Is there any hope in Canada for socialism ?

Is there any hope in Canada for socialism ?

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There's no hope anywhere

Our destroyed liberal party took the federal government by storm and fucked the NDP just because the media went full blast shilling for a pretty boy

Once I made fun of Americans for honestly electing politicians related to each other, as if that's indicative of a democracy in any way, and then we get Justin

There's no hope here at all.

Only for social democracy because they'll continue to fuck the indigenous people in the northern territories no matter the party.

At least we're better off with Trudeau then Harper mcPorky, especially after he cucked the nation for 10 years.

I just hope that we don't stray from socialism, because people want to believe that anything to fit their views.

The last thing we need is another Porky in charge here, I hope O'Leary is just a meme..

Canadian leftists should probably engage in NDP entrytism.

Absolutely. Our biggest problem is a general cowardice. "We can change nothing, we have to rely on the state."

I thought the elder Trudeau was socialist?

Trudeau is literally a Clinton, I bet he hasn't read a book aside from Chicken Soup for the Soul since he turned 18.

A wet fish of a politician.

In all honesty I will probably vote for the NDP next election, I like the liberal party more then the conservative party, but I felt the NDP wasn't really high-energy enough to win the election. I was more worried about getting Harper out of office and I liked the idea of forcing in cannabis legalization instead of half-lies to keep stagnating shit.

A lot of Canadians have the attitude that we can't change anything PERIOD. Let alone through the state. I voted for the Green Party because the Liberals are too much to the right and the NDP have become third-way classcucks. And I was told that voting for Green was a wasted vote. That Canada belongs to monied interests and there's no use resisting that. That is literally what my family believes.

'Trudeau is a communist right?' -Holla Forums

Your family is right. Stop being a classcuck, rose.

Any vote is a wasted vote.

Unless it's for the CPC or the CPC-ML

NDP needs to be the CCF again.


they have good tunes though


We're pretty well fucked globally

Oh definitely. It's just at least the cpc admits they want socialism on their website, cpc-ml doesn't make mention of it.

Ok so what's the alternative to voting then? "Educate, agitate, organize" you say? How is that working for you guys? Workers in 2017 are incredibly docile like you wouldn't believe. They don't have balls anymore. Union workers were actually killed by the RCMP back in 1935. They fought to the death for the socdem concessions they earned after the Great Depression.

The CCF were amazing. I highly recommend you watch Praire Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story. That movie was very inspiring. Tommy Douglas is like God for old-school socdems like us

It's not working very great, but neither is participating in porky elections.

I think the problem is that back during the Great Depression, the workers had some sort of leverage by refusing to work. And when porky brought in scabs (sometimes from foreign countries) the workers would prevent the scabs from working and even beat the shit out of the scabs if they had to.

Nowadays with globalization, the workers are completely impotent. Employers can just relocate production abroad. Or bring in foreign scabs very easily because our immigration laws are far more lax than they were in the 1930s-1940s. Workers now are docile as fuck. Afraid to even join a union for fear that they will lose their job and starve. And unions that are already formed are are afraid to fight for fear that they will lose their jobs.

I still stand by my statement that workers in 2017 were pussies. Watch Praire Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story. Canadian union workers in Western Canadian were actually MURDERED by RCMP officers. I think after a wild cat strike I believe. Union workers DIED for the cause. Nowadays union workers are so afraid of losing their jobs, let alone for their lives.

So you're telling us to vote for social democracy even though you admit those concessions were won threw violent struggle?

Didn't you say we should burn down religious establishments in that other thread and now you're shilling for a baptist minster?

Because nobody including social democracy offers them an alternative to neoliberalism.

yeah, that's our problem. we need to rebuild. Anything new? You can't stop the contradictions of capitalism. Welfare states will not be there forever.