Alt-righters are burning mosques while anarchkiddies burn trash cans. When will the left step up their game?

alt-righters are burning mosques while anarchkiddies burn trash cans. When will the left step up their game?

Seriously. What would the targets be? Political, military, and economic. Military recruitment centers, offices of democrats and republicans, offices of right-wing think tanks, stores w/ ties to right-wing or imperialist causes. Pretty easy to firebomb this stuff, call in/securedrop a press release, and not get caught.

lighting up some spooks

congrats on the houston union of egoists, illegalism all day ever day, praise novatorre

Internet servers

How is this something bad?

Porky doesn't care about a torching mosque, but burn any of these things and you'll have the National Guard in your ass.

securedrop for news agencies is pretty secure, use a payphone if you have to. organize it in person. easy shit folks. could have a decentralized left-wing terror group running amok. not easy to fight!

Because Japanese red army and RAF were so effective.

Lack of functional tactics is probably the reason why I will never refer myself as communist again.

yeah, course that's the only reason

selection bias. terrorism works a lot of the time. ira, basq separatist mvmnt, algeria, etc. even if demands arent meant it forces gov to negotiate with moderates.

Anarchists in other countries usually target the police or banks

Jesus Christ, leftypol thinks this is a good thing?


The alt-right can't do shit. This was not them.

Could it have been… the ctrl-right?


left wing terror?ya. burning a mosque? no.

Islam is a cancer that has to be totally removed.

Also, what the fuck is it with you cucks acting like this is a bad thing?
The Reds (the very same ones that are worshiped here) made a point to destroy catholic churches during the Spanish Civil War.
Do you honestly think this is bad just because it targets Islam?

There is nothing more leftist than destroying mosques.

the church had immense power in spain and supported the fascists. islam aint running the usa dipshit.

smashing religion is as lefty as it gets

I love that you're an edgy racist socdem. I honestly think that's funny as hell. In other threads you're bitching about getting cucked by nigs and black nationalists.

Really makes you think…

And that turned a good portion of the population against them and nobody in the west would sell arms to the loyalists.

Basically this even if the Mosque controlled everything like in Saudi Arabia the idea would still be questionable because of this fact here

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