Sonic Mania Pc delayed

Why was Sonic Mania delayed on pc agian?

i heard it was all mark's fault
if it is, fuck you i hope get usher's herpes

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Either it's a piracy buffer (like Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap remake) or they're forcing the devs to implement DRM.

So yeah, it's probably because of Mark.

How the fuck would Mark cause the PC version to get delayed, wasn't he playing it on Switch?

"Performance issues", although every game runs very rock solid except the switch in the mach stages, which dips a few frames.

Convenient excuse.

It's generally a bad port

Possibly too convenient.


PC development sells the least units, units are sold cheaper, requires the most work to get running across a wide range of hardware, has awful technical support especially for any piece of hardware older than 2 generations, has a fuck ton of overhead for technical guys to wrap their head around, has the least grateful audience to work with generally the more you put into it has been proven historically to be a bad idea. It's going to be pirated to hell and back, the people criticizing it who didn't pay for it will take a prominent voice in the feedback, and it will be an extremely unpleasant experience for the developers in every way.

Why shouldn't it be delayed on the PC?

Maybe they are actually working on polishing the Port, seeing as the recent Sega PC ports have been pretty great. But delaying a 16 bit 2D sidescroller for almost a month just because of optimization seems a bit fishy for me.

stop talking about things you don't know anything about.


Look at our master of programming over here.

you called a modern game a 16-bit sidescroller lmao, just kill yourself

really? so late in development?





Probably something related to piracy in general.

No, I don't thing so. I think Amazon shipped some copies early and I think GameStop started selling some early too. Maybe Mark got one of those. Then I think he did some shitty low quality gameplay videos and posted them on youtube maybe.

>"His name starts with an M" ( )
Mark also replied here:


Can I play 2 player Co-Op on the switch with the 2 little joycon things?

Does it really? They still sell regardless of Denuvo and delayed releases. If anything, the usual Steam consumer is an even bigger bitch than console kids.

I would certainly hope so after delaying the game for two weeks four days away from release. Probably won't be the case though, you (((people))) mastered taking up the ass.

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