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Last one died


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I look forward to the churn your own butter minigame.

Anyone else playing AD 1257?

Honestly im glad they are taking their time, i want a good game not a rushed garbage, and im glad that some devs still have balls to develop the game as much as they need instead of chasing profit

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There are so many warband mods at this point if it weren't for these threads I'd forget about Butterlord entirely.

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We're going to be on TW's new video every 6 months carrot-on-a-stick for a long time until bannerlord is finally cancelled.

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it's too slow to be fun


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What else did you expected? Every country tries to project it power and expand, conquer and assimilate, its just how things are
Also Ottoman Empire =/= Turkey

I'm skeptical about the "new engine takes a long time"-thing, I mean from the gameplay we've seen so far, it doesn't seem hugely different than M&B. It really looks like the same engine but upgraded. Doesn't look like a hugely different one. If the engine really is that different, then I really expect some incredible not yet showcased features that are hugely different from Warband. I'm excited as fuck but Bannerlord always just looked like a really pretty Warband mod. Why would you make a completely new engine if you're going to make the exact same game again?

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Literal cockroaches have waged a more successful war on the Balkans.
Well, shit, I guess the Soviet Union had nothing to do with Russia in that case.

Why not? They have money, they have unlimited amount of time


Warband's engine is kind of shit. Bannerlord's isn't looking much better, honestly.

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Tell me more about it

Well I wouldn't call it shit but it's certainly not the prettiest and quite limited (you can do sick shit if you try hard enough though) and the new one looks pretty much exactly the same, that's what gets me thinking.

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We dont know the inner workings of the new engine, if i remember correctly new animations in warband were huge pain in the ass so that is probably getting fixed

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True but the new animations still look pretty bad and more or less the same.

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Maybe they are just shit at animation, but hopefully the limitations of warband engine have been at least softened and at best removed at all
But we cant really tell since the game releases

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Agreed, at this point we can only hope.

I would imagine when they say they're making a new engine, it's not exactly being done from scratch. You have to remember Taleworlds is Turkish, thus they want their game to be able to run on the potato computers over in Turkey.

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To be fair a large amount of faithful M&B players have potato computers and optimization never hurts. It just makes we wonder when they say that they take so much time because of a new engine and then everything looks almost exactly the same.

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I've been trying a warhammer mod right now, it is pretty good, but it is strange that I can recruit various factions regardless of my character and my party.

I can't wait for Bannerlord, but I'm not an entitled fuck like those fags on reddit freaking out about release date. It's ready when it's ready, don't fucking rush it!

Agreed, I want a game full of features, total modding capability and full of polish, unlike the barren limited game that is Warband.