacock, the one that was canonically built to kill the Skullgirl, is the one that can do it the easiest.
Also IIRC grabbing is completely overpowered against cornered CPUs.

Shouldn't you just try trapping him and other monsters if they're that hard to fight, let alone slay? Bring at least 2 traps and the materials to make 2 more and use the first 3 for when it starts an "ultimate attacks" form or some shit. Then use the last one once the icon starts flashing and finally bag the fucker.

I know it's easier said than done, but it's not that hard to trick them into literally barrelling into traps if it's done as they have to turn around.

Still fucking loved that game


Why the fuck do developers do things like this.

Because it's near the end of the game. Why not throw every bullshit thing you can think of?
Here's the kicker: Fuel in that game is a limited resource that you can't restore until after you get done with those fights. After he starts the fight and forces you to burn a shit ton of fuel to not die you are either forced to burn more fuel by boosting your speed and getting more turns to defeat him before he knocks your hp down to 1 again or suck it up and know you will have to go into the second fight with little fuel. The second fight has the boss cut your hp down every other turn followed by a move that hits everyone. You are then forced to either pray you have enough fuel to kill her or cheese the game and turn the entire thing into easy mode.

It's alright, but it brought a lot of newfags into the Doom community who insist on using it and then complaining when other mods don't work with it.
Try Demonsteele and Reelism if you want more interesting Doom mods. The first is a first person DMC and the second plays like a gameshow.

Truth be told, I completely missed the "weapon ineffective" messages in the heat of things and only later realized that I was complete retard and forgot to equip the +1 arrows on my archer.

Wasn't there a similar 2v2 fight after a lengthy cutscene as well?
It might be that one, I don't remember, it's been a long time.
I do remember getting extremely lucky and winning the first time.

Beating Megaman Zero legit is maybe my crowning achievement in games. I tried the game multiple times and arrived at the same point. One other time I decided to git gud and did the whole game. The controller you play with probably matters a lot. When I tried the Zero games with the Wii Classic Pro controller thing I remember how easy it seemed due to the dpad. Anyway to beat the game legitimately you need to do it

Without any upgrades. The game subtracts your score if choose to upgrade just to let you know you're faggot. Good luck

Good thread OP; you were pretty active (maybe too much so mr >(54)) but you were actively engaged and weren't a faggot. Its a shame this thread will die shortly after 300 because Mark's a jew. I would've liked to make and continue discussion here.

With that out of the way its time to tackle some autistic retards and/or shills

Let's tackle your points here. I fucking love that game and disagree with most of what you've said.
There's going to be a decent amount of spoilers in my post, just a warning to those that want to try it. tl;dr storywise this autist is full of it when it comes to "multicultural" bullshit. There's none of that in-game, and people who thought "Darcsens = Jews" were baited into it by the game without bothering to play it through.

"Scripted bullshit" is actually few and far between. There's some for the purposes of cutscenes, story mode, or to demonstrate something important or relevant to the game in some way.

In the case of the Batomy's map, the certain base being lost is to demonstrate the tank's capabilities. The base loss is far from a big one, but it demonstrates what will happen to your next one if you don't act quickly. Its like complaining that a few supply depots get destroyed in Starcraft to show you in a cutscene-like way that the enemy has nukes and they're going to barrage you with them. Getting frustrated over it is downright retarded, especially considering the base destruction happens on turn 2 or 3, and if you had to call in reinforcements by that point you're just fucking bad at video games.

This is the one of only 2 mission where this happens in (and the other one its much more manageable), hence why it shows up in this thread. That part I agree is kinda bullshit. This map will usually require multiple tries by most people who play it.

Shit reason when you don't provide the necessary context for it.
It wasn't around the capital if I recall correctly.
Either way
You ignore context for nearly every complaint you have with this game and you argue like a shitposter; these complaints are practically disingenuous.
The ranking system isn't perfect, but calling everything a "scout rush" is downright bullshit. You won't be doing anything even close to that for your first playthrough at all either.

Scouts can't do shit against anything tank-related for the longest time. They can't do shit against snipers or shock troopers for about half the game (and still can't enter into direct combat with them until late game. They mainly beat most enemies by getting headshots from midrange once your weapons are at an acceptable level, but that's not for a long time until they can reliably do that. If they fail to kill an enemy in one round, they will usually die which is often the case for much of the game
Lancers never stop being necessary, and Shock troopers are very useful for a huge portion of the game. They can take on mini-armies by themselves and hold points indefinitely
Snipers… they aren't as useful save for a few missions but for a good chunk of missions, they can be invaluable. Almost every mission has some long sightlines and enemy snipers you can counter with your own.
Scouts are amazing for their mobility, yes, but throwing a billion scouts at your enemies won't be how you win the game when starting out. Maybe in the New Games for 100% after they have all the strongest equipment, but in a normal playthrough? That's bullshit. The most scouts I ever used in a round was maybe 3-4. Usually my number of scouts is 2-3, Alicia being one. Most often I'd usually have 2 lancers, Rosie as a shock trooper (and Edy if I have an extra slot), Largo and another lancer and an engineer and a sniper if I still have room.

I won't go too far into your story thing, because this post is long enough but basically you're full of shit on that end as well. I'm pretty far-right compared to most people I know, and I didn't consider anything in this story to be bullshit in regards to WW2, because the similarities and connections you can try to piece together fall apart as you realize that these are unique nations, and their actions are not consistent with what happened in WW2 anyways. Besides, the more supernatural parts of the game should've tipped you off not to take this as some serious anime adaptation of WW2 in SRPG style.
Basically: to any user who reads this, play the game for yourself. I don't care if you pirate it, but see for yourself if its good or not. Don't trust retards online who can shitpost any game with enough shit like this. I think its fantastic personally, but my opinion doesn't mean much either as the game is too much to try and condense into a few sharp posts on Holla Forums.

Hell yeah, those first areas are a pain in the ass and the boss is no fucking joke. It's somewhat of a relief that after that, you're fighting human foes.

I never got this meme.
Yes, you do use scouts very often, but they are hardly supersoldiers.
I like how in VC3 you can actually see how many times you used each class, which will tell you a different story.

The ranking is awful, but the game was pretty much built around it, so it can't be helped.
It really all comes down to positioning and predicting what the AI will do.
The mod Gallian Crossfire deals with that and alters the game significantly, so it should be left for a second playthrough.

The story is passable, but the "muh darcsens" plot is very shallow.
Usually people hate a certain group for a reason (past disdain can only be reignited with present events), and their only claim to infamy (that we are presented with) is some thousands year old event that may or may not have happened.
By that logic you should hate the barbarians for crashing the western Roman empire too.

Anyone complaining about the Batomys battle has a severe case of "git gud."
Actually, it's an exercise in patience and planning. Why the hell must everything be done flawlessly on the first try?


Rajang doesn't fall into traps unless he's enraged and if he's not enraged and touch a trap, he destroys it and then goes SSJ on your ass.

part of the pain is that rajang's breath beam is NOT electrical, it's raw damage and he is a damn expert at following up on his attacks.

Brutal Doom is for edgy teenage youtube LPers. Talk to me when you can solo Scythe UV.

Vulnerable to shocks and immun eot pitifall while not SSJ, vulnerable to pitifalls and immune to shocks while SSJ(and pitifals last a lot longer than they should've).

I'm personally dedicated to making anything but "(1) and done" shit and there's all kinds of interesting and amusing topics to discuss with a thread like this, most notably and diversely action and RPGs, especially if I get an answer to something I want to know.

And if I want to make Holla Forums a more enjoyable place where we can actually discuss video games critically and constructively without any retarded cuck interference or retarded hipsters spewing nonargumentive shit, I have to actively be part of that change just as I have to do the same for anime tiddies and ending stigma against sexuality. State and prove what is and isn't or who is and isn't retarded.

That's why not everyone hates the Darcsens, but a noticeable portion of all populations do, some more than others.
This in combination with the influence the Valkyria had on the continent (considered an almost universal good by all) and their disdain and fight against the Darcsens makes it at least understandable. "standard" prejudice among a western society existed towards Darcsens because of their past and what they were viewed as. Its hard not to view Darcsens as bad when they live up to your stereotype (filthy dark-haired freaks who have a literal odor to them ((at least apparently)) and were responsible for a lot of problems until the gods of your realm saved everyone and scattered them.)

come on now, next you'll tell me you fucked up the running away sequence as many times

As for my own moments with bullshit difficulty spikes from recent games I've played or replayed. There was a ton of those in SMT IV I felt. Many of them from optional bosses, but there were plenty of required bosses that felt incredibly hard, that to this day I'm not sure how I even beat them.
The Minotaur is an example of one
Issachar came before him. I'd call him a definite, brutal spike.
Come to think of it, how the fuck did I get so far in this goddamn game? I should add it to a list of achievements at this point, holy fuck.

Another game I played several months ago was Starcraft 2: WoL don't judge I found it fun as shit on brutal
All of the missions felt like cakewalks to me at this point. I've played and replayed the campaign so many times because I love it so much. It had just enough difficulty to challenge me, but give me enough chance to get a lot of missions on the first try. Obviously there were a few oddballs, but nothing prepared me for the final mission.
Holy fucking shit, I'm not even sure how I can describe the difficulty I had with this in a single post. I took a goddamn picture of it on my phone if I recall correctly because I felt so goddamn frustrated with myself. It was so unbelievably hard, with so many twists, turns, enemies that felt unbeatable, and factors that felt like they changed with each replay (like if unit ended up in a different position due to attack patterns, which fucks everything up) or if I ended up forgetting to deal with a certain scripted event (like the overlord drop) and so on.
I forget how many tries it took me, but it was disturbing; I'll see if I can find a screenshot for you.
I will admit though, I felt immensely proud to have beaten it without a guide or a walkthrough.
I can understand the game not being a lot of people's cups of tea, but any SC2 game on brutal is a pain.

Normally the mana sword only goes up to lvl8, and only reaches lvl9 in a cutscene at the end of the game, but he's claiming that there's a way to get the orb earlier without a glitch? I'm not sure I believe it, and I can't find anything through google, BUT there was that time where THOUSANDS of speedruns of DK64 were invalidated because somebody found a banana coin that wasn't documented in any guide.

Unfortunately this only shows my manual saves and one auto save I accidently overwrote as a manual save
I honestly can't remember how many autosaves I had, but it was probably well over 60; who knows it might've been in the 80s or even a hundred. It was kind of a blur that day to be honest.

Doesn't WoL have two different possible end missions depending on your choice previously? I found it pretty easy, IIRC I stopped the Zerg Air and only had to deal with Nydus, which is a cakewalk since Terran ground defense is great. I even did a marine-only run of the whole campaign where I won with pure marines.

I chose to fight the air, which is apparently hard-mode as fuck

Also how did you beat the drill mission with only marines? (assuming on brutal)
That's one where i'd be surprised honestly

Here's one of the "Krillin" characters of Touhou, considered no real threat to the main characters or antagonists.

I was "stuck" there for a while because I couldnt figure out how the fuck to destroy the vents/batomys any further. I tried getting it to overheat by parking my tank in front of it so it kept firing but that didnt work either. After asking here I found out I needed to let the tank advance further to trigger something. And luckily I had no problems with that superpowered lance bitch

It was quite awhile back, so I can't really remember. It definitely took 2 or 3 tries though, that was the hardest next to the end.

Should note that I only built marines, still abused the free tanks and stuff you were given as much as possible.


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Let's just make another thread about amusing or unexpected difficulty spikes instead of me apparently raging at a glitched Aztec Falcon.

I'll archive this before the thread gets shitposted again just because it's lasted for so long.

The minotaur was easy provided the game gave you isabeau as backup to prevent enemy smirks.

I never ever got Isabeau during that fight during all my tries